How Can I Upgrade My Backyard?

April 30, 2022 5 min read

A couple in a hammock in the large backyard.

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Four Ways To Making Your Backyard The Best On The Block

Did you know that the average Canadian spends $1,309 on a one-week vacation in Canada? With rising costs and inflation, you might feel like you'll never get a break. But what if you could plan the ideal getaway every day by simply upgrading your backyard?

Installing a backyard hammock is the perfect way to get that relaxing vacation vibe whenever the urge takes you. Whether sunbathing or star gazing, the gentle rocking of your very own hammock will take you to another place.

So, how do you upgrade your backyard, so it's a relaxing space that suits your style? Grab a pen and paper and settle in for 4 backyard hammock ideas that'll give you a tranquil idyl without leaving the house.

Elevating Your Outdoor Space Using Hammocks

You've got your eye on a peaceful home retreat, but how do you put that plan into action? One of the best ways to make a space relaxing, fun and to boost its chill factor is by installing a hammock.

Hammocks come in various sizes and styles, including rope hammocks, quilted hammocks, and doubles. Hammocks have a large weight tolerance, so many can comfortably fit couples and kids with room to spare.

And if you don't have suitable trees and you're worried about where to install them, there's an easy solution: a hammock stand. A hammock stand can revolutionize your hammock experience by making it portable. Just move your stand to a suitable spot in the garden, and set up your hammock, so you can be in on the action or away from it.

Snuggle up with your little ones in a cozy Brazilian hammock that has a low sag and a variety of resting positions. Or sprawl out in the sun with a flat hammock that includes a spreader bar for a large resting area.

So, what are some backyard upgrades that you can incorporate into your home? And which setting is right for your decor, as well as your outdoor-loving family? Here are some hammock ideas for the backyard that'll help make up your mind.

Outdoor Living Room Hack

Do you want to bring the outdoors in? If you want to enlarge your daily living space, then an outdoor living room is just the ticket.

A decked area with rattan sofas, a coffee table, and a rug will make an outdoor space feel like your living room just lost its walls. Hang a hammock chair in place of an armchair.

Add in some coordinated scatter cushions that'll give you an upright backrest when you're hanging out with family or friends. Remove the cushions for more space to curl up - perfect for an afternoon nap with the sunshine and birdsong for company. This cozy setup will bring those cottage vibes home with you, so you can vacation in place at any time.

Outdoor (Hammock) Theatre

If you're looking to create some amazing memories, then an outdoor hammock theatre is the way to go. This is one of the coolest backyard upgrades out there, in our opinion, because you don't just get to rock in a hammock - you get to watch the big screen too!

A simple rectangular wooden frame can hide a pull-down viewing screen, and a projector will do the rest. Hang fairy lights and scatter candle lanterns for soft mood lighting, and arrange your outdoor seating around the screen.

Hammock chairs will work in many positions as the viewing angle is wider. But for a standard reclining hammock, place it opposite the screen. That way, you'll have a better view of the movie, while stretching out at the same time. And you don't have to restrict yourself to just one hammock - have a few, and you'll have your pick of cool theatre seats to enjoy.

Hammock Meditating In A Gazebo

Are you are looking for a quiet space to unwind, banish external distractions and focus on the moment? If so, hanging out in your hammock in a gazebo may be one of the best backyard hammock ideas for the job.

Placing a hammock underneath a cover like a gazebo gives you a sheltered spot you can use all year round. Gazebos with roll-up side screens can be raised or lowered to suit the weather.

Also, a hammock hung within the space gives you the perfect place to practice deep breathing and feel at one with nature. The mobile quality of a hammock will allow the breeze to gently rock you from side to side, so you can take in your surroundings and focus on the task at hand.

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Poolside Hammock

Is your favourite vacation haunt hanging out by the pool? If that sounds like you, then the last of our backyard design ideas is what you need: a poolside hammock. If you think that a sunlounger is the only way to catch the rays while lounging by the pool, then think again - a poolside hammock will get you there too. Add a spreader bar to your hammock to increase the surface area and hold it taught. Then spread out, and let the sun do its work. You can choose a poolside hammock in any material, but we find that a waterproof hammock made for the purpose is the best choice. It is quick-drying, so you can jump in the pool and come back to a dry spot to get in your vitamin D.

Hanging Patio

A stunning patio is a sought-after addition to any outdoor space, but you can go one better than your friends with a hanging patio. Wait what? A hanging patio? Give it a chance, it will catch on. A hanging patio is a great place to hang out (literally) and relax on those long, hot summer days. A covered patio will give you an ideal space from which to hang a hammock or some hammock chairs. Why not make a theme? Why not make a theme? Hang some lanterns and lights for an ethereal feel. Add an outdoor heater too, it will let you make use of the space even when the weather gets chilly.

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Installing a Backyard Hammock: The Takeaway

If you're looking to upgrade your backyard and channel those vacation vibes every day, then you'll love a backyard hammock. Do you want a space to relax outdoors, watch movies with loved ones, or have a poolside attraction like no other?

A hammock will give you all of that, plus an elevated outdoor space that'll make you the envy of your friends.

Are you ready to upgrade your backyard and create an outdoor space you'll want to live in? Then check out our online store and find the perfect hammock for you.

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