Hammock Décor Ideas

April 09, 2019 6 min read

A hammock hung up in a modern home living room.
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A Look at Backyard Hammock & Indoor Hammock Ideas to Elevate Your Hang Time at Home

Whether we’re indoors or out in nature, we all want to create our own sanctuary to retreat to after a long day. And what better way to do so than with your own comfortable hammock?

Hammocks beckon you to hang out, relax, and unwind. Once you lay back between the trees or by a window in your home, your hammock can sweep you away to a peaceful state of mind.

From minimalistic décor ideas for your at-home reading nook to tips on how to get beach vibes in your backyard, here are some of the best backyard hammock ideas to achieve both your outdoor and indoor style goals with hammocks.

Exterior Hammock Décor Ideas

These days, there are backyard hammock designs to suit every exterior décor. Whether you’re looking for a modern outdoor hammock or a tropical beach design, you can use hammocks to decorate your backyard oasis and make the most of your time outdoors. 

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grandmother and son enjoy time together in backyard with two hammocks hung between trees

Double Patio Hammocks

What’s better than one hammock on your patio? Two hammocks, of course! While it’s okay to be selfish with your hammock, let others enjoy the hammock experience by placing two hammocks in your backyard or patio.

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These hammocks can create a divide between your patio and garden. And if you only have space for one hammock, consider a double-sized hammock, like the Mayan Hammock – XL Family-Sized Thick Cord. Family-sized hammocks can fit two adults comfortably if you must share.

hammock and stand set up on patio on top of building with luscious garden while two friends enjoy their time together

Garden Stand

Rest amongst the flowers in the middle of your garden. Hammock stands allow you to hang anywhere in your backyard, even if you don’t have trees or posts to support your hammock.

Here are two incredibly comfy hammocks that can stand on their own anywhere you please:

Woman wearing bathing suit and sunglasses sunbathes on poolside, lakeside hammock

Poolside Hammocks

Fast drying, waterproof poolside hammocks, like the Poolside | Lake Hammock – Double, are perfect for drying off on after a dip in the pool, lake, or hot tub.

Set up a poolside hammock in your backyard oasis either on a structure like a trellis, between two trees, or with a hammock stand.

Featured Products: Poolside Hammocks
Embraced couple on hammock stand with strung up lights on patio at night

Lighted Hammock Area

To extend your backyard hammock enjoyment well into the evening, add some mood lighting to the area. String up some lights around your hammock, either in the trees, on your porch, trellis, pergola, or above your patio.

Lights will help you see what you’re doing, which can be very useful once the sun and drinks go down.

Chic zen outdoor hammock chair and setup in backyard

Outdoor Zen Hammock Chair

Want a Zen place to contemplate life and your own existence? Or how about a place to shut off your mind altogether? A swinging hammock chair nestled in your backyard should do the trick.

Swinging in a hammock chair, like this Brazilian Hanging Hammock Chair, will certainly calm your mind in seconds and let you rest your mind for a while.

Cozy hammock in beautiful, calming garden

Outdoor Sleeping Nook

A backyard oasis isn’t complete without the option for sleep. Being able to fall asleep outdoors on warm summer days and evenings is a true luxury. Even if you don’t have a backyard, you can create an outdoor sleeping nook on your balcony with a hammock.

To find the best outdoor hammock material for your needs, read this hammock buying guide – fabrics edition.

Interior Hammock Décor Ideas

Hammocks can add just as much appeal and enjoyment inside the home as they do in your backyard. So don’t deprive yourself of blissful hammock time when it’s too cold or rainy to hang outdoors. Instead, throw on some pillows and a blanket, and cozy up in your new favourite lounging area.  

When choosing hammocks to suit your interior décor, consider the existing décor of the room. Or work on creating a new look with a hammock.

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For example, if your space has a modern design, consider using a hammock with a simple white or neutral-coloured fabric. Or, create a beach-themed or Bohemian vibe to a room with a colourful hammock.

Whether you want a modern, minimalist, or Bohemian décor, there are hammocks to suit your vision.

Here are some indoor hammock ideas to help you figure the best type to suit your space.

Hammock bed set up in corner of room with blankets and neutral colours

Hammock Beds

Why sleep on a mattress when you can have a better sleep in a hammock? Whether for nap time or for regular use, hammock beds are an excellent alternative for sleeping that saves space and your back.

Hang a hammock bed in your bedroom, living room, office, guest room, or kid’s room.

Hammock chair in modern living room with muted tones and brick wall with natural wood beams

Hammock Chairs

If a hammock bed takes up too much space in your room, try a hammock chair instead, like the Brazilian Hanging Chair. These sit comfortably in the corners of rooms or the middle of the room, providing plenty of unobstructed space to walk.

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Woman reads on a tablet in her hammock in the living room

Reading Nooks

Reading in a hammock is hands-down the best way to read. With the right amount of elevation and comfort, you don’t have to worry about kinked necks, or your arm falling asleep. 

To create a cozy reading nook in your home, find a quiet space that gets plenty of natural light. And hang your preferred hammock for the ultimate reading experience.

Or, if you already have a small nook in your home, turn it into a useful spot with a hammock and artificial lighting.

Colourful child's play room with two rope hammocks and plenty of toys

Space for Kids

Choose vibrant, colourful hammocks or hammock chairs, or the classic rope hammocks for a playful and comfortable addition to your kids’ rooms. Your kids will love to cuddle up and read books in their hammocks, too.

Benefits of Interior Hammocks

Aside from being the best part of a room, an interior hammock is also a:

Space Saver

Hammocks are some of the most practical solutions for small spaces. So if you don’t have space for a bulky couch or seating, hang a hammock. Hammocks allow you to make the most of the limited space you have. 

Room Divider

And if you have too much space (as if there is such a thing), you can hang a hammock to break up a large room into separate areas. A hammock can define a space as a relaxing reading nook while still maintaining an open concept for the entire room.

Colour Booster

Hammocks can add a splash of colour to rooms with a muted colour palette. Colourful and patterned hammocks also create a sense of playfulness in rooms, which is a welcome addition, even for adults.

Makes the Space Cozy

Hammocks add a touch of comfort and relaxation to any room. And a hammock overflowing with pillows and blankets is sure to make the room feel cozier. You’ll want to cozy up with a book and a beverage and sway the day away without a care in the world.  

Interior Décor Tips

Here are just a few simple tips for fulfilling your interior décor vision with hammocks.

Hammock hanging in the middle of a bohemian chic room with indigo blue walls

Harnessing Bohemian Vibes

Macramé hammocks, such as the Nicaraguan Hammock – Deluxe, in white or neutral colours, will suit almost any décor. These hammocks, especially in white or bright colours, are also key for creating a Bohemian vibe in your go-to relaxation room.

Indoor beach vibes felt by cozy hammock, bright lights, and rustic furniture

How to Create a Beach House Look

Hanging a hammock in your house can automatically make you one step closer to achieving a beach-inspired décor since hammocks scream summer and warm days by the water.

And rope hammocks, light fabrics, and bright-coloured striped hammocks, like Mayan and Brazilian hammocks can make your home feel even more like a beach house.

Hang your hammock in a room that fills up with sunlight, and add some plants, reclaimed wood furniture, and sand to bring you closer to the beach (sand is optional).

Beige hammock chair hanging in minimalist room with plants and muted tones

How to Capture Minimalism

If you are a minimalist who only needs a hammock to be content, consider using a simple hammock design in black, white, and neutral colours. Clean designs offer a minimalist look for those who don’t want loud or flashy colours and patterns in their room.

Make the most of your time off relaxing in hammocks both indoors and out with these hammock décor ideas. And don’t forget to take care of your hammock by following the best hammock care tips.

Hammocks are made to be enjoyed anywhere you can hang them. So don’t miss out on the opportunities to hang outside and inside rain or shine.

Hammock hanging in small reading nook with plants and natural light

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