How to Bring the Cottage Vibes Home With You

April 24, 2020 5 min read

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Tips to Transform Your Outdoor Living Space into the Ultimate Staycation Destination

We’re all in desperate need of a faraway vacation, but as much as we all wish we could get out of the house, we’re in this quarantine together (oxymoron, we know).

So we thought, if you can’t go to the cottage, bring the cottage to you! Use this guide to create the staycation destination of your dreams that’s right in your backyard.


Tips for At-Home Cottage Vibes

When we think of cottage vibes, we think calming, relaxing, rustic, charming, but most importantly, an escape from the day-to-day pressures.

Let’s get started!

Water Features That Set the Mood

What better way to leave your worries at the patio door than to be welcomed by the soothing sounds of a trickling stream?

We know not every outdoor living space can accommodate an inground or aboveground swimming pool, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego the sound and aesthetic of one of nature’s most mesmerizing features. These additions can be functional, purely decorative or even a combination of both.

Elevate the relaxation in your living space and add a sense of tranquillity with various types of water features. Not only will they give off a cottage vibe, but these luxurious details can make it feel like you have your very own private outdoor spa right in your backyard.

Types of water features you can incorporate into your backyard living space include:

  • Hot tubs or spa
  • Spillover spa
  • Reflective pool
  • Pond
  • Water garden
  • Waterfall
  • Water curtain
  • Fountain
  • Spouts or streams
  • Grotto
  • Well

Go Green or Go Home

You can’t have a cottage-feel getaway without luscious greenery. From shadow-casting trees to bushy shrubs, hanging potted plants, cacti, succulents, and vibrant florals, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to landscaping.

Cottage gardens are often overflowing with a variety of plants and flowers that combine form and function. From self-seeders and climbers to annuals and edible herbs, a true cottage landscape doesn’t follow a strict colour scheme or purpose and allows for gorgeous scenery without too much effort. Let’s be honest, isn’t that the point?

The goal should be to accentuate your outdoor living space and add a jolt of life to it, literally. Stick with low-maintenance plants, shrubs, and florals that will keep your green thumb satisfied but not overworked—unless, of course, you’re an avid gardener!


Hang a Hammock

We’re impartial to the hammock, but there’s no denying its calming properties and charming aesthetic. Hammocks make an excellent addition to any backyard, especially when it comes to creating a space that is welcoming and relaxing.

Hammocks give you the opportunity to get lost in the calming vibes, escape reality, and take a moment for yourself to get into vacation mode. Whether you’re setting up a reading spot, napping nook, or just a place to soak in the gorgeous nature around you, you simply can’t go wrong with a hammock.

Hanging a hammock in your outdoor living space or setting one up with a rust-proof steel stand or eco-friendly bamboo stand will help you create the perfect at-home getaway—that’s our promise.

Featured Hammocks with Stands:

Featured Hammocks:

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Warm Up with a Fire Pit

When living the cottage life, what’s the number one go-to treat at the end of a long, relaxing day soaking up the sun and splashing around in the lake? A crackling fire!

Fire pits are an incredible investment for your property as they offer instant warmth, luxury, and a unique sense of tranquillity to your living space. 

Not all backyards may be set up to accommodate an actual campfire-style fire pit, but there are plenty of beautifully constructed, safe fire pits you can purchase online to get the same cozy atmosphere without the hard labour of building one from scratch. 

Tip: Make sure to check your zoning laws and other permit requirements before installing your fire pit!

Feast at an Outdoor Dining Area

What’s the sense in cooking up a fiery barbeque with all the trimmings if you have to go inside to eat? That takes away the whole fantasy of living at the cottage and sets you back to where you started.

But not all patio furniture is created equal. There are some materials that withstand the elements more than others, and if you’re opting for more of a rustic cottage vibe, shop around for patio sets that will transport you from your living room couch to the log cabin of your dreams that’s 200 clicks away.

Bonus: If you have the means, consider investing in an outdoor kitchen to really kick your staycation destination into high gear. With an outdoor dining area and cooking area, you’ll feel like you’re in a whole new world away from computers, tablets, fake news—you name it! 

Bon appétit!

Make it Sparkle with String Lights

String lights have a wonderful way of transforming any outdoor living space into a whimsical escape from reality. They elevate the atmosphere and make the space feel warm, welcoming, and magical.

From boho city dwellings to lux, modern mansions, string lights aren’t constrained by class or style. They fit any budget and suit any design you’re going for.

With string lights cascading your backyard, you’ll definitely be more inclined to spend your nights outside beneath the stars.

The Details Matter

Now that you’ve got a good sense of the big blocks for bringing the cottage vibes back home, this is where we get into the details.

When styling your backyard living space, consider what type of cottage vibe you’re looking for. Are you thinking rustic, countryside, victorian, nautical, or something a little more unconventional? To get instant warmth and relaxation vibes from your backyard, consider shopping around for accents to really give it that extra oomph.

Here are some details that can help bring your cottage-esque backyard to life with a casual, relaxed, laid-back charm.

  • Antiques
  • Cozy blankets
  • Candles
  • Metal details (e.g. buckets for storage)
  • Barn items (wood details, accents)
  • Nautical items (anchors, rope)
  • Animal details (horns, faux furs, etc.)

Get Outside and Take in Your New Space

Now that you’ve put in all this effort into transforming your backyard, don’t forget to actually enjoy it! Life can get challenging and never hesitates to throw us some curveballs every now and again (and again, and again, and again…). It can be easy to get wrapped up in the everyday pressures and uncertainty, so remember to take time to unplug and recharge the batteries. 

Take solace in your space, pamper yourself, and get in some of that much-needed “me time.”


There you have it! We hope you enjoyed our guide to help you get those sought after cottage feels at home. If you want to kick it in high-gear and really transform your living space, consult with your local landscaping professionals, they’ll get you on the right track and build you a vacation in your own backyard.

Looking for more styling tips to spruce up your indoor living space? We’ve got just what you need!

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