Hammock Meditation: Is That A Real Thing?

April 12, 2022 4 min read

A woman meditating in a hammock in the forest

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Relaxation Is Not The Only Benefit!

Did you know that meditation was invented in 1,500 BC? Since that time, meditation has remained relatively unchanged. The main aim is to provide a meditating individual with a sense of peacefulness and clarity.

This can be especially beneficial since today's world is full of stressful situations and responsibilities. By taking some time for yourself and allowing yourself to meditate, you can separate yourself from your problems and give yourself a chance to breathe. Meditating in a hammock might be especially relaxing once you learn how to do it.

Keep reading and learn more about it below.

Why Should You Meditate In A Hammock?

When you think of meditation and guided mindfulness, a hammock stand probably isn't the first thing that pops into your mind. Instead, you might imagine yourself sitting cross-legged on the ground with your eyes closed. Or you might try meditating in a certain yoga position to not only help you focus but also strengthen your body.

However, meditation using a hammock chair is a somewhat new form of meditation that can provide some unique benefits. Hammock meditation can be considered a type of aerial or floating meditation. This kind of meditation requires more focus, otherwise, you might fall out of the hammock.

This can be a great way to strengthen both your body and your mind as well as your sense of discipline and focus.

Do Music And Meditation Go Together?

When it comes to outdoor relaxation, meditation and music can go together very well. Music is not always necessary for meditation, however. Some people prefer to meditate in silence.

But if silence is too distracting for you, calming music might be just the thing you need. Music can be especially helpful for guided meditation because it can act as a focus point. However, you should be careful when choosing your music.

You will want it to be calm and not distracting.

Music and Its Effects on the Brain

Music is beneficial for the brain in a variety of ways. Music therapy is even used for those who are suffering from mental illnesses or diseases of the brain because of the unique way music can soothe the brain and body. In particular, science has proven that music is able to lower one's blood pressure, anxiety levels, and promote better moods.

When you listen to music while meditating in a hammock, you are hitting two birds with one stone. Not only will the act of meditating help you to calm your mind, but the music you are listening to will help with that as well.

Dopamine Release

One of the most important benefits of music is the release of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is often referred to as the "feel-good" hormone. The brain naturally releases dopamine at certain times and when this happens, you will experience an improved mood.

This explains why people are often happy when listening to music; their brains are flooded with dopamine. This is especially beneficial for those who are often stressed or depressed.

Benefits of Meditating

As with music, there are many benefits of meditating. The main benefit is that it can help your body and brain completely relax. You might not even realize how stressed you are in your daily life until you take a moment to put everything down, relax, and reflect on your life.

When you do this, you will be able to look at your life from a distance. You will have the chance to distinguish what you like and don't like about your life. You will also have the chance to breathe without any of life's stress weighing down your shoulders.

Better Blood Flow

Another benefit of meditating is improved blood flow. When you are stressed, your blood vessels contract and make it difficult for blood to flow throughout your body.

On the other hand, when you relax, your blood vessels will also relax and open up. This allows your blood to flow through your body as it should. This is important for delivering nutrients and hormones throughout your body.

Immune System Boost

Stress and anger can seriously diminish the effectiveness of your immune system. Then, once you get sick, you might become even more stressed and frustrated, perpetuating the cycle of stress.

Meditation can solve this problem. By giving yourself time to relax by meditating in your hammock, you can strengthen your immune system and bring down your levels of stress and anger. By the time you're done meditating, you should feel much better and your body will be much better protected than before.

Nervous System Calming

Calming the nervous system isn't only about stress and anxiety. Your actual nervous system can also be in a state of stress. The sympathetic nervous system in particular is in charge of stress.

When it is active, you might have trouble digesting food, resting, or sleeping. When you meditate, you can calm the sympathetic nervous system and instead channel the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for resting and digesting.

This is important because if your nervous system is stressed, every day can be a struggle because you are fighting against your body's desires. By giving yourself a chance to relax, you can set your body back on track and you will feel better in no time.

How To Meditate in a Hammock?

When you meditate in a hammock, the main thing you should keep in mind is that you should keep any distractions to a minimum. Turn off your phone and don't think about work, school, or anything else that might stress you out. When you meditate, it should just be you and your hammock (and maybe some music).

To learn more about hammocks for meditation, check out our website.

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