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Setting aside time to relax in a hammock can be a nice way to decompress after a difficult day at the office. If the boss has been a bear or you're facing a relentless deadline on a major project, there are no better avenues for chilling out than setting aside a little time to stretch out and relax in your hammock.

Just close your eyes and think about the word "hammock." What comes to mind when you envision the term? It's different for everyone, but it may very likely include a secluded beach, with waves providing the soundtrack while you sip one of your favorite cool drinks. Or perhaps your hammock vision involves resting by a quiet mountain brook, with no humans within miles. Or maybe you think of your hammock as a haven of relaxation after taking care of the kids all day.

Regardless of the diverse setting your mind creates, the idea of intellectual and physical restoration always seems to accompany the mental picture. Resting in a hammock is a wonderful way for people to recover from the demands of today's fast-paced lifestyle. What better way to deflect the stress that has accumulated during the day than by spending some quality time nestled in your hammock?

There are hammocks available that fit every lifestyle and personality. Traditionalists may prefer to channel their inner Gilligan and embrace the spreader-bar Rope or Quilted Hammock. Those who want more color may prefer a Mayan or Brazilian Hammock. Poolside Hammocks dry quickly and can be a decorative part of your pool décor. Campers, backpackers and outdoors enthusiasts may prefer one of the lightweight Camping Hammocks.

Regardless of your personal preference, a hammock offers an unmatched opportunity to shed the weight of the world from your shoulders. There's a freedom of relaxation that comes when you're suspended in mid-air. You suddenly become immune to the stress of the crazy, fast-paced lifestyle that society has managed to embrace.

So slow down and take a few minutes to restore your sanity. Slide into your hammock, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. It won't be long before you are deflecting the stress of the day and easing into a zone of mental refreshment.


If you're looking to improve your sleep, perhaps you should consider using a hammock as a bed. No joke. Hammocks have been used for years as bedding by different cultures around the world and the movement is quickly gaining popularity in North America.

The country where hammocks are most commonly used for beds is Brazil, where the notion has been embraced by the culture for many generations. Perhaps that's because the Brazilian Style Hammocks are amongst the most comfortable in the world.

Brazilian Style Hammocks come in double sized units, meaning a couple could nap in the same unit (for a full night's sleep we recommend sticking to 1 person per hammock), or several children could be accommodated within the same hammock. The Brazilian Style Hammocks don't have spreader-bars and are easy to hang, either from a Hammock Stand or by attaching hardware to the wall. The Brazilian Style Hammocks are made of 100% cotton and are very soft to the skin. They come in a variety of beautiful colors.

The Mayan Hammocks may be the most comfortable for bedding down (as long as the climate is warm). They are hand-woven by skilled Mayan artisans and feature a diamond weave pattern that wraps around the user & envelopes them like a cocoon. This creates a unique weightless floating sensation.

The Nicaraguan Hammocks are also suitable sleeping surfaces. They're also made from cotton and have a tighter weave than Mayan hammocks, giving them a one-of-a-kind pattern that's both stylish and comfortable.

Depending on how adventurous your guests are, hammocks can also be a great alternative for special occasions (such as sleepovers, spend-the-night parties, etc.) or family get-togethers, when there simply aren't enough beds to go around. You can bet that visitors, both young and old, will be lining up to sleep in the hammocks. Just grab a pillow, blanket and get cozy.

One thing for sure, those who have been brave enough to try hammocks as full-time beds are ranting and raving about the benefits. They're cheaper, use less room and most say much more comfortable than traditional beds. The trend is catching on for good reason. Give it a shot, dump the bed and watch your sleep improve.


A Hammock Stand is an important piece of the relaxation equation. The proper Hammock Stand can provide the appropriate support and stability, as well as add a dash of style and luxury that make it a fashion statement & a place to recover from the stress of the day.

A Hammock Stand means you don't have to worry about finding two trees that are the ideal distance apart from each other. Neither do you need to worry about digging a pair of holes, burying a pair of posts and then waiting for a few days for the cement to dry. That's just additional stress! When using a Hammock Stand, all you need is to assemble it (which takes just a few minutes) and attach the Hammock. You'll be on the road to relaxation in no time.

When selecting your stand, make sure you get the one that matches your style of hammock. There are specific stands for hammocks with spreader bars and stands for those without the bars. (There are even special stands for chair hammocks.) Double-check to make sure you're purchasing the correct stand in order to save yourself a disappointing afternoon.

A top of the line stand in the hammock universe is the Wicker Rattan Roman Arc model, which works for all hammocks, whether or not they have spreader bars. The elegant wicker-rattan surface has been used for centuries in products like baskets and furniture to offer strength and styling. Because the Wicker Rattan Stand can be used with any type of hammock, you have the freedom to change styles and not worry about getting a new stand.

Hammock Stands also come in a variety of wood, particularly cypress and bamboo. The cypress wood is a beautiful surface that intensifies the appeal of your hammock. Other hardwoods may also be used in the creation of stands, but the most durable wood may be bamboo, which is the strongest, most durable wooden surface. The multi-ply bamboo boards are also eco-friendly and offer a non-stained natural color.

Steel Hammock Stands are built to last, with models specifically created for spreader-bar and non-spreader-bar hammocks. Many of these models are easy to assemble, some in less than five minutes. Some varieties can be put together without the use of tools and can be disassembled just as easily for easy transporting or storage.

There's a stand out there to meet whatever needs you may have in your own personal hammock universe. It makes sense to get one with your hammock. It certainly makes things simpler.


Does it really make sense to purchase a Hammock with a Stand at the same time?

Consider this: You wouldn't think of buying a new car without the tires, would you? How about a home without windows or doors? Would you purchase a stove without having the proper cookware to prepare a meal? Certainly not!

Some things make more sense when they're purchased together. This is true when it comes to purchasing a Hammock with Stand. There are numerous advantages of buying both items at the same time.

Simplicity: When you buy a Hammock with Stand, you don't have to worry about setting up a place to hang your hammock. You don't have to worry about finding two properly mature trees that are just the right distance apart in order to hang your hammock. Nor do you have to worry about harming the health of a tree by putting nails or spikes in the trunk. Having a stand accompany the hammock means there's no need to dig holes and bury a pair of sturdy posts, and then wait for the cement to dry before you're able to enjoy your hammock.

When you order a Hammock with Stand as a set, you'll be able to remove both items from the box and almost immediately begin enjoying the fruits of your purchase. With the easy assembly that comes with most stands, you'll have it put together is less than five minutes and the hammock hooked-up seconds later. It's the simplest way to get on the road to relaxation.

Location: With your decision to purchase the Hammock with a Stand, you have the flexibility to enjoy your stress-free environment wherever you'd like. (Remember: If you use the tree method, you'll be a beholden to where the sun and shade happen to be.) With the Hammock and Stand, you have the option to change locations and see what you prefer best.

Maybe you like to change your mind? If that's the case you can enjoy your hammock on the cottage deck one day or move it to the backyard the next. Utopia is wherever you decide to put it!

Easiest: When you order a Hammock with Stand set, you can be sure they are compatible. No chance of getting one style of hammock mixed up with the wrong style of stand. They're made to go together and that will help your peace of mind. And isn't that a big part of the relaxation that comes with a hammock?

Consider what makes the most sense: buy a hammock and hope you can find a place to hang it or buy a hammock with the proper stand and not worry about it. Reduce your stress and get them both.


If your image of a hammock is based on a "Robinson Crusoe" picture book you read as a child, it's time to bring you up to speed. There are many varieties of hammocks on the market today that will fit the style, taste and needs of any consumer. While the derivations are many, the results are the same, and provide a comfortable, restful place to slow down, restore your sanity and take solace from your fast-paced lifestyle.

Some hammocks are better suited for continuous outdoor use, while others are ideal for use on a porch or other protected area. Hammocks made of Polyester Rope and Quilted Fabrics, as well as those designed for Poolside use, may be left in the elements. More precaution needs to be taken with the Mayan, Brazilian and Nicaraguan styles. People who take proper care of their hammock will be able to enjoy them for many, many years.

There are many varieties of hammocks in the universe today. Each has its own unique traits and its own strength:

Rope Hammocks: These are the traditional North American style hammocks that have the wooden spreader bars on each end. These offer classic styling and have superior resistance to the elements.

Mayan Hammocks: Known for their comfort, these are hand woven using traditional techniques that have been handed down through generations. These hammocks feature a diamond weave pattern that creates a soothing cocoon effect as its wraps around the user.

Brazilian Hammocks: Made from 100 percent cotton, these offer an unmatched blend of comfort and durability. Soft to the touch, these hammocks are used by many Brazilian families as bedding in their home.

Nicaraguan Hammocks: Hand woven by artisans, these hammocks have beautiful patterns. They are made of cotton and have a tighter weave than the Mayan. They're often used as comfortable beds.

Quilted Hammocks: Made of weather resistant fabric, these colorful hammocks are made with comfort-inducing material that makes them ideal for any outdoor setting. These weather-resistant hammocks are especially easy to clean.

Poolside Hammocks: Created to be enjoyed on the deck of a pool or by the lake. These hammocks are fast drying and comfortable.

Camping Hammocks: Made of lightweight, durable nylon, these hammocks take up little space in the trunk or a backpack. They're sturdy and reliable.