Why Is a Hammock an Awesome Christmas Gift?

November 12, 2021 4 min read

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The Benefits of Outdoors

Did you know that in 2020, five per cent of Canadians went camping for the first time? The pandemic shifted perspectives on how to spend time with loved ones.

The outdoors has opened up opportunities for people wondering, 'should I buy a hammock?' This is a great Christmas shopping item for all your family and friends.

If you have an interest in knowing where to buy a hammock in Canada, then keep reading on for more helpful tips and tricks and where to look for your next purchase!

Who Are They Great For?

Purchasing a hammock for family and friends is a perfect gift idea to put on your Christmas shopping list. Hammocks can be used for your adventurous backpacking friend or as a simple place for relaxing in the backyard.

The reason why buying a hammock is a great gift option is that everyone can benefit from it. If you have young adults looking for great date ideas, then a hammock is something that can easily be packed and carried on romantic dates.

If someone wants to spend more time outdoors, then hanging a hammock gives them a quick and easy option for reading a book or taking a nap. Do you want to bring it on your weekend getaway to the beach? Find a couple of trees and you're all set!

Additionally, they come in many different styles, colours, and sizes. A double hammock works perfectly as a gift idea for a couple or setting up in your backyard for guests, friends, and family members.

What Can You Do With a Hammock?

If you are searching for nature-themed Christmas gifts, then this is the right choice for you. You can easily pack a hammock in a backpack or throw it in the car for hikes and camping excursions. Or - you can set up your hammock with a stand and make it a more permanent fixture with your backyard patio set.

If you don't want to take the time setting up and taking down your hammock, then a hammock stand works perfectly. They are weather-resistant, durable, and can make your backyard look more aesthetically pleasing. Better yet - you have the option of picking the kind of style you like. This can include eco-friendly bamboo options that can turn your sitting area into an outdoor oasis, or you can opt for a durable, steel hammock stand. It is a great addition to a hammock set for your loved ones.

They're Soothing

Hammocks are great for relaxing in. In fact, if you bring a hammock on a camping trip or weekend getaway, you can find yourself spending more time outdoors and getting better sleep.

The swaying motion of a hammock can actually instil deeper and more restful sleep outside than opting for a traditional bed. However, if you are using it for sleeping in, then make sure you have the hammock pulled tautly. If the middle part is sagging down too much, it can be uncomfortable. Additionally, some hammocks are not meant for sleeping or pulled tightly. Make sure you check with the manufacturer's guidelines first.

They're Good For Your Health

What are some other hammock health benefits? As mentioned previously, hammocks can actually work towards improving your quality of sleep. Poor sleep can create a higher risk for negative health effects such as chronic illnesses, depression, and impaired cognition. It also creates fewer pressure points which decrease pain and promotes relaxation.

Back pain is one of the main complaints with people dealing with chronic pain. If you try sleeping in a hammock, then choose a nylon material. Rope or netting is better used for temporary stays such as for relaxing, napping, or reading. Hammocks do a better job at conforming to your body which reduces the amount of pressure on painful areas. Your hammock can be used for more than just sleeping in. The rhythmic motion of hammocks creates a meditative and mindful experience for many people.

Additionally, hammocks are most likely used in an outdoor setting. Nature is a great way of receiving positive benefits for your mental, emotional, and physical health.

Easy To Use

Hanging a hammock doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, if you opt for a hammock stand, then you don't have to worry about your hammock very frequently.

If you choose a traditional hammock, then you will need two posts for hanging it. Make sure these are sturdy enough and can hold you or other people's weight.

Your hammock should come with a guide on how to hang it, but typically they come with straps that you secure at both ends. You can tighten these straps for sturdier support. Your suspension should be at a 30-degree angle and approximately a foot and a half off the ground.

Indoor hammocks will usually come with mounting materials. This might take more time upfront for hanging it, but it can be left up permanently. You should always inspect your hammock and where you are hanging it before climbing in. Check your hammock for mildew, bugs, or tears. These can all pose health risks if you hop in beforehand.

You should always try and store your hammock somewhere dry. If you wash it before, then make sure it has completely dried out before folding and storing it.

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping for a hammock is a great idea for anyone on this year's shopping list. Families, friends, and coworkers can all benefit from the enjoyment and relaxation of hammocks. If you want a wide selection of hammocks, accessories, and stands, then be sure and check out our website today and get ready for the holiday season!

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