2021 Holiday Gift Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Gift

November 15, 2021 4 min read

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Christmas Shopping made easier

Did you know in 2020, retail sales reached about 790 billion dollars in November and December? The end of the year is huge for holiday shopping, but what makes the perfect gift?

Everyone wants to get something special for the holidays, but you also want to give something special to the people you love. Continue reading to figure out how you can find the best gifts for your friends and family.

How to Choose the Perfect Gift

Holiday shopping can be overwhelming, but not if you plan ahead. Use the following tips to start gathering intel on what makes the perfect gift.

Make It Personal

The best way to give someone something they want is to know the person behind the gift. In fact, about 62% of people prefer gifts that come from the heart and feel more personal.

Pay attention to special moments you've had together. You can even try using your inside jokes as inspiration. Engraving names or dates are also great ways to personalize a gift.

Besides making a gift personal for your recipient, it's also important to make it personal for you as the gift giver. Try to add a bit of yourself to the gift. Every time your loved one uses or looks at their present, they will remember you are the one who gave it to them which makes it even more special. You can do this with the actual gift itself, or with a significant card attached. Be sure to showcase why you purchased this specific gift for this specific person to make the moment even more personal and special.

Keep Track of Their Wishes

One way to keep track is to make a physical or mental list of everything this person has expressed they wanted or needed in the past. Another way is to write down everything you know this person is interested in and find gifts to match that.

For example, think about what your recipient likes to do in their free time. Do they like to relax, read, sit outside and enjoy nature? Maybe they'd be interested in a new hammock!

It's important to be aware of what your recipient loves so you can cater to their favourite things. Once you're able to nail down things that they love or have been interested in, you'll come up with some amazing gifts that you know they'll use.

Pick Something Useful

Not only do you need to get your loved one something they'll love, but you also need to get them something they'll actually use. For instance, is a hammock a good Christmas gift? Absolutely - it's both useful and fun, and it won't gather dust on a shelf.

If they already have something that you've thought of, try thinking of something to go along with it. For example, maybe they're missing a drink holder accessory for their hammock, or need new stands. Pick something you know they'll use in the future to go along with something they love to do.

People generally don't like to purchase useful items for themselves and value them more when it comes to them as a gift. Another useful technique is to think about how you would feel if you got this item as a gift. Is this something you would use over and over again?

Give Them an Experience

Another way to gift someone something special is to give them a gift that relates to an experience. Make sure it's an experience you know they'd enjoy.

If they enjoy hanging out in nature, a hammock is a great experiential idea. This would not only gift them relaxation but would also give them moments that they can look back on and remember fondly. Hammocking can be a wonderful solo experience or one they could share with you or other loved ones.

Do they love to dance? Buy them salsa dancing classes.

Do they love sports? Buy them tickets to a game.

Remember to give them an experience they'll cherish. For example, don't gift someone a skydiving package who is afraid of heights. If you do purchase an experiential gift, be sure to check the date or time and make sure your recipient is available.

Sentimental Is Key

Gift-giving is never one-sided. Giving gifts should always be about the person receiving the gift, rather than the person giving the gift. Because of that, you should always attach an emotional sentiment to the present you're gifting.

Make sure your loved one knows exactly how you feel about them through the gift you've given. A great way to do this is to make sure your gift shows the thought you put into buying it. Whether you've purchased a gift card or a hammock, the recipient needs to understand that thought, time, and effort went into buying this particular present. Think about the times you've gotten a gift that you absolutely loved. Those gifts were given to you because the giver was certain you'd not only enjoy and use the gift but that you felt emotionally drawn towards it.

Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping can feel stressful and overwhelming. Figuring out what to buy your friends and family during a high-pressured holiday like Christmas can take all of the fun out of gift-giving. Follow these tips above to not only give a memorable gift but to also enjoy the process of buying it for them! Learn more about why a hammock might be the perfect gift for your loved ones.

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