Fun Fall Activities for the Family

October 31, 2021 4 min read

A family playing in fallen leaves in autumn.
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The Best Kid-Friendly Activities that Adults Will Love Too!

Are you looking for some fall activities for kids?
As the cooler weather starts settling in, it sets the tone for spending quality time as a family. If you're a parent, you probably want to find some fall activities to convince your children that all the fun doesn't occur only in the summer. We have some fun fall activities for families below, so keep reading to find out more.

Why Fall is the Best Time of Year For Family Fun

Sometimes, it's hard for a family to create fun memories in the summer. Honestly, it's often too hot to do anything in the summer unless it's near water and many summer activities cost money. Let's not even mention the nuisance of mosquitoes and flies during the summer months.
Of course, summer can still be a blast, but the real fun doesn't start until the end of September. Fall is a wonderful time to be outside due to the cool, crisp air and beautiful scenery. You can also create unforgettable new memories for your children by going outside with your family during the fall months!

Family Oriented Activities to Try This Fall

Everyone likes to think the real fun happens during the summer months, but we are here to tell you it's not true. There are lots of activities for you and your kids to enjoy once Autumn starts rolling in. Below you'll discover the ten best fall activities for you and your family to enjoy.

Apple Picking

It's apple season in the fall! Try to find the perfect apple by walking through the trees at a nearby orchard. You can also bake delicious apple desserts together as a family when you get home.
Alternatively, you can play an old-fashioned fall game like bobbing for apples using some of the apples from the orchard! You can also use the apples for decorations to create some awesome family photos.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Fall wouldn't be complete without pumpkins around. So take this time to visit the pumpkin patch to have some fun fall activities for the family. Once everyone finds the perfect pumpkin, you can go home can carve them into jack o lanterns. You can also make pumpkin pie, soup, or bread!


While at the pumpkin patch, see if you're able to go on a hayride. Often pumpkin patch farmers include hayrides into the fall activities for kids. A hayride is an excellent way for your kids to spend more time outdoors and enjoy the fall air.

Hammock Camping

What is hammock camping? Well, hammock camping is just like regular camping, but you're not sleeping in a tent. Instead, you're resting between two trees on a hammock. It's a great way to spend time outdoors and connect to nature. You can also squeeze in some meditation time before fling asleep while listening to the crickets sing you a lullaby.

Haunted Houses

Research shows people enjoy being scared, and there may be some benefits to it. For example, some studies show being scared for fun helps improve mood levels and lowers stress.
So it might not be odd that people enjoy going to a creepy house that terrifies them for weeks. Halloween is right around the corner, so bring the kids to a haunted house for some fun fall activities. If they are too young for a haunted house, stick to telling scary stories at home with the lights off.

Fall Fairs

A festival in the fall is the perfect way to celebrate all the beautiful things that fall has to offer. There are plenty of fun festivals for families to enjoy this fall, from pumpkin festivals to Halloween celebrations.
Make sure to check your local areas to see what kind of free fall activities they have planned. You can also attend your child's school for a fall festival if they are holding one.

Hammock Lounging By a Backyard Firepit

An excellent free fall activity is to go to your backyard and set up a fire pit for the night. Your family can enjoy roasting marshmallows, telling scary stories, or staring off into the starry night. Don't forget to bring a hammock to lounge around the fire pit. We promise it'll add more comfort instead of those plastic chairs.


A hike on your favourite trail is a great way to enjoy the fall weather with your family. On a hiking trip with your family, take in the beautiful fall foliage while getting some exercise. It's also a great moment for you to dive into self-reflection and learn how to embrace the little moments in life.


Of course, apple and pumpkin pies are not the only thing you can bake for the fall season. For some fun family fall activities, try getting creative on what you can bake or cook to celebrate Autumn. Will it be pecan pie, sweet potato chilli, or pork chops with apples?

Visit a National Park to See the Foliage

The best way to enjoy the beauty of fall is to visit a national park as the season is changing. When you see the foliage of fall at a national park, it brings a whole new meaning to life. Our beloved National Parks are enhanced further by the gorgeous colours of red, orange, and yellow! So take a visit to the Rocky Mountains, Algonquin Park, or Agawa Canyon for some fun family fall activities this year. Although, if you want an accurate report of the changing of the leaves colours, then make sure to check the Ontario Parks Fall Color Report. During the autumn months, it is updated weekly. It provides information on fall foliage conditions at Ontario Provincial Parks and nearby areas.

What Did You Think About These Fun Fall Activities?

Did we convince you to try these fun fall activities with the family this year? We hope so since summer is not the only season meant for some fun family times.
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