Five Tips For Planning A Relaxing Family Game Night

February 28, 2022 4 min read

A family playing a board game in a kitchen.

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Childhood Memories In The Making

Winter is still here, and by the looks of it, it's here to stay for some time, too. Even though we are all so eager to start spending even more time outdoors and enjoying the sun, we still have some time to go until the proper springtime arrives. Until then, there's only as much stuff do to - skating and skiing is awesome, but hammocking is more our kind of thing! While you're waiting for the sun to bust out its rays, how about a nice family game night indoors? The beauty of indoors lies in the possibility to make it all seem like you're someplace warm, relaxing at the beach or camping, and enjoying some quality time with your loved ones.

Why You Need A Family Game Night

Because they're fun and educational, and make room for great childhood memories. Not only is a family game night a great way to spend quality time and bond with your kids, but it's also great for helping children develop social skills, too. But, how do you organize a nice family game night? You know, the one where you don't have to beg everyone to join, and the one without everyone getting angry when they start losing? The key - organization! Here are the best five tips for family game night!

1. Make Sure No One Is Playing Hungry

Being hangry is a real thing. You want to avoid a lousy mood, and everyone is generally happier after a delicious meal! It's a good idea to have a family game night on Sunday evening, after dinner when it's generally calm. You can always have some delicious (but simple!) snacks nearby too, just in case. Plus - if you plan to play on the kitchen table - guess what? It stays clean.

2. Strategize the space

You don't want the whole space to be cluttered and hard to get around, especially if you're playing charades, for example. Strategize the space. You want to have enough seating for everyone in the room to be comfortable. Depending on how big your family is, use floor cushions, set aside the side tables, or move the furniture into a semi-circle. If you have a hammock, you might just win the family game night planning! They easily move up for full-floor play, but you also always have extra seating space that just looks great and doesn't take up unnecessary space. It can be a cosy spot for the last round winner to relax! On the other hand, it could come in handy if you got that one older family member that always has you losing game night. Can't play if you're all snuggled up and comfy in an indoor hammock chair, wink-wink.

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3. Create an Ambiance

Setting the mood should always be a starting point. Take the electronics away so there are no interruptions and try to create an intimate and safe surrounding. Setting up a theme is a great way to do that, plus, everyone can contribute and feel useful! If you are lacking some ideas - a camping theme could be your go-to solution, since kids usually love that. Create a 'tent' from old sheets, build a pillow fort and dust off that hammock chair! If you're playing in groups and need to discuss tactics - forts can come in handy, eh?

4. Pick the right game

Picking the right game is literally 50% of the whole night. You know your family members well, so you already might know what would work great for you guys. However, if you want to approach the game night from an educational perspective, pay attention to games where some math or logic is involved. Also, you don't need to spend a lot of money on board games - get creative and encourage some creative thinking! Games like 'Name Five', 'Mad Libs', 'Simon Says' or any guessing game is a great way to get the brain waves going!

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5. Plan Your Time

If you're thinking about making the family game a tradition, set up a specific time and day, a time you're usually all at home. Some games can last for a long time, so a good idea would be to set a time limit for playing, but also a reminder for the game, too. This will help with setting boundaries, taking your part of the deal and letting everyone finish up with what they were doing before.

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The Takeaway

Hosting a family game night might sound challenging at this stage, but it could be a version of 'blowing off steam' we all so desperately need. While waiting for better days to continue with some outdoor activities like hammock lounging by the firepit or camping, creating the same scene indoors might do the trick and make it easier to deal with this long Ontario winter. In any case, if you were looking for a hammock chair to elevate your indoor camping family game night, take a look at our inventory.

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