How To Hammock Camp?

March 08, 2022 4 min read

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It's Camping, But Better!

Not so long ago, going camping meant carrying all the heavy equipment, assembling the tent, and getting so annoyed you would start to question if you should even go. With hammocks, things got way easier. People decided to swap their heavy tents and opt for a lightweight hammock - a magical thing that helps you stay in a good mood even after you climbed a mountain carrying around your overnight shelter.

Unlike regular camping, hammocking is more comfortable, your shelter is easier to assemble, and you stay warmer. If you were planning to give hammocking a try this year, keep reading. This article will tell you everything you need to know before your next adventure!

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What Do I Need For Hammock Camping?

Certainly not as much as with regular camping! Everything you need for an awesome hammock camping experience is just basic equipment that fits in your backpack. Usually, it mostly depends on the weather. For example, an underquilt or a rainfly might not be necessary if it's summertime and there's no rain in sight. Here's what you need for hammock camping:

A Camping Hammock

Of course, a camping hammock is essential for this. Of course, you can use any other hammock, but these ones are specifically made for camping since they're lightweight and can be easily carried around. Plus, camping hammocks are made with specific materials that help withstand particular weather. If you're planning to buy a hammock, this guide on choosing the right hammock for you might help!

Hammock Straps

The next thing you need is hammock straps. Try to avoid regular, bare ropes and get a nice suspension system with wide straps. Straps are safer and make setting up much easier.

A Bug Net

Whatever the weather will be like on your big hammocking day, there will be bugs. And they will try and make your life a living hell. Be smarter than them and prevent them from getting near you in the first place. You will achieve that with a bug net. You can also choose a mosquito net hammock that's essentially a hammock with the mosquito net combined.

A Rainfly

We would recommend this, but it isn't ALWAYS necessary. When choosing a rain fly, make sure it's at least 8 by 10 feet big. That way it will give you enough coverage and protection from the elements.

A rain tarp is typically attached to a ridgeline that ties between two trees and above the hammock. Basically, this is a hammock's version of a tent.


This one is totally optional in warmer times, but it doesn't hurt to bring it with you. Just like the name suggests, an underquilt goes under you and protects you from the cold by adding a layer of protection between you and the hammock. Plus, it's cheaper than a sleeping pad.

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How To Hang A Camping Hammock?

Tree straps are probably the easiest and the fastest way to hang a hammock. When hammock camping, hanging a hammock between trees is kind of a go-to option. To do that, choose healthy and sturdy trees and try to keep distance and height in mind. Depending on your hammock size, you will need 10 to 15 feet of distance between the trees and about 18 inches of height, to make it easier for you to sit in it and get out of it.

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How To Hammock Camp If There Are No Trees Around? 

If there are no trees around to hang your hammock - don't panic. You can still use your hammock and relax while enjoying a beautiful view somewhere. There's always something to use!

Poles & Building Structures

One of the ways to hang your hammock when there are no trees around it is to use any pole you can find. Wait, think about it - there are so many poles around us that we actually stopped noticing them - telephone poles, fence poles - you name it. Just make sure they're sturdy enough and can withstand your weight. Another way is to use buildings around you. A lot of parks have rain shelters, bathrooms or gazebos, etc.

Hammock Stand

Hammock stands make things easier. Portable hammock stands make things..What's better than easier? Anyways, portable hammock stands are awesome. With them, you can hang your hammock practically anywhere including places with no trees, buildings or poles. When buying a hammock stand, make sure they're easy to set up, they're portable, strong and have rain fly capability.

The Universal Hammock Stand and the Tri Beam Stand you can find in our shop are portable, lightweight stands that can easily be moved around. No tools are needed to assemble them, and the whole assembly process takes only up to 3 minutes. Both stands also come with a carrying bag.

Where To Find A Good Camping Hammock?

At Hammock Universe, we offer good-quality hammocks and stands that are designed to keep you worry-free. Along with our lightweight and durable camping hammocks, we can also provide you with all the gear you might need. Check out our shop and find the right fit for you.

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