Five Best Movies To Watch On A Date

February 13, 2022 5 min read

A couple cuddling on a hammock in their home.

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While Cuddling in a Hammock

February is the month filled with hearts and Cupid's bow, we know. We also know love should be shown and celebrated on a daily basis, but it's easy to fall into a day-to-day routine and get cramped up in work, daily tasks and whatnot. So, if you needed a sign to stop, smell the roses and take some time to yourself or your relationship - this is it. We searched the whole internet, ratings, comments and reviews, and here it is. The ultimate guide for a romantic movie date night in. Keep reading!

At-Home Date Night Ideas

There are some aspects of the whole COVID situation we can all appreciate. Somehow, people did figure out the importance of family and realized just how many material things we actually need. Don't get us wrong, shopping and travelling are awesome, but there is something nice and intimate about sharing your space and time with a person you care about, in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by familiarity in the middle of this uncertainty. In search of at-home date night ideas? Look no more.

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Come Up With A Theme

Whatever of these ideas you opt for, the mood is the main ingredient for a date to be successful. The lights, the music, the scents - all of it matters. If you want, you can pick a theme and stick to it. James Bond Casino Night? Yes! Game Night? Why not? Travel inspired dinner? Have you always wanted to visit Japan and learn how to make sushi? Be our guest! The world is your oyster.

We do have a specific suggestion, though. We took into account how long Ontario winters are, and how cold February is. We can't really travel south of the border that carefree like we used to. So why not create an Exotic Island theme to try and get away from the snow? Staying at home and creating a Barbados vibe? We say - go for it!

Have a cocktail that can transport you to a tropical island only by smelling it. You know it's a thing. Pina Coladas, frozen Margaritas, Blue Lagoon - the choice is yours. Better yet, try and come up with your own and make the night extra special. Be creative with the representation, have nice glasses and drink decorations! You're on vacation, right? Get some requisites for your place. Decorate your house and set the mood. Add artificial palm trees, some tropical flowers, add some Tikki bar music and prepare some finger food. better yet - try to create your own Tikki bar in your place! Shaded lamps and two hammock chairs are basically everything you need to recreate a tropical environment! Remember that little Tikki totem you bought at the flea market once? Now is its time to shine.

Dress to impress - so no room for sweaters and sweatpants! Slip into bathing suits and surfer shirts and enjoy your tropical vacation!

Cook Dinner Together

Need a challenge? How about a cook-off? Think about it - a bit of competition could be a nice mood booster! Unless you're a Monica, then maybe you should skip this. If not, create a fun game by picking a specific but weird ingredient that should be incorporated in a dish. Chilli in a cake? It could work, right?

Have A Spa Night

A nice playlist, face masks, mani-pedis, or a nice romantic massage can go a long way. Add some scented candles, prepare a bubble bath, throw some rose petals here and there, find a nice bottle of wine and voila! You have everything you need for a perfect spa date. Don't forget the spa-style robes and slippers!

Cuddle Up And Watch A Movie

Whether you're planning to do any of the above or not - a movie can work on its own. Cuddle up in your indoor hammock we hope you have, turn on a movie you both were planning to see for a while, make some popcorn and enjoy. Get a blanket and let the chilling begin.

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Best Movies To Watch On an At-home date

Not everything about the date has to be romantic, Die Hard is still very much in the cards. You know your partner best, you know the types of movies you both like, so pick whatever will keep your eyes open. Or not, if you know what we mean. Anyways, if you run out of ideas - here are some all-time favourites with great ranking both in Hammock Universe and the Internet.


Whichever version you decide to go with - you won't make a mistake. Dustin Hoffman and Steve McQueen are in the '73 version, while the remake from 2017 is with Rami Malek and Charlie Hunnam. Based on a bestseller, this movie follows the journey of Henri Charier and Louis Dega escaping from a prison in the middle of an island. Trying to avoid spoilers here! Fun fact - try and find a hammock in that movie! Make that a game :)


Well, this one just had to be on the list, after all - it is one of the best selling movies of all time and broke records! Of course, Marvel did overpass that but the movie is definitely worth a watch. You gotta keep up with popular culture, you never know when you will be in a game show. Plus, it's fun seeing all the hammocks in it, too!

Forrest Gump

If you have never seen Forrest Gump, well... No, there is no excuse for not seeing it. If you had - you know why it's on the list. The movie is just a classic that can be seen an x amount of times and you will still feel the famous "Life is like a box of chocolates" line. Oooh, yeah - don't forget to get something sweet for the date!

Sleepless In Seattle

This one is for the romantics. Even though it might pass as a Christmas movie, it does play out to Valentine's Day, so technically it fits for every time of the year. It all begins with a talk-radio program and a kid trying to find a girlfriend for his dad. That 90's rom-com at its best!

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

For the romantics, but the analytical ones. This gem of a movie lets you see Jim Carrey in a more serious role, without many jokes. In the movie, he tries to get treatment to forget about his girlfriend. Watch the movie and see how it all plays out in the end. You won't regret it!


You have to get on the train of Encanto! What's it exactly about and how come the world has gone crazy about this animated film? It's a story about the Madrigals who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia. There's magic involved and the colouts are amazing, but a lot of people are watching it because of powerful psychological insights and family drama.

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The Takeaway

Even though we think we got everything covered, you never know if it will work. You know your partner the best - what they love, what they cringe about, what they would hate. There are always some subtle hints everyone throws in once in a while so try thinking about those. You know what stuff and topics make you laugh, and how much fun something is for the both of you. The best advice we can give you - listen!

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