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Your Guide to Specialty Hammocks

June 16, 2018 5 min read

Asian Girl resting in a specialty loft hammock

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Cozy Hammock Chair or Luxurious Loft Nest? – Discover a Specialty Hammock That Suits You

With specialty hammocks, hanging has never been so versatile.

There are so many various hammock types available on the market today. And with guides to help you find the ideal hammock for your hanging needs, it’s never been easier to find the perfect one for you. 

But did you know there’s a whole realm of specialty hammocks you can add to your home? Specialty hammocks go beyond your standard hammock for a unique new way to relax.

From cozy hammock chairs that hang from a tree or in the corner of a room to luxurious hammock nets to hang high above in a loft or a tree house.

We’ve compiled a list of the best specialty hammock options to help you find the perfect hammock that suits your needs for the ideal hanging experience.

Hammock Chairs

Black metal standalone hammock stand with white cotton rope hammock attached.

Hanging hammock chairs are the ultimate comfortable chair for relaxing indoors and out.

These hammocks are also known as hammock swing chairs because they can be used as a luxury swing as well as a comfortable place to hang and relax.

Due to their smaller size, hammock chairs are meant for sitting in. Because they are compact, this also means hammock chairs typically cost less than full-length hammocks.

Hammock chairs can be used for hanging:

  • From a tree;
  • On a porch;
  • On a hammock chair stand; and
  • In small or large spaces indoors.

Hammock chairs have spreader bars and come in a variety of styles and materials, including cotton and polyester.

Brazilian Hammock Chairs

Brazilian swing chairs are both colourful and comfortable.

These hammock chairs are made from woven cotton and polyester fabric and are extremely lightweight but can support up to 250 pounds. Their vibrant styles make for attractive furniture at home, on the porch, and in the backyard.

To keep your Brazilian hammock chair looking great for longer, consider hanging it in the shade to prevent fading from sunlight.

Also bring it indoors when it’s raining, and when you’re not using it since these hammocks don’t dry quickly and could be more prone to mold and mildew growth.

Mayan Hammock Chairs

Girl reads a book and drinks coffee while sitting in a specialty Mayan hammock chair.

Mayan hammock chairs are made from thick, soft cotton strings woven in a diamond weave pattern. These hammocks are extremely comfortable and durable and suit any space.

Since Mayan hammock chairs are made of cotton, they should be brought indoors when not in use to preserve the material and avoid fading.

Polyester Hammock Chairs

For the most weather-resistant material, consider polyester hammock chairs. Polyester dries quickly and can withstand the elements. These hammock chairs are also very comfortable and convenient, often having foot rests and cup holders included.

How to Hang Hammock Chairs

Hammock chairs need a supportive beam, tree limb, or stand to hang from.

  1. For hanging a hammock chair indoors, or on a porch, make sure to find a load-bearing ceiling beam (using a stud finder indoors). Use hammock hanging hardware to secure into the beam and hang your hammock from the hooks.
  2. For hanging a hammock chair on a tree, you can use hammock tree straps wrapped around a thick, strong, and healthy tree branch.
  3. Another option for easy hanging is a hammock chair stand.

Standalone Hammocks

If you don’t have trees to hang your hammock from and you don’t feel like installing hardware in beams, consider using hammock stands.

Hammock chair stands and regular hammock stands can be used both outdoors and in your home, so you can bring your hammock wherever you want to hang. These convenient alternatives offer relaxation and comfort with little hassle.

If it’s a beautiful day, easily set it up in your backyard. And when it’s raining or cold out, you can simply set it up in your living room.

Hammock stands come in various styles to suit your hammock and décor needs. Common types of hammock stands include hardwood stands, powder-coated steel hammock stands, and water-resistant bamboo hammock stands. There are also portable styles to bring camping, and heavier decorative styles to leave at home.

Eco-friendly standalone bamboo hammock stand.

While hammock stands can withstand the outdoor elements, you should bring yours in every winter. Keep it clean, warm, and dry to maintain its quality. If you don’t have space indoors for storage, cover your stand with a tarp on the top and bottom.

Most importantly, make sure to follow its care instructions, such as adding oil or sealant to wood stands, and painting steel stands when chipped.

Poolside Hammocks

Girl wearing sunglasses and a bathing suit reads while relaxing on a specialty poolside hammock.

Poolside hammocks are made of quick-drying, water-resistant polyester that will withstand regular exposure to water from swimmers. These hammocks are perfect for use next to a pool or a lake.

These affordable hammocks have spreader bars and come in various colours and patterns. They are easily hung on hammock stands or between two trees using hammock tree straps.

Poolside hammocks are also very easy to care for. Simply wash with warm water and soap, and rinse well. Also, make sure your hammock is well cleaned and thoroughly dry before storing inside for the off-season.

Loft Nets

Also known as loft hammocks, these nets are made of durable polypropylene rope materials.

Loft nets hang in the free open space on the top floor of a loft, or in a tree house. These are also referred to as hammock floors since they are spread out flat and taught as an extension of a floor.

Loft nets are luxurious and comfortable places to hang and relax up in the rafters, especially if you don’t have space to hang a regular hammock indoors. Some people even use loft nets as beds since they provide a comfortable, weight-free sleep that doesn’t put pressure on sore backs.

Like hanging other hammocks indoors, loft nets must be properly secured to support beams with anchors to ensure safety. These nets vary in price depending on size and material and they come in different colours and net styles.

How to Clean & Repair Your Specialty Hammocks

Hammocks made of cotton rope and fabric are more susceptible to all kinds of damage. Sharp objects can snag individual strings, and cotton can wear down from exposure to moisture. Luckily, these types of hammocks are also easy to repair!

You can replace damaged and mildewed ropes and tie any broken strings. You can also darn holes and apply patches to larger holes on your hammock.

To ensure your hammock remains in good condition, bring it indoors when you’re not using it, keep it out of the sun, and clean it regularly. If you’re not sure what the cleaning instructions are based on the type or material, follow your hammock’s cleaning and care instructions.

When washing Mayan and Brazilian hammock chairs, remove the spreader bars if possible. These hammocks should be hand washed using cool water, mild soap, and tying the arms of the hammock to prevent tangling. These should then be hung to air dry.

Polyester and polypropylene hammocks need to be sprayed with a hose, scrubbed with mild soap, and thoroughly rinsed off. Also make sure to properly dry your hammock before folding and storing it in a secure, dry place, on a hook, or in a bag or a tote.

Taking Relaxation to the Next Level

For a unique way to relax go beyond the standard hammock and opt for specialty hammocks. Whether you want to hang from a tree with a cold drink or hang high up in your loft with a good book, there is a hammock for everyone. What are you waiting for? Discover the perfect hammock and relax your way.