Hammock Storage Tips To Keep It In Top Shape

October 10, 2017 3 min read

Hammock Storage Tips To Keep It In Top Shape


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Hammock Storage Tips to Keep it in Top Shape

Tis the season between summer and snow when the earth’s axial aberration starts tilting us away from the sun despite our screams of “no, no, no!” Apparently, our pleas are offset by millions Down Under yelling “yeah, yeah, yeah!”

Cold weather is coming to northern climes, and that means it’s time to talk about preparing your hammock for storage.

But wait, there’s one more way to beat putting your hammock away till spring – get one of our awesome hammock stands, clear a little space indoors and hibernate to hockey and Netflix till we’re tilting toward old Sol again!

If it must be done, here are 6 tips for winter hammock care and storage. 

1. Remove surface dirt

This could be as simple as shooing your kid from the hammock. Some children are hungry little noises with dirt on them all summer long! Give the hammock a vigorous shake (but only after removing surface dirt named Liam or Lea). You can do this by yourself by leaving one end attached to the stand or tree and shaking it by the other.

    2. Wash the hammock, but only if it can fully dry before storing

Start by mixing about two ounces of mild detergent in two gallons of warm water. Non-spreader bar hammocks can go into the bucket for handwashing before hanging them to dry completely.


Spreader-bar hammocks should be cleaned with these techniques:





    3. Allow the hammock to dry completely

Oui, oui, we mentioned this, but allow us to remind you that your hammock should be dry, utterly aridly dry, Sahara in summer dry when you put it away. You don’t like mold and mildew, do you? Bone-effing dry.



4. Fold your hammock for storing, but only when it is as dry as the skin on your shins in January when the humidifier is broken

  • Non-spreader bar hammocks: Fold the hammock once end-to-end, tuck in the cords and make a ball with it
  • Brazilian hammocks: Fold/stuff it into its carrying pouch
  • Spreader-bar hammocks: Lay the hammock on clean ground, fold the ring and ropes at one end onto the bed, and use the bar to roll the hammock towards the other end


5. Store your hammock in a suitable spot and container such as these

  • Indoors in a breathable bag (ding, ding, ding – we have a winner) but not in a musty basement or in direct sunlight
  • In the garage or shed (we’re not thrilled with the idea), but up and away from pests looking for a cozy home and something to chew on to pass the time
  • Outside (we scowl at the notion) but only fully dry and in a weather-tight tote


6. Stand by your stand

If it works for a man, it’ll work for your stand. Clean it, dry it and keep it warm and safe all winter. Rub a little oil on the wood stand (and spreader bars), or give it another coat of sealer. Check the assembly for broken parts, and replace them as needed to ensure safety when using the hammock again. Disassembling reduces the space required for storing your stand. If you can’t bring him, uh, it inside, storing your stand in the garage or outside under a tarp are acceptable options too.

A few minutes of care before you put your hammock and stand away will ensure they serve you well when the world tilts the right way once again. 

If you have hammock questions of any kind, let's Chat any time from 9-5 Mondays to Sundays. Calling is great too. After hours, use our contact form, and we'll reply the next business day.

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