Which Hammock Hanging Chair Is Best For You?

October 27, 2022 5 min read

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Here's How To Choose Your New Best Friend

Summer is over and with it the chance to enjoy the great outdoors. But the relaxation summer brings doesn't have to end here. With a hammock hanging chair, you can have that relaxation all year round in the comfort of your home.

Nothing beats a hammock when it comes to getting some R&R. And a hammock hanging chair allows you to take that hammock wherever you want. Question is, which one should you get?

We're here to help. Join us as we discuss all your options and help you choose a hammock that's just right for you.

Which Hammock Hanging Chair Is Best? Choose Your Player

First, what is a hammock hanging chair?

Your standard hammock requires that you have two anchor points, such as trees, to support it. But a hammock-hanging chair with a stand holds itself up. This allows you to either mount the hammock on an existing structure (like the ceiling) or a portable stand.

These come in a couple of variations.

  • Hammock chair stand: a hammock with a stand, perfect if you want to move it around outdoors
  • Hammock chair stand (indoor): a hammock ideal for the indoors, perfect if you don't want to sit/sleep outside
  • C-stand hammock chair: a variation on the hanging chair stand that may be more aesthetically pleasing and take up less space
  • Hanging hammock chair: a chair that you mount from a stable awning support or pagoda, but requires installation
  • Hanging hammock chair (indoor): the same as the above, but hangs from a rafter or ceiling joists

Let's cover some of these options in greater detail.

Ceiling Hanging Chair

If you're a couple that doesn't trust that a stand can hold the weight of you both, this is the perfect option. Or, you might want a more permanent installation.

While this does require a more involved installation, the process is relatively easy. You just need to find a joist to hang the chair from. It adds a nice touch to your decor, too.

Hanging Chair With a Stand

Not comfortable with drilling holes, or have a landlord that might keep your security deposit? A hanging chair with a stand will do just fine. They can support up to 350 pounds.

You can move this hammock anywhere you like. Indoor versions are ideal for maximum comfort, while outdoor versions are sturdier and weather resistant.

Brazilian Hammock

This is a variation on the ceiling chair. It includes a durable strap that loops around a rafter or support bar. These give you the benefit of a ceiling chair without drilling holes.

Can Hanging Chairs Damage Ceilings?

Damage to the ceiling is often only cosmetic from the drilling. But serious damage can occur if:

  • You do a bad installation
  • Your home has weak structural supports

Before installation, have a professional inspect your home to ensure the joists can hold the weight. If you don't feel comfortable installing by yourself, then get someone knowledgeable to help.

How Do You Know if Your Ceiling Is Strong Enough for a Hanging Chair?

Your mileage may vary, but it's important that you check the condition of your ceiling and roof. You may require a professional to come by for an inspection.

In most cases, assuming you do the installation correctly, you won't have to worry. Ceilings and roofs already hold up hundreds of pounds. Their design can support the weight of a dozen people up on the roof, so they can support a ceiling-mounted chair or two.

Take a Stand!

Stands are a great no-hassle way to get an indoor hammock. They won't cause damage to your home (a huge plus for renters) and you can move them wherever you please. The only downsides to stands are that they swing a bit less.

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How Do You Hang a Hammock Chair from a Stand?

Installation is quick and easy. Depending on your version, you'll likely have a metal stand that comes in segments. Make sure to screw the hex bolts tight as you assemble it.

Follow all directions to the T. Hang the hammock as intended. Double-check that the structure is secure, and then test the hammock before sitting down for long periods.

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How Much Weight Can a Hammock Chair Hold?

That depends on your model. Generally speaking, they can hold between 250 and 350 pounds. Some can hold much more.

Most hammock chair stands work for only a single person. Make sure to check the weight before you cuddle with your bae.

Where Should You Put Your Hanging Hammock Chair?

Make sure the hammock has plenty of room to swing, and that other furniture won't block its movement. Avoid placing it near anything fragile, such as a TV or computer.

If this is a permanent installation, ensure you're comfortable with it hanging where it is at all times. You can move it elsewhere, but that will require drilling new holes into other joists. Removing/replacing the hammock will require more effort since you likely need a ladder.

Hammock Vs. Hammock Chair

The question of whether to get a hammock or a hammock chair depends on you. You can use a standard hammock as a chair. However, a hammock chair is more comfortable for sitting for long periods.

The most important thing to consider is your clearance. A full-sized hammock will take up a lot of space, and may limit your decor for a certain room. They're preferable for a bigger home.

Find out in advance if your landlord allows you to drill. If they do (or if you're the owner) then take the time to ensure your home's structure can support the weight. Think long and hard about the hammock's placement before you commit.

A smaller apartment will likely do better with a stand since you can move it around.

Find the Right Hammock for You

A hammock hanging chair is a great indoor and outdoor option for those who don't have (or want) two anchor points. With a stand, you can move the chair anywhere and fit it in a small apartment that prevents drilling. With a ceiling-mounted hammock, you get a more permanent solution that holds more weight.

But whatever hammock you buy, make sure it's high-quality. You'll get maximum comfort and durability. Check out Hammock Universe for every hammock option you can imagine.

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