How To Choose An Indoor Hammock?

October 12, 2022 5 min read

A smiling woman lounging in a hammock in her home.

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Rope Vs. Fabric

Did you know that hammocks were originally made to protect people from insects and pests on the ground? Yup, the first hammock, created by the Mayans, was made of plant fibres and tree bark.

Other than protection from insects, sleeping in a hammock has many extra benefits, such as encouraging deeper sleep and pressure point relief. The gentle sway back and forth has been the perfect way to relax for generations, both inside and outside the home.

So it's not really surprising that many people have an indoor hammock at home to relax in or to sleep on. If you're also considering buying one, start with this guide. We'll walk you through your choices, from the different types to products we recommend and more.

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These days, you have two main options when it comes to buying a hammock—rope or fabric. Each choice has its pros and cons, though you may find you like one type over the other.

Rope hammocks are made of loosely woven polyester or cotton ropes. This style offers plenty of flexibility while also offering support.

Fabric hammocks are generally stronger than rope ones. They can also be made from different materials and come in a wide variety of patterns and colours.

What Materials Do You Already Have?

When selecting a hammock for indoor use, you want to be sure that it complements the rest of your house. Consider the style of your home and think about your needs.

Do you want an indoor hammock chair to add texture or some colour to a room? What patterns and colours do you already use in your home decor?

Fabric hammocks are a great way to add patterns and colours, from vibrant shades to muted hues. Rope hammocks can add visual interest in the form of texture. They also look great in boho-style houses.

You want the hammock to look right at home, so consider what you already have before shopping.

Why Is Rope Better?

Rope hammocks usually have spreader bars on either side of the hammock. They create a beachy or bohemian look, which many find aesthetically pleasing.

When most people imagine rope hammocks, they think of warm climates, beaches, or relaxing days in the backyard. Yet, you can place rope hammocks inside too.

The Mayan hammock is a variation of the rope style. It features a tighter weave and doesn't have a spreader bar. The soft cotton and diamond weave pattern make these hammocks very cosy to sleep in, as they conform to your body.

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Cotton and polyester are the two materials usually used to make rope hammocks. Cotton tends to be more flexible, and many people find it the more comfortable option.

However, polyester tends to be more durable and less susceptible to mildew and mould, making it ideal for porches or high-humidity environments.

Rope hammocks have a few advantages over fabric styles. They're low-maintenance, affordable, and more breathable than fabric. A rope hammock makes a good choice in the summer, especially indoors, as it allows plenty of airflow around your body.

Why Is Fabric Better?

Fabric hammocks have their upsides as well. For one, it's easier to wash a fabric hammock when it gets dirty. If you plan to use it often, or if you have kids and pets, this is a huge advantage.

Most hammocks will have care instructions, and many can be washed in the washing machine with a mild detergent.

It's also important to think about safety concerns if you have kids and pets at home. Rope can become a hazard if children or small animals get it twisted around their necks or limbs. A fabric hammock is also more durable than a rope hammock. It can handle kids using it and hold more weight overall.

Fabric hammocks also come in a wide variety of styles and colours, from white to neon stripes and patterns.

How Will You Use It?

The best type of hammock to buy depends largely on how you'll use it. For instance, are you looking to put it somewhere to enjoy a view, to use as a bed, or as a place to take a nap? Maybe you want a hammock chair stand for indoor use or to create a reading nook.

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The best hammock for watching TV might not be ideal for sleeping every night.

You also need to think about temperature. Rope hammocks are cooler and better for warm sleepers, but fabric hammocks keep you warmer when your core body temperature drops at night.

Products We Recommend

Whether you want a hanging hammock chair for an indoor reading area or a place to take a nap in your three-season room, there are so many options on the market.

We've put together our favourite choices below to help you decide.

Colombian Hammock Hanging Chair Deluxe

Do you love the idea of an indoor reading hammock or a place to lounge as you watch TV in comfort? The Colombian Hammock Hanging Chair Deluxe makes a great indoor hammock.

It holds a weight of up to 330 pounds and is made of durable polycotton canvas. This particular style works well in any area of the home, from the living room to the porch.

Mayan Hammock Chair

This Mayan Hammock Chair is handwoven and has extra-thick cotton strings, making it both durable and comfortable. It's perfect for relaxing on the porch or unwinding in the bedroom. The unique texture of this hammock will add visual interest to any area.

This hammock has a maximum weight capacity of 260 pounds. It's recommended that you handwash it with mild detergent.

Cotton Rope Hammock

Do you love the idea of a double hammock? Maybe you want more room to stretch out on your indoor hammock bed. This Cotton Rope Hammock is the perfect size for one or two people.

It has a weight capacity of up to 450 pounds. With a bed length of five feet wide and seven feet long, it's also the perfect size for sleeping.

The Takeaway

Using these tips, you can find the perfect indoor hammock for your home. There are benefits to both rope and fabric styles. It depends mostly on your preferences and how you plan to use the hammock.

We carry a variety of quality hammocks in every style, including traditional hammocks, stands, and much more. Browse our selection to find the perfect one for your needs!

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Mayan Hammock Chair Deluxe
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Deluxe Mayan Hammock Chair with Universal Chair Stand
Hammock Universe
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Mayan Hammock Chair with Universal Chair Stand
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Colombian Hammock Chair with Universal Chair Stand
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Brazilian Hammock Chair with Universal Chair Stand
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Mayan Hammock Chair
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Colombian Hammock Hanging Chair - Deluxe
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Brazilian Hanging Chair
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