TLC for Your Hammock Stand and You

April 24, 2017 3 min read

TLC for Your Hammock Stand and You

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TLC for Your Hammock Stand and You 

You and your hammock stand have something in common – you’re both attractive and durable, but that doesn’t mean a little upkeep isn’t required, right? 

There's a lot of effort that goes into caring for your hammock, but what some people don't consider is the care and maintenance that is required for your hammock stand. These helpful tips will keep your hammock stand looking great and working hard while you leave hard work far behind.

Storage: Some relaxation enthusiasts move their equipment to an in an indoor spot in winter where they set it up, lay themselves down and enjoy uninterrupted hammocking. If you do decide to give your stand a break, keep these care tips in mind:

  • Store metal stands where it is cool and dry
  • Try storing Bamboo and Wicker in a climate-controlled part of the house
  • Larger stands can be stored in a garage or outdoor location under a breathable tarp that is tied securely to keep it in place but it needs to be dry and rest on a dry surface. Water infiltration or moisture from the ground could create mold proliferation on the bamboo or rust on the steel stands under the tarp.

Scratch Repair: The powder coating on our steel stands is tough and durable, but life in the backyard can be full of hazards – Kids on bikes and grandma on the mower are two we hear often. If a scratch occurs, immediately grab a can of Tremclad or Rustoleum and a small paintbrush. Shake the can, spray some paint onto a piece of cardboard, dab the brush in it and carefully fill the scratch with paint. Good as new. Like hockey scars, every repaired nick tells a story.

Noise: Hammock-time and squeaks are not compatible. Stop stand noises by tightening knobs and other assembly points. A drop of household oil might help quiet metal.

Cleaning: Your stand loves mild detergent and warm water applied with a soft sponge and rinsed with a cool hose. That’s another thing the two of you have in common.

Kids: Tell kids hammocks are not toys. They’ll give you the same blank look as when you said that about toasters and kittens. Then, take a few hours to instruct them in the unit's proper mount, use and dismount – especially the use part punctuated by expressions like, “Stanley, bring me a beer,” and “Sidney, my feet need more sunscreen.” Young children need supervision, or you can just haul them in with you; Threatening older kids with major misconduct penalties for hammocking violations seems to work well.

Inspection: A must. Hammock stands should be given spring and fall inspections to make sure that they are safe to use. Tighten anything that is loose, and repair metal scratches to prevent rust. 

These maintenance tips will ensure the stand’s durability and performance. Take care of your hammock’s stand, and it will keep taking care of you!

If you've got questions, the quickest way to get you answers is via chat. Our team has mastered the art of laid-back customer service delivered from hammocks, and we promise that at least one of us will be awake and at the ready from 9AM-5PM Eastern Time! Click the chat tab, and let's do this! 

Happy Relaxation!

Hammock Universe Team!

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