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Are you ready to experience the pleasure of hammock life?

April 17, 2017 2 min read

Are you ready to experience the pleasure of hammock life?

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The Cozy Corner
Learning Series 1

Are you ready to experience the pleasure of hammock life? 


Use these easy guide to determine which hammock and hammock stand combinations fit you and your sense of stylish comfort. It’s not rocket science, it’s relaxation science, so it’ll be easy. 

There are two tables below:

  • Stands at a Glance
  • Hammocks at a Glance

If you haven’t decided on the sling in which you’ll take a more leisurely approach to life, then the Hammocks Tab is your starting point.

  • Column A shows our hammocks. Like we said, this isn’t rocketry. It’s relaxatry.
  • Columns B through E provide useful information for determining in which indoor and outdoor spots you’ll be able to set up your combo and knowing how many people can join you for a nap.
  • Column F are the materials used for the hammock. This is your guide to avoiding what makes you itch, and that’s not immaterial.
  • Column G shows the height at which each end is attached, not how high your end will be when you’re in full chill.
  • Columns H through K are where you cross-reference the stands with the hammocks in Column A to check compatibility and required accessories (which we have).


The Stands Table shows compatibility/accessories plus important stand specifications:

  • Column A is mostly our hammocks, but details you should know are at the bottom, so check them out. Save being lazy for hammock-time!
  • Columns B through E are headed by our hammock stand options, all so easy to set up. Follow the column down to cross-reference hammocks from Column A for workability; go further down for more info that will help you choose a hammock you’ll think we designed just for you, because we did. Yep.

There’s no doubt you spent more time reading this “helpful information” than it would have taken you to figure out the tabs on your own. But hey, our job is to appear useful, and that’s a challenge when we’re lounging in our hammocks behind the warehouse all day!