Featured Product: The Mayan Hammock

November 14, 2018 4 min read

Woman with sunglasses lounging in a Mayan hammock on a sunny day.
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A Hammock That Brings You World-Class Comfort

There’s nothing quite like taking some time for yourself to unwind after a day that seems to drag on forever. Whether it be cozying up to a cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter evening or sipping on a glass of chilled sangria during a day in the sun, you deserve to pamper yourself!

Now imagine the additional comfort and relaxation of a hammock – but not just any hammock. A Mayan Hammock will cocoon around you to leave you feeling weightless (and take a weight off your mind, too). Talk about an elevated experience!

Available in a combination of beautiful colours to match any setting, you can create your own personal oasis or escape anywhere, anytime. Large and resistant, you can also bask in these hammocks’ unparalleled comfort with your loved ones. No need to argue or take turns – just enjoy the moment together.

What makes a Mayan hammock so special?  Why are these hammocks renowned worldwide?

It’s all in the details…

Handwoven for Optimal Relaxation

Mayan Hammocks are the first choice for people who want not only a hammock but an authentic experience and a luxurious getaway. These handwoven hammocks are created using a technique mastered by Mayans in the Yucatan Peninsula and passed down from generations of tradition.

The diamond weave pattern is the secret to these hammock’s distinguished comfort, encase your body the moment you get in leaving you feeling snug and as light as a feather. The cotton material is breathable, resistant, and durable. Out in the sun or in your indoor oasis – this hammock is suitable for anybody!

Woman enjoying her hand-woven colourful Mayan hammock

Style, Size, And Specs

While all Mayan hammocks are built for relaxing, you may find that one size or style is more suitable for your needs.

Mayan Hammock – Double

This product takes lounging to the next level! The cotton strings on this hammock are delicate and superbly soft on the skin. With double the size, you can also enjoy the company of a second adult without compromise. A small hut of solitude and privacy, this is the perfect way to read a book or spend a romantic evening with your loved one.

Because these are crafted by hand for superior quality, Mayan Hammocks should be washed by hand and stored properly to preserve the intricate handwork for as long as possible.

A few more details:

  • 1 Year warranty
  • Weight capacity: 450 lb (2 people)
  • Overall length: 13.33 ft
  • Bed length: 6.7 ft
  • Bed width: 5 ft
  • Materials: Cotton with Nylon end strings
  • Colours: natural beige, hot-colours, forest-green, ultramarine

Mayan Hammock – XL FAMILY SIZE

Getting out of a comfortable hammock can be next to impossible, we get it. That’s why we offer an XL Family Size hammock! Perfect for lounging or sleeping, this product is the ultimate resting spot for you and your family. Soft on the skin but sturdy enough to carry 3 or more individuals, this is a simple yet sure way to turn any indoor or outdoor space into a family-friendly oasis.

Just like the Double Mayan Hammock, the XL hammock should be washed by hand and stored properly to help preserve the intricate handwork for many years.

A few more details:

  • 1 Year warranty
  • Weight capacity: 869 lb (for 3+ people)
  • Overall length: 15 ft
  • Bed length: 7 ft
  • Bed width: 6.6 ft
  • Materials: Cotton with Nylon end strings
  • Colours: natural beige, hot-colours, forest-green

Children relaxing in a Mayan hammock XL family-sized thick cord

What Relaxation-Enthusiasts Have to Say

Mayan traditional artisan weavers have managed to create the most comfortable, satisfying and durable hammock you can think of. Customers will tell you themselves: this was a purchase they could never regret!


“I have always had the thin weave Hammocks from the Yucatan. The thick weave is VERY comfortable, and buttons don't catch. Great Hammock. Great service (arrived in 2 days) and great price. THANK YOU!”

– Randy Ferrier (BC, Canada)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh :) – MAYAN HAMMOCK - DOUBLE

“This IS the BEST thing we've bought in years...for my husband--for Father's Day. Got a good deal on a great quality hammock. Now we are spending the summer relaxing together in "Porta Backyarda." There is no need to go anywhere.”

– Nicole Main


“This is soft, strong and colorful! Really a great deal.”

– Terri Badiuk (Edmonton, AB)

So lovely!!!

“We love our big Mayan hammock! It is well made and lovely to hang out in with the family. The customer service is absolutely amazing and responsive. Such a great company!! I wish you guys well!! And will certainly recommend to anyone that wants a great hammock.”

– Bridget Grady (Ottawa, ON)

Lovely cotton hammock – MAYAN HAMMOCK - DOUBLE

“My Mayan Hammock is a very closely woven cotton, much higher quality than my previous hammock from elsewhere. And the service from Hammock Universe was timely and informational. Very happy!”

– Michelle Adelman

Mayan Family size hammock - best purchase ever! – MAYAN HAMMOCK - XL FAMILY-SIZED THICK CORD

“I love this hammock so much, this is my third purchase! Lovely multi-coloured strands give it a great look and it is so comfortable, it's hard to stay awake when lying in one. I have also previously purchased the protector sleeve and tree hugger straps - all excellent products and superior quality! The service that Hammock Universe provides is second to none! I ordered my hammock and received it within the week. Not only expedited delivery, but constant communication on status was exemplary. I commend the staff for their excellent service and attention to detail.”

– Laurie Merrick (Hamilton, ON)


“No more back pain after 3 weeks use! Now into 2nd month and I feel great!”

– Constance Thomson


“5 Star product. 5 Star quality. 5 Star comfort. 5 Star service. 5 Star communication. 5 Star company! Order from these guys - you will NOT be disappointed!”

– Penny Polk-Echenberg

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$135.97 CAD$129.97 CAD
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