Why Hammock Chairs Are An Unmatched Comfort?

January 28, 2022 5 min read

A woman resting and holding a mug on a green hammock chair on a porch.

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Three Easy Ways To Set Up A Hammock Chair

There is something comforting and special about sitting in your favourite chair and enjoying a book or a movie with your favourite snack, drinking your favourite wine. Now imagine if that exact chair is so comfortable and versatile, it can literally rock you to sleep without having back pain when you get up from your name. Impossible? Think again.

There is a way and it comes with an awesome addition to your home decor, a piece all of your friends will fight over for. Remember that scene from Friends where Chandler and Joey are fighting over the chair in the girls' apartments? Funnier than that. We're talking about a hammock chair, of course.

When To Choose A Hammock Chair

A hammock chair is a great go-to solution when you don't have enough space for a full-sized hammock. It's extremely easy to use and to set up, it's versatile so you can even use it indoors, too. You want to add some 'oomph' to your living room? Well, you just found it. Not only does it looks good, but it also helps keep your back healthy and you less stressed. Worried about the weight it can hold? There's no need to. A hammock chair can usually hold up to 350 pounds!


Can I Hang It on On My Covered Porch?

Nothing is stopping you from doing that! Except for maybe your landlord. If your porch has a ceiling you can easily hang it up using attachments on your ceiling. You should also use an overhead beam for weight support. You will need some tools and accessories, but more on that later. However, if you choose a hammock stand - you know there will be. no problems whatsoever with having your hammock chair there.

Why Is A Hammock Chair A Good Idea

Oh, don't get us started on this! There are so many reasons why a hammock chair is a good idea. When cost is a factor, hammock chairs are generally more affordable than full-size hammocks. They're so versatile, you can use them for hiking, but can also be used indoors. It's good for your back, upgrades whatever adventure you're going on, helps you sleep better and it's easy to move around. It's a space-saving option for relaxing in any outdoor or indoor location.

Using A Hammock Chair Indoors

If you live in Canada, especially in parts of it where you get a lot of snow, you sometimes might find it hard to get some enjoyment inside of your apartment. It gets so cold that you don't really feel like doing anything. One of the ways of improving your indoor experience and getting more out of spending more time locked in your house is getting an indoor hammock and giving your space more of that outdoor feeling. Using a hammock indoors comes with a lot of benefits and uses. It offers more seating space, it's the perfect napping spot, gives an extra kick to your decor if you decide to use it indoors, creates an awesome reading nook, and to top it all off - it helps with reducing stress! Hammock chairs are a comfort that fits your space.


Hammock Chair Set-Up Options

Other than the chair stand, there are three more easy methods for setting up hammock chairs. Find out which one is best for you!

Universal Hammock Chair Stand

Stands offer an easy set-up anywhere. They’re light enough to relocate often, yet their heavy-gauge steel construction and 5-foot base offer secure chair hammocking wherever you get a fancy to do so. Their compact size doesn’t require much space, and they can be used literally anywhere: yard, porch, deck, patio, living room, bedroom, Place d’Armes, Champs Elysées, Ford Square—ahem—Maple Leaf Square, Time Square, Moose Jaw City Square, atop Kilimanjaro, on the way to Machu Picchu, near Old Faithful, across from Big Ben…it’s universal, that's what we're trying to say.

Eco-Friendly Hammock Straps

Traditionalists love to swing from trees, and sometimes they use hammock chairs to do so! These weatherproof nylon straps, two per kit, gently hug the tree and contain steel loops at the ends of the straps. Two “S” hooks are the interface between the straps and your full-size hammock or chair. The tree strap kits are lightweight and compact, a great choice for day-hikers and backpackers who want to take relaxation with them.

Chain Hanging Kit

This kit is the favourite for those who like to tap their maple trees for a taste of syrup. While that alternative fact was a lame attempt to get a laugh, these durable and length-adjustable kits offer more permanent installation anywhere you’ve got seven feet of clearance. The hardy, double zinc-coated hardware includes everything needed to hang all hammocks and hammock chairs quickly and securely. The kit’s low cost allows aficionados of hammock chairs to install one in their favourite tree and another in a covered or indoor location. You might want to drill a pilot hole smaller than the screw diameter for easier twist-in installation.

Nylon Ropes While

tree-friendly straps and strong chains are ready-to-use methods of hanging a hammock chair, they're not your only options. Some hammock enthusiasts use strong rope such as 5/16" nylon rope that holds up well in any weather and is quite affordable. It's available in a range of colours to match your hammock swing. We suggest you use the new rope only to ensure that it is in good condition and will provide reliable support while relaxing with your feet off the ground.

Accessories That Make The World Go Round

Just when you thought it can't get any better, you find out about accessories! Hammock chairs get even better when accessorized to your preferences.

  • Spring: This 8-inch coil spring absorbs shock and puts a little bounce in your seat wherever you hang your chair
  • Swivel: OK, this will make you go round, not the earth, and it’s a good way to twirl for amusement or to get a new perspective on the world around you.
  • Hammock drink holder: This handy accessory holds bottles and similar containers, some of which contain liquid that can make your world start spinning for sure!

The Takeaway

Hammock chairs are a great way to start your hammock journey, and just because it's winter, doesn't mean the journey can wait. As you might have noticed, hammock chairs don't come with specific instructions on how and where to use them. You can customize them to fit you, wherever you might want. You deserve relaxation and comfort. Take a look at your new hammock chair!

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