How To Make Blue Monday Less Grey

January 12, 2022 4 min read

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Tips on Overcoming The Most Depressing Day Of The Year

Ah yes, it's the most depressing time of the year. After getting over the holiday period and all of the frenzy that comes with it, we are starting to calm down and remember we have a full year before that happens again. As much as we sometimes hate the holiday fever, there is something in the air that makes you forget all your worries and lets you focus on the good stuff - so you don't really want to let it go. And then comes the big Blue. Monday.

The What?

Blue Monday - the most depressing day of the year, according to some. This is the name given to the third Monday of January by a UK travel company. They published this concept back in 2005 in a press release and said that they used a specific equation to calculate the exact date people are allegedly most depressed on. The equation takes into account the weather conditions, debt levels, time since Christmas, time since the new year's resolutions were broken, etc.

Hmm, now when we think about it, this might have been a weird PR stunt.

Nevertheless, it doesn't matter if you believe in it or not, or if Blue Monday falls on a Thursday for you - here are some tips to make any grey day seem just a tad more pink.

Self Care Is The Key

No matter what kind of day you are having, don't forget to think about yourself a bit. Self-care doesn't look the same for all of us - for someone self-care might be watching a movie without having to think about work, a glass of wine while having their toes painted, or a creative day of home makeovers. For others, it might mean saying no to the world and shutting off for a day. Either way, find what works for you and utilize it. Here are some ideas:


It is a fact that staying active and exercising releases endorphins and makes us feel better in the end. The best way to fight your body is with itself, so even if you don't really feel like it, try being active, just for a bit. It doesn't have to be weight lifting - a simple ice-skating date with yourself will do the trick.


Drink Lots Of Water

Did you know that dehydration, even at low levels, affects the way we think? This means that not drinking enough water can actually make you anxious. Sometimes, people just forget to drink water and reach for coffee instead. No, it's not the same just because they're both fluids. Have a water bottle by your side always, or try scheduling an alarm throughout the day to remind you to drink water.

Get a Good Night's Sleep

Another episode of your new binge-worthy show can wait for tomorrow. No storyline is more important than you maintaining your sleep schedule. Sleep is something you cannot easily make up if you lose it. If you have a hammock somewhere - even better! A hammock can be a great friend to your sleep - sleeping in a hammock comes with a load of benefits.


Take it easy! Think about it - what do you enjoy most doing? What do you find the most relaxing? Is it taking a walk? Baking? Going for lunch with your favourite colleague? Do what makes you happy and try focusing on the good things that are happening, no matter how hard it is.

Have A Spa Day

Cause why wouldn't you?! No matter how hard the day was, it's impossible not to relax in a nice hot bath with a face mask on and some good music in the background. Even better if there's two of you!

Movie Marathon

Yup, why not - as long as you go to sleep at a reasonable time - otherwise this could all be for nothing. Find a nice topic - movies that make you cry are a bit counterproductive in this particular case, don't you think? Get the snacks a bit closer, turn on your favourite comedy specials and put a smile on your face - it's movie time!

Read A Book

Yes, movies are great, BUT. No one but you can see what you see when you're reading a book snuggled in a blanket in your favourite spot in the house. Books have this beautiful ability to transfer us to a whole new world. And it happens just because of your ability to converse the author thoughts into pictures. Add a nice hammock chair to the story, and you're doubling up the cosiness. A hammock chair can not only add an extra level of comfort while reading and escaping into another universe, but it can also look good as a piece of furniture. If you're not a fan of drilling and hanging the hammock indoors, try a hammock chair with a stand.


Treat Yourself WIth A Gift 

Yes, relaxing, spa days and reading can do the trick and help you feel better. But sometimes, you need that extra thrill. And what better way to have it than finding out a package arrived at your door? So, why not - get something that makes you feel nice - even if it's just a pair of socks!



This goes hand in hand with staying active and it's a great alternative if you're not a fan of exercising or any winter activities. Play some music to get you going and dance away into the night. Maybe a pizza after?

And Then Take A Nap

Congrats, you made it through the day! Now it's time to take care of that sleep schedule we talked about.

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