Four Common Hammock Problems

December 19, 2022 4 min read

A standing hammock being moved by the wind in a sunny backyard.
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Your Guide On How To Fix Them

Have you been considering buying a hammock recently? You're not the only one. In fact, the market size for the hammock industry has been growing each year with no signs of slowing. It's projected to reach $639.8 million by 2030.

If you've recently bought a hammock but can't quite seem to get it working properly, you've come to the right place. You see, at Hammock Universe, we are experts and professionals in the hammock industry and we have all the knowledge you need to fix your hammock problems.

But having a hammock is not as simple as it seems. Many people report having difficulties with their hammocks. With that being the case, we've put together this handy guide for you. Read on to see how you can solve your hammock problems.

Dropping Hammock  

If you find your hammock dropping, this is likely because the material of the hammock itself has stretched out a bit. When this happens, you will hang too close to the ground. This is normal for an older hammock and if you've had yours a while, it might be a sign to replace it.

However, if it is still relatively new, there's nothing to worry about we have a way to fix it.

How To Fix It  

The basic trick is to tighten the suspension chain or ropes. Doing this will make the hammock tighter. Contrary to popular belief, you want your hammock to be tight you'll be far more comfortable this way.

If you can't manage to tighten the suspension chain or ropes, another method of doing this is to simply move the posts apart, if possible.

Flipping Hammock  

A flipping hammock  not an expletive is one of the most common problems we find people come across when they first buy their hammocks. Although it can be quite funny for people watching, it is frustrating and impractical when you're trying to relax in it.

The solution? It's actually quite simple.

How To Fix It  

Chances are you're just being too enthusiastic! The truth is, the best way to get into a hammock is slowly. Very slowly. If you jump on in, the material doesn't have time to adjust to your body.

Our tip is to get in backwards  sit down slowly as you would on a chair, and then lift your feet up at a diagonal angle. You'll have much more success this way.

Twisting Hammock  

A twisting hammock can be a real issue. After all, how are you supposed to sleep or relax properly if you're constantly twisting about all over the place?

It happens when the weight and tension distribution is not even. But we know how to sort it.

How To Fix It  

This might happen when you tie your hammock too tightly, but it can also be a manufacturing problem. Either way, this is what you'll want to do.

Tie your hammock so that from the side angle it looks like a banana. You might think you want your hammock flat to sleep better, but that's not the case. Allow it that slight drop in the middle and it'll make all the difference.

For extra precision, you can also check out our Hammock Hang Calculator, which gives you the perfect formula to hang your hammock. Having a properly hung hammock is important to avoid issues such as twisting. You can say goodbye to uncomfortable twists with this tool!

Sliding Off A Hammock  

So, you've managed to get into the hammock without being too close to the ground, flipping it, or twisting it? Congratulations. Now you need to get out. Once again, you might think this would be simple. Not if you're a newbie.

Lucky for you, we know what we're doing and can give you all the tips on sliding off a hammock without getting stuck in there forever!

How To Fix It  

It would be unhelpful if we simply said "gracefully," but... that is actually the tip here. This is not something you can rush and might take a little time to master to begin with. But trust us, once you know what you're doing, it'll become second nature!

Start by swinging your feet over the edge slowly. Once you've done that, inch yourself closer to the middle and sit up straight. From there you should be able to stand up as you would out of a chair!

Say Goodbye to Hammock Problems  

As you can see, despite how easy it might look, there are several hammock problems to conquer before you can call yourself an expert like us! Lucky for you, we're here to help with any and all hammock needs you have.

Sleeping in a hammock can be a great alternative to a camp bed or blow-up bed. They're comfortable, they pack up small, and they're fun! They also have uses outside of camping. How about putting one up in your garden? It's a great place to chill and read a book, too.

The opportunities are endless. But! Before you can do any of that, you must learn how to get in, stay in, and get out of the hammock. And as many people will attest, it's not as easy as it looks.

We are Hammock Universe and we do all things hammock! For all your hammock needs from purchasing, to repairs and accessories, and advice, get in touch now!

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