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Winter Activities In Ontario Every Adult Will Enjoy

December 12, 2022 3 min read

A man reading in a hammock in a snowy forest.

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6 Things To Check Off Your Bucket List

Considering that the largest city in the countryand the nation's capital are in this province,not to mention attractions like Niagara Falls, Ontario remains a popularprovinceto visit and explore.

While the pandemiccaused a temporary decline in tourism, Ontario is bouncing back in 2022. Over the first nine months of the year, the provincesaw over six million international visitors. That is nearly quadruple the number of tourists through the same period in 2021.

Another key attraction in Ontario is the outdoor winter activities for adults. An Ontario winter vacation can certainly be a memorable one for this reason.

So, what snow activities for adults are there? Whatfamily winter activities are there? What are the most notable things to do in the province?

Here are six of our top recommendations.

1. Fat Bike RidingAt Algonquin Park  

One of the best thingsyou can do during the winter in Ontario is going fat bike riding in this glorious park.During the fall, you can get beautiful views of thefoliage. In the winter, this changes to amagnificent snow-covered wonderland.

One reasonfat bike riding is encouraged for this time of year is that itprovides extra challenge for experienced bikers.

It alsogivesyouthe unique experience of biking through pristine snow. This way, even winterweather won'tget in the way of your adventure.

2. Cross-Country SkiingAt Larose Forest  

Another Ontario winterexcursionisgoing cross-country skiing in this beautifulforest.It can be a great opportunity for beginners to get the hang of skiing in an environment that does not involve a lot ofsteep hills.

The paths in thisforest are relatively flat and easy to get around. With that in mind, this should make itsimpler for you and your family to enjoy this sport while taking in the beautiful serenity of your surroundings.

If you decide to go this route, you will not be disappointed.

3. Winter HorsebackRiding (various places offer these tours)  

If you are looking for something that most people in your family can do, perhaps you should consider winter horseback riding. The best part of this is that it can be one of the more flexible activities on your itinerary.

This is because you are not limited to one location to do this. In Canada, there areover 855,000 people involved in this sport.

What this means is thatmany places in the province offer this activity. However, if you have a particular trail or scenic viewpoint in mind, you may want to planahead.

4. Winter Camping In Killarney Provincial Park (withhammocks)  

If you areeager to brave the elements, one activityyou can consider is going winter camping. One of the better places is Killarney Provincial Park.

This park offers great hiking trails where you can enjoy a greatview of a lake along withbackcountry hiking in Ontario. On top of this, you canenjoy allthe snow around you and comfortably camp.

You can relax with ahammock if the weather holds up well enough. However, if you are going to camp outside in the winter, please make sure you have the proper equipment to do this safely.

5. Frozen Waterfall Climbing In Muskoka  

One thing you may nothave considered in the middle of the winter is a waterfall. If that is the case, how would you feel about climbing one that is frozen?

This is similar to ice climbing where if you have the proper boots and equipment,it is easily attainable in the right conditions. Considering how unique this activity is,it could bethe highlightof your winter vacation.

6. Snowshoeing And Exploring Ice Caves In Lake Superior Provincial Park  

Finally, if you want a truly scenic view, you will want to explore the ice caves in this provincial park.Andthe best part? Because it takes a little more effort to get to these ice caves, you will likely have much smaller crowds than some of the other activities mentioned above.

You can see how these caves change in appearance from the summer to the winter. Also, you can go snowshoeing through this park to explore thearea.

If you are prepared for the elements, you will not be disappointed.


Ontario is one of the most beautiful provinces in the country. During the winter,it really comes to life, especially if you decide totry any of the six activitiesin this article.

You can go camping in the woods, climb frozen waterfalls, see ice caves, go fat biking, or do horseback riding. Any of these outdoor winter activities for adults should make your vacationin Ontario a memorable one.

However, you will need supplies like hammocks for some of these activities. See what is available for you in our store.