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November 15, 2019 5 min read

A woman lounging in a Colombian double hammock on a beach.
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Authentic, Handmade Colombian Double Hammocks Make for a Comfortable & Stylish Bed to Enjoy Anywhere, Indoors & Out

Some hammocks are just too nice to put away for the winter. These authentic hammocks can be enjoyed year-round both indoors and out, making for comfortable beds that double as pieces of art to admire in your home.

So, if you’re looking for a comfortable one-of-a-kind hammock to wrap yourself in even in winter, look no further.

The Colombian Double Hammock is hand-crafted by artisans in Colombia, so no two hammocks are exactly the same. The only similarities they share are their extreme comfort, ease of use, and beautiful style.

Colombian Double Hammocks are a favourite among families for both indoor and outdoor use. Their lightweight, non-spreader bar design allows for easy packing and carrying anywhere your inner adventurer takes you.

Whether you want to bring it with you on a hike, or set it up in the yard, you can use it anywhere without breaking your back.


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And if you want to hang it indoors, this hammock will help you create a cozy reading nook/lounge area in your home that doubles as an attractive accent piece for your home décor.

Wondering what the difference is between a Brazilian vs Colombian hammock?

Here are a few reasons why the Colombian Double Hammock is so exceptional and comfortable.


Colombian hand woven hammock

Hand-Woven for Supreme Comfort & Beautiful Style

This one-of-a-kind hammock is hand-woven in the traditional Colombian style known as Farolito cotton weaving.

The Farolito cotton-weaving style makes for soft hammocks that are oh so comfortable.

These hammocks are so comfortable that they are often used as beds in Colombia. So if you have trouble sleeping on a mattress and you’re looking for a bed replacement, consider hanging one of these beauties up in your home and trying it out for a few nights.

Not only do they make for an attractive home décor accent, but they also make for nap stations or full-time beds that will rock you to sleep faster and give you a better, deeper, and longer sleep.

While sleeping in this comforting cocoon without any pressure points, you won’t toss and turn all night. Instead, you will rock to sleep like a baby and wake up feeling refreshed.

Roomy Bed Area for a Comfortable Sleep for Two

If you don’t like sleeping alone, you can invite your sweetheart into this couple-compatible hammock. It has a large double bed area that is spacious enough to fit two adults and is strong enough to hold up to 400 lbs.

This big hammock isn’t only couple-friendly, it’s family-friendly, too. So your little ones can join you for nap time. And (weight-permitting) your cat can also hop on top and pin you down for a true cat nap.

What better way to spend an afternoon than napping cuddled up in a hammock with those you hold dear to your heart?

No-Fuss, Easy Set Up & Care

Colombian Double Hammocks are super easy to set up. While double in size, these hammocks are easy to carry and hang with their Cadejo end loops.

And if you spill a drink on your hammock? No problem! Drop some food? Don’t stress! When it comes to low maintenance, these hammocks impress.

They are also easy to care for. Simply tie the end loops together, machine wash in cold water with a mild detergent, and hang to dry. That’s it!

There’s no need to worry about handwashing. So if you do want to treat it like a full-time bed, you can wash this bedding easily and regularly.


Each Hammock is Authentic, Unique, One of a Kind!

These are not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill hammocks. These high-quality Colombian hammocks are hand-crafted in Colombia by native artisans.

Each hammock is one of a kind, handwoven with durable colour-fast cotton thread. So you can cherish your hammock as your own, brag about it to guests, and bask in its beautiful authentic glory while it hangs in your backyard or living room.

Specs & Details

To be sure that this hammock is right for you and worthy of calling your own, here are all the extra details you should know about.

Product Details
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Materials: 75% Cotton & 25% Polyester
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Hammock Weight: 4.5 lbs
  • Colours: Orange, Natural, and Light Blue
  • Recommended Storage After Outdoor Use: Yes
  • Overall Length: 12 feet
  • Bed Length: 7.9 feet
  • Bed Width: 5.25 feet
  • Recommended Hanging Distance: 12+ feet

Customer Reviews

They came, they saw, they bought the hammock. Here’s what others who came before you have to say about their own Colombian Double Hammocks.

Heaven @ home

“Installed in our top floor under the skylights. It is now our families favorite place to read. Heaven. Thank you Hammock people!”
– Christopher Byrne (Toronto, ON, CA)


“Fast and personnal service excellent. Great product . Thumbs up.”
– David Kaufmann (Saint-Leonard, QC, CA)


“What a great hammock and spectacular service. I was able to easily phone and talk to a real person who was not only delightful but very informative as well,and was instrumental in me choosing the right hammock for my needs. Delivery was quick and free to boot.”
– Wayne Nikolaisen (Campbell River, CA)

Love this hammock!

“It is so soft, so comfy, so roomy, so delightful. Unless I'm ready to fall asleep I don't get in because any time I climb in, I'm asleep within minutes. I have been sleeping in a hammock for a couple of years now and have three different styles. This is the absolute best one. It's like swinging on a cloud. . :-)”
– Lesta Ammons

Goodbye sleep problems

“Purchased this as a bed replacement after a week of sleeping in a hammock on a camping trip. Not sure why this hasn't been embraced more in North America as a healthier, cheaper option, and is a great space saver as well. The hammock is quite comfy and roomy, quality seems to be top notch. Great service as well.”
–  Avi G

Colombian double hammock specs, features, care

Well, there you have it. If you’re ready to treat yourself and your family to a beautiful one-of-a-kind hammock to enjoy both indoors and out, welcome the Colombian Double Hammock into your home.

Your new prized possession will give you endless hours of blissful sleep and relaxation, while cozied up with you fave people, pets, and books.

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