Elevate Your Bedroom Décor with These Simple Tips

December 04, 2020 5 min read

A modern bedroom with a large bed with white and green blankets.
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Is it time for a change?

Your bedroom is your sanctuary – especially during times like these. It's important to make it a warm, welcoming space, considering you spend one-third of your life sleeping in it. Whether you just moved into a new place or you’ve been toying with the idea of an upgrade for a while, here are some easy ways to elevate the most important room in your house.


Simple ways to elevate your bedroom

Pick a new colour scheme

Nothing livens up your room like a fresh coat of paint. Even just changing a colour of one wall in your bedroom. Switching up your bedroom’s colour scheme can inspire a whole new lifestyle in your home. Whether you’re painting your closet doors, one of your bedroom walls, all of your walls, or adding wallpaper detailing, a good pop of colour never hurt anyone. Don’t forget to look into some curtains to further compliment your new paint job!

Layer textures

Adding a variety of textures to your bedroom’s décor can make a world of difference with your room’s general aesthetic. Layering texture could mean adding wicker elements with decorative baskets, a fluffy rug, a woven throw, pattered cushions, wood framing, plants – the list goes on. Be creative with your fabrics and avoid monotony for a more interesting look.

Get new bedding & duvet (with pillows!)

Nothing is more exciting than procuring new bedding. A fresh new duvet cover and pillowcases is an easy investment to make when updating your bedroom’s energy. Treat yourself to a new set of bedding, and throw in some new sheets while you’re at it to compliment the whole fresh-bedding theme. If your pillows are getting worn out, consider replacing them as well, and maybe adding a big cushion to the mix.

Reposition your bed

Sometimes, even just moving your bed over a couple of inches can make your bedroom feel brand-new. Try switching up the energy a bit by moving around your furniture if your room’s layout allows it. Moving your bed can also refresh your sleep. Just make sure to avoid letting your bed directly face a doorway, and try not to let it share a wall with your bathroom. This is bad Feng Shui, according to ancient principles.


Add a hanging light feature

You don’t have to subject yourself to the unimaginative light fixtures that came with your apartment. Take them down and put them in storage, replacing them with something a little more unique. Light features can be inexpensive, and adding a modern hanging light feature with some texture like bamboo can add a trendy twist to your bedroom.

Bring in some green

Nothing is lovelier than waking up to green foliage. A gorgeous palm, peace lilies, or even a tree or Monstera (Swiss cheese plant) are always classic good-energy choices for the bedroom. A snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue is also a great air-cleansing plant, which is a great way to get your bedroom’s air feeling calm and relaxing.


Get a rug to tie in the room

When your room’s overall look just doesn’t feel quite right or complete, a rug can be just the thing to bring it all together. Choose one that will compliment your colour scheme without actually matching it for a modern look. For example, a boldly patterned rug with vibrant colours sits well against navies, greys, yellows, and wood accents. A shag rug or fluffy rug works well if you want to play with textures in your room.

Get some artwork and consider framing options (or make some yourself)

Framing artwork or posters is a great way to add a classic element to your bedroom, and always feels very grown-up or tied together. Besides, they don’t wear and tear with age or curl at the edges if they are protected in a frame! You could also make your own artwork such as a mood board, vision board or collage, a simple sketch or a painting.

Swap out furniture you don't need/use

Declutter! If there’s furniture you don’t use that’s crowding your bedroom, consider giving it a new home: whether that’s another room in your house, or you’re selling it or giving it away to someone else. A clearer bedroom with more space is just better for the mind and the energy, which makes it better for your sleep and your health.

Hide your cords

Disguise those unsightly cords! Whether you can do so by concealing them behind furniture or investing in cord covers, couplings, or fittings from your local hardware store, covering up your cords and keeping them from crossing wires across your floor is a more attractive, organized, and even safer look for your bedroom.

Frame your widow with full length, thick curtains (hang them higher)

A bedroom needs privacy, and it also needs to be a place where you can relax. While proper window placement and lots of sunlight is wonderful to flood your bedroom with, you also want to be able to block out the sun while you’re sleeping and shield your privacy from neighbors or passers-by on the street. Full-length, thick curtains are also a great opportunity to play with colour and texture. Be sure to hang the curtains higher so that they fall to just hit the floor rather than gather at the bottom. If your heating vent is on the ground below your window, try to make it so that your curtains’ hem hits just above the vent.

Use decorative wallpaper to accent your furniture/doors/etc.

Wallpaper doesn’t have to just be for walls! You could use decorative wallpaper to accent an old bookshelf, dresser, top panel of a desk, an old wooden chair, or even your door! Get creative, and don’t be afraid to play with wallpaper to cover up any aging wooden furniture. It’s an extra way to let your personality shine while giving your deteriorating items a new life.

Optimize wall space & keep your floors empty (hang shelving, lights, etc.)

Try to avoid depending on floor-based furniture such as floor lamps or bulky bookshelves if you can. Installing shelving and lighting on the wall is a space saver and gives your room a more sleek and modern finish.

Hammock nook/corner

Who says hammocks are just for the outdoors? Your bedroom should always have touches of who you are, and if creative afternoon naps, reading, or meditation is who you are, go for it! A hammock is a great way to add a fun and unique touch to your bedroom, giving you another place to hang out when you want some privacy.


If you live with your family and have your friends over in your bedroom often, it’s also a great novelty for your guests to hang out with! Warning: they might never want to leave your room.

Don’t forget to install smartly when going for any of these easy décor ideas, and ensure that any novelties you put up, such as a hammock, are securely installed for your comfort and safety. Otherwise, have fun with your room! Let it reflect who you are as a person, and let it be worthy of housing the best dreams you have at night.