Best Hammock Camping Accessories

June 06, 2022 5 min read

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Are you planning your next adventure into the outdoors and wondering - is a hammock enough for camping? Maybe you're asking yourself if it's even possible to hammock camp?

As long as you have the right hammock accessories, chances are good that you'll love hammock camping. You can say goodbye to carrying a heavy tent around and have much greater freedom in choosing the perfect spot to spend the night.

With these must-have hammock accessories, all you'll need is two trees and you can create a comfy hammock nest in just a few minutes. No matter how hard and rocky the ground is, you'll be enjoying the wilderness in luxury.

If you're curious about what you'll need for the ultimate hammock camping trip - we've got you covered. This guide will explain everything about this exciting way to wild camp.

Tent Vs. Hammock Camping: What’s The Difference?

The main difference is that you can set up a hammock camp almost anywhere. Most of the time the best places to camp are in the trees as they shelter you from the sun and wind. They also provide the perfect structure to hang your hammock.

Instead of searching to find a flat, rock-free area, you can hang your hammock somewhere with a great view. If the weather's good you can also enjoy sleeping under the stars and connect with nature on a deeper level.

Hammocks are also a great place to hang out and chill during the day. It's just as comfortable sitting in a hammock as lying down. Unlike tents, they don't get hot and stuffy during the day.

Another huge difference is that hammocks are much lighter than tents. They also take up considerably less room in your backpack. Even with a tarp and bug net, your hammock camping gear is smaller than a tent - while still being more comfortable.

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Why Is Hammock Camping Better Than Regular Camping?

The biggest advantage to hammock camping is that you never have to sleep on the hard ground again. Floating in a hammock is much more enjoyable than lying on the ground, even with a sleeping mat. When you're sleeping on the ground there's always a rock or root that keeps you tossing and turning most of the night.

Compare that to a hammock where once you set it up you know that you'll be comfortable the whole night. Gently rocking in a hammock allows you to fall asleep faster and have a deeper sleep. According to neuroscientists the rocking motion of a hammock changes your brain waves and encourages deep sleep.

What better way to recharge your batteries than spending time outdoors and sleeping well?! It's also a much simpler way to camp. Setting up and packing down a hammock camp is easier and faster than regular camping gear.

Must-Have Hammock Accessories

Having the right accessories is an essential part of hammock camping. They will keep you warm and dry in your floating bed. Let's look at each one of these essential hammock accessories.


The days of heavy tarps are long gone. Modern tarp material is ultra-light and packs down into a tiny bundle. Depending on what kind of weather you're expecting there is a range of types and sizes.

Diamond-shaped tarps offer good protection from wind and rain. For more severe weather you probably want to get a hexagonal tarp. Their larger shape offers more protection and the extra tie-points mean you can secure them in a strong wind.

Suspension, Straps, and Clips

This is the gear you'll need to hang your hammock up. Always try and use thick straps to minimize the impact you have on the tree. Some straps come with carabiners that make it quick and easy to hang your hammock.

You can also choose straps that come with built-in loops so you don't need to tie a knot around the tree. Simply pass the strap behind the tree then thread it through the loop.

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Mosquito Net Hammock Duo

These hammock accessories are vital to stop mosquitoes and bugs from bothering you. You can attach them to your ridgeline to keep them away from your face and give you some breathing room.

Make sure you tighten the ends around your straps to prevent any determined mosquitoes from finding a way in. Mosquito net hammocks come with a built-in mesh. These have zippers along the edges of the hammock to easily make your hammock mosquito-proof.

Repair Kits

Once you have any kind of tear or burn-hole in a hammock you need to repair it immediately. The way that weight spreads across hammock fabric means that even the smallest hole can easily rip your hammock in two.

Taking a repair kit along gives you the peace of mind that even if you end up with a hole you can repair it. Most kits are simple to use and you can make repairs wherever you are.

Quilts, Sleeping Bags, Pillows, And Other Helpful Gear

If you're planning hammock camping in spring and fall the best way to keep warm is by using quilts. You can suspend an under-quilt below your hammock to stop cold air from reaching you.

Then use a top quilt or sleeping bag to keep your top-side warm. The best way to use a sleeping bag is to open it up and use it as a quilt rather than zipping it up. Some hammock campers prefer not to use a pillow but a small camping pillow can add the final touch of wilderness luxury.

It's always a good idea to take some extra cord or webbing along, especially when you're hiking on multi-night trips.

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Protection and Transport

Anytime you leave your hammock up for longer than a night you should protect it with a hammock sock. This will keep it dry and out of the sun. By using a hammock sock you can stop your hammock from deteriorating while still having the convenience of a ready-to-snooze hammock setup.

Compression sacks are an easy way to keep your hammock camping equipment as compact as possible. This makes it super easy to pack into your backpack and protects it from damage.

The Takeaway

Hammock camping offers you the ultimate freedom in choosing a place to camp. These must-have hammock accessories will make a huge difference in how much you'll enjoy your next hammock camping trip.

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