Why Does Back Pain Happen?

July 11, 2022 4 min read

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10 Tips For A Healthy Back

In 2017, the leading cause of disability across the world was back pain. Back pain can happen to anyone and can lead to a variety of painful symptoms.

Learning more about the anatomy of the back, the types of back pain, and why back pain happens can help you learn to deal with your back pain symptoms.

Do you want to learn more about how to have a healthy back? Keep reading this guide for everything you need to know about back pain and how to prevent it.

Understanding the Anatomy of the Back

Learning about the anatomy of your back can help you identify what is causing your pain and how you can improve it.

First, there is the cervical region. The cervical spine is the neck region and is used to support your skull. It helps with head movement and can protect your brain stem.

Next, you have the thoracic spine. This is the upper back section of your spine and its role is to support your chest and abdomen. It also helps stabilize your rib cage, which in turn protects your heart and lungs.

The lumbar spine is the middle to the lower back. The role of this region is to support most of your body weight. It keeps your back stable and is what helps your body balance.

Finally, you have the sacral spine. This is behind your pelvis and helps control your legs and genital areas. It also stabilizes the pelvis.

Symptoms of Back Pain

Most people have experienced back pain before. However, it can be difficult to know what the true source of your pain is.

If you have back pain, you may feel stiffness or a persistent aching along your spine.

Another common type of back pain may lead to sharp or localized pain in a specific area of your back. This is often due to an injury and can happen after engaging in strenuous activity.

What Causes Back Pain?

There are many different causes of back pain. Often, back pain is due to how you sleep.

For example, it is worse for your back to sleep on a couch than it is to nap in a hammock or your bed.

Other common causes of back pain include your age, lack of exercise, excess weight, and even diseases.

How to Relieve Back Pain?

When you deal with back pain, it can make it difficult to enjoy your daily activities.

Luckily, there are many ways you can relieve your back pain. Here are some of the top methods you should try if you suffer from back pain.

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1. Find a Way to Meditate

When you meditate, you can naturally relieve your back pain.

This is because you can turn your focus away from the source of your pain and instead think of something soothing.

This is especially helpful for those with chronic back pain that is difficult to treat.

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2. Move Your Body

Next, you should always move your body. While it may be difficult to do when you're in pain, resting too much can slow down your recovery and lead to increased pain.

3. Strengthen Your Core

When you have a weakened core, you may be at a higher risk for muscle and back-related injuries. Because of this, you can start doing core-strengthening exercises.

For example, you can use oblique swings to strengthen your core and improve balance.

4. Wear Proper Shoes

Your shoes may be the culprit of your back pain. If you regularly wear heels or shoes without support, it increases the strain on your back while you stand.

Try investing in high-quality shoes or shoe insoles to improve your back pain.

5. Sit & Sleep Properly

Good posture is also essential when you have back pain. When you are sitting, standing, or walking, you must pay attention to the way that you hold your back.

Make sure all the bones in your spine are correctly aligned and see if it improves your back pain.

6. Lie in a Hammock

If you have back pain, lying in a hammock can help you improve it. This is because a hammock requires you to sleep on your back. This reduces the pressure on your spine and allows you to lie in a natural, prone position.

Different types of hammocks can also improve your overall health. This is because they help you lower stress and decrease your muscle activation.

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7. Lift Correctly

Lifting incorrectly is a major cause of back pain. Learning to lift with proper form can help you avoid back strain.

Make sure you always bend your knees rather than your waist when you bend over to pick something up.

8. Get Regular Sleep

When you don't get enough sleep, it is difficult for your muscles to recover from your exercises and daily activities. This may result in a stiff back.

 Getting enough sleep each night can help you avoid back pain.

9. Get a Massage

Massage therapy is another great option to relieve any type of back pain. This is especially beneficial for lower back pain caused by a strained muscle.

Getting a massage allows you to target the source of your back pain for long-term relief.

10. Stretch Properly

Stretching is also necessary to avoid back injuries and to improve your back health. However, normal stretching can weaken your muscles and joints over time.

Instead, you should try dynamic stretching. This means that you move in and out of a stretch instead of holding a stretching position.

The Takeaway: Learn How to Have a Healthy Back Today

Learning how to have a healthy back doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Simply making a few changes to your daily lifestyle can help you reduce your back pain and improve your back health.

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