Doing this could save your back...

July 23, 2013 2 min read

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A chiropractor can do wonders for working out those kinks that result from daily activity or waking up on the wrong side of the bed - but you have to keep returning if you want those benefits to stick.

A hammock can be your best buddy and help you reduce or even eliminate those costly chiropractor visits.

Sleeping in a hammock delivers a very different kind of relaxation than sleeping in a bed. Because hammocks hang, they’re incorporating gravity to support only your body weight, rather than battling gravity like a mattress does.

This super flexible kind of support can reduce strain on pressure points like hips, ribs and vertebrae. Your weight is distributed evenly, while the fabric molds to your body naturally.

Take the hammock nappers' challenge

Next time you feel a bit sleepy, do a test: try out your hammock instead of your mattress. Slip in to your hammock and give it a gentle rock. Make sure to lie down diagonally, and make slight adjustments until you feel close to weightless.

That’s the magic spot.

Before you know it you’ll be rocked into a gentle sleep, and our guess is you’ll wake up feeling fantastic. Post your results on our blog and let us know how your back feels - we love compiling hammock stats!

Instead of going back to the chiropractor, just start paying regular visits to your hammock – it’s a lot cheaper and more relaxing! Not only are you likely to get better and deeper sleep, you’re also likely to wake up less stiff and less sore – ready to face the day.

Check out our latest weaves and styles and pick a colour to go with your decor. Hammocks that work well for sleeping are Mayan Hammocks, Brazilian Hammocks and Nicaraguan Hammocks. Whether you’re using your hammock for napping, a good night’s sleep or sleeping off the effects of a bad night, the gentle sway and ultimate comfort is sure to put you in a great mood!

"Relaxation in Chief"

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