Transform Your Backyard into an Outdoor Oasis

May 18, 2021 4 min read

Backyard pergola with hanging lights and a grey couch at night.
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Décor Tips and More For Your Backyard

Your backyard isn't just a strip of land. It's a place where you can connect with the outdoors from the comfort of your own property. Why settle for a plain yard when you can transform your yard into a refreshing oasis?

From cool fixtures to vibrant design techniques, there are plenty of easy, creative ways to transform your backyard.

With the tips we’ve listed below, your backyard will look like the front of a postcard.

The Best Ways to Bring a Splash of Summer Paradise to Your Backyard 

Small Pool or Spa

Why not soak up your summer with a new pool? This is the king of all backyard upgrades. From thrilling pool parties to solo relaxation, a pool can give your backyard the oasis atmosphere your yard.  

Want to get creative? Here are our top pool tips:

  • Think outside the rectangle. Experiment with shapes, and choose an abstract pool for a cool twist.

  • Install an LED lighting fixture in your pool.

  • A small fountain in your pool can add a splash of livelihood. 

PRO-TIP: Some hammocks are made to be enjoyed by the pool – check out our selection of poolside hammocks here.

Small Water Fixture

You can’t have paradise without a sparkling arrangement of water. Give your backyard an aquatic upgrade with one of these options:

  • If you plant flowers, complement them with a small pond

  • A small waterfall can make an excellent focal point.

  • Water walls are one of the trendiest backyard pieces, and they don’t take up any space.

New Lights 

Early mornings and cool evenings deserve to be embraced. Celebrate every sunrise or sunset with a decoration that lights up your backyard oasis.

Here are our favourite lighting installments:

  • String lights can wrap around your yard, spreading equal lighting throughout the area.

  • Coloured LED lights can add plenty of personality to your backyard oasis.

  • Experiment with the placement of your lights! You can shift the entire atmosphere of your yard by playing around with the lights’ placement.

Renovate Your Patio 

A new deck can make all the difference. Renovating your patio is a great first step to creating the ultimate backyard oasis. Choose a material or pattern that gives your yard a comforting atmosphere.

Start a Garden

If you want your backyard to feel like the Garden of Eden, you’ll need to turn it into a garden – or, at least, add some garden components. Flowers, plants, rocks, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and other lively items can turn your backyard into a magical haven.

Create a Focal Point

In decorating, a focal point is an object that is strategically placed to bring attention to it and create a sense of balance within the overall space. Think of it as an ‘accent’ piece.

The focal point doesn’t have to be in the middle of the yard – in fact, it’s better to offset it a little bit. Your focal point may be a tree, an umbrella, a pool, or even a table – the choice is yours! 

PRO-TIP: Hammocks with stands can dazzle your yard as a central piece of furniture. Consider our selection of hammocks with stands.

Upgrade Your Furniture

Imagine that you’re sitting in your idea of paradise. Whether it’s a beach, a forest or a garden, ask yourself this question: what are you sitting on?

Let that thought be your guide to choosing the right furniture. After all, seating can make all the difference.  

Don’t Have a Hammock? Then What are You Waiting For?

Speaking of furniture, only one piece can truly give your yard the heavenly transformation you’re looking for: of course, we’re talking about the hammock.

This is the ultimate piece of furniture for any outdoor space meant for relaxation. There’s no greater peaceful feeling than laying on a hammock in the breeze, surrounded by the oasis-style yard you put together. 

Browse Our Selection of Hammocks

Looking for the right hammock? At Hammock Universe, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for – even if you don’t know what that might be. Our wide variety of hammocks vary by colour, style, size, material, and so much more. We guarantee you’ll find the perfect hammock. Plus, we’ll be happy to answer any hammock-related questions you have, from how to install them to how to ensure they last for many years.

Our selection includes:

The Takeaway

Your backyard can be anything you want: a garden paradise, a cozy cottage-style getaway, or your spot to simply unwind. By incorporating the right approach to decorating, you can unlock plenty of possibilities right outside your back door.  

Most backyard upgrades come with a hefty price tag. Plus, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased demand and limited supplies for many of the popular renovations homeowners dream about. 

Fortunately, hammocks offer an inexpensive and easy way to turn your backyard into paradise. 

For more information about hammocks, check out our buying guide  here.
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