Tips to Transform a Small Outdoor Living Space

June 30, 2021 4 min read

Two garden chairs with green cushions surrounded by plants and flowers
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How to Make the Most Out Of a Small Balcony or Enclosed Yard 

Whether it's a small fenced-in yard or just a balcony, anyone with an outdoor space attached to their home is incredibly lucky. However, sometimes, you can’t help but wish your outdoor space was just a bit bigger.

Fortunately, many great décor techniques can pack plenty of life into a small yard, balcony, or porch. That being said, we have compiled all of our best tips for making every inch of outdoor space count.

Why Small Outdoor Spaces Can Make a Big Impact

It's not always about the size of your space, it's how you utilize it. With a smaller space, you get to be more creative and intentional with how you use it. Sure, you may not have room for a luxury outdoor kitchen or stunning pergola, but with a bit of thought and creativity, you won't even miss having the extra space for these types of features.

The Importance of Adding a Focal Point 

When working with a smaller outdoor space, the key is to choose one feature that will be the focal point of your yard.

This will give your visitors something to focus on and will make your yard feel a bit more interesting. Some ideas for focal points include:

  • A water feature

  • Stunning outdoor furniture

  • Flowers and greenery

  • Unique stonework

  • Decking

  • A hot tub

  • A hammock

Ideas For Sprucing Up Your Outdoor Space 

Add a Hammock

Why settle for the same old boring outdoor seating as anyone else when you could have the ultimate form of outdoor relaxation – a cozy hammock or hanging hammock chair. 

With a variety of sizes and colours to choose from, there are hammocks for every yard size and design style. Don't forget about a gorgeous – and functional – hammock stand. A hammock stand is a great option when you have a smaller space because there are typically fewer options for you to hang your hammock.  

Check out our selection of premium hammocks with hammock stands available at Hammock Universe.

Create a Miniature Garden

You don't need a lot of space to have stunning florals and greenery. If you have a balcony, try hanging plants or a mounted flower box to make the most out of the smaller space.

If you have a small backyard, plant smaller flowers and greenery. It will not grow too tall and overtake your small space.

Some good options include:

  • Tulips

  • Coneflowers

  • Forget-me-nots

  • Poppies

  • Small shrubs 

Avoid planting trees along with tall flowers such as sunflowers, and lilies.  

Create an Intimate Setup

A small outdoor furniture set is all you need to create an intimate vibe that's perfect for entertaining a small group. A small outdoor loveseat with a couple of extra patio chairs is perfect for entertaining guests, or just enjoying time outdoors with your family.

Pick a Theme or Colour Scheme 

Settling on just one specific theme or colour scheme and incorporating it with every element you bring into your yard/balcony helps create a more cohesive, unified space. With too many colours and ideas going on, it can make your yard look and feel crowded and cluttered.

Add a Pair of Hammock Chairs


Rainbow hammock chair

Instead of boring old patio chairs, why not get a couple (or even 3 or 4) hammock chairs? Hammock chairs are not only significantly more comfortable than most other outdoor seating options, but they are a huge talking point and are sure to impress your visitors.

Make Your Outdoor Space Functional 

While you want your outdoor space to look amazing, it's important not to sacrifice functionality. After all, what good is there in having an outdoor space if it isn't usable? The key is to have outdoor furniture that is comfortable and will withstand the elements and hold up against wear and tear (especially if you have kids and pets). With a smaller space, try to avoid things that look beautiful but don't serve a purpose. For example, while water features look amazing, that space could be better filled by something that will actually get used, like a hot tub.

Create an Outdoor Workspace

Working from home is so much more enjoyable when you can do it in the great outdoors. Set up a small table and comfortable chair that you can work in for an extended period. Also consider an umbrella or other type of covering that will help shield you from the glare of the sun, which is a laptop's worst enemy.

Create an Outdoor Meal Space

Love eating outdoors but don't have space for a dedicated outdoor kitchen and/or dining area? Not a problem. While an outdoor dining table can take up a lot of room, this isn't an issue if you don't mind turning your yard into a dedicated eating area. Plus, it can also double as your workspace.

Make It a Dedicated Pet Space

Let's face it, your dog would probably rather be outside than cooped up indoors, so if you don't mind sharing the space, try transforming your yard or balcony into an oasis just for your pet? From toys to a dog bed, dog house, feeding station, and other fun activities, your pet will never want to come back indoors.

Pro tip: install some fake turf so Fido doesn't destroy your grass.  

As you can see, size doesn't always matter when you have an outdoor space to enjoy and relax in. When you find creative ways to utilize it and make the most out of your space, you'll hardly even notice how big or small it is. Plus, with fun additions like a hammock or hammock chair, your outdoor space will be a true haven for relaxation.