Featured Product: Mayan Hammock Chair With Universal Chair Stand

February 10, 2020 4 min read

A young woman sits in a Mayan hammock chair with universal stand in her backyard next to plants and flowers.
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This Isn’t Your Typical Box-Store Lounge Chair—this is a Chair Like No Other

What happens when you combine one of the world’s most comfortable hammock styles with a chair? You get the Mayan hammock chair—a comfortable and practical chair like no other.

No trees to hang it from? No problem! This hammock chair also comes with a sturdy universal chair stand so you can prop up your hammock chair anywhere without a care!

The Mayan Hammock Chair with Universal Chair Stand is the ultimate lounge combo.

What makes a Mayan hammock so chair out-of-the-ordinary?

This stunning traditional Mayan hammock chair is crafted the Mayan way—handwoven using the same techniques the Mayans from Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula have been using for generations.

The traditional Mayan diamond weave makes the hammock chair both breathable and comfortable. And the soft-woven cotton rope in sophisticated colours is durable, resistant, and oh-so-beautiful.

comparison of white and beige hammock chair fabric colours

What it’s all about

This hammock chair and stand duo can comfortably and safely seat an adult up to 250 lbs. And the stand is easy to assemble anywhere you please. So you can move your hammock chair around your home, yard, or office.

Who wouldn’t want a hammock chair in their office? Goodbye, stuffy desk chair. Hello, mystical floating chair!

All dreaming aside, this hammock chair, with its soft-woven cotton rope and supportive wooden spreader bar, will enhance both your interior and outdoor décor.

So don’t hesitate to hang it wherever you please. It is great for lounging in and recharging on your own or chatting with guests in your living room or on your outdoor patio.

The hardwood spreader bar keeps the hammock chair open so you can easily sit in and get out of the chair without struggling. And it comes with a reinforced nylon rope to support the whole chair.

The sturdy stainless steel stand is portable and easy to assemble and disassemble. And its powder-coated finish makes it rust-resistant.

So if you don’t feel like disassembling the stand to bring it indoors after a hang, you don’t have to! You can leave it outdoors, rain or shine.

Just remember to bring in the lightweight hammock chair to keep it dry and looking (and smelling) great.

Mayan hammock chair and universal stand details

Just the Deets

Here are the specs and details for the Mayan Hammock Chair and it’s superpartner, the Universal Chair Stand.

Mayan Hammock Chair Product Details

  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Materials: Soft-Woven Cotton Chair with Wooden Spreader Bar
  • Size: 1 person
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Hammock Weight: 4.4 lbs.
  • Colours: Natural & Brown-Beige
  • Recommended Storage After Outdoor Use: Yes

Mayan Hammock Chair Dimensions

  • Spread Bar Length: 39 inches
  • Hammock Chair Height: 45 inches
  • Minimal Hang Height: 84 inches
  • Seating Length: 75 inches
  • Seating Width: 34 inches

Universal Chair Stand Product Details

  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Stand Materials: Powder-Coated Steel
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Stand Weight: 55 lbs.
  • Colours: Black
  • Recommended Storage After Outdoor Use: No

Universal Chair Stand Dimensions

  • Stand Height: 6.9 feet (7.7 feet with 10-inch extension)
  • Stand Base Width: 4.6 feet (front), 5.0 feet (back), 4.2 feet (front to back)

universal hammock chair stand details

Your body and mind deserve time to relax and recharge. But why would you want to do that on any regular old chair when you can hang in the air in a Mayan hammock chair?

As you sway in your Mayan hammock chair with its reliable universal stand, your mind can drift away, and your worries can be left for another day—or forgotten about altogether.

With a Mayan hammock chair as your go-to, you can enjoy your free time instead of worrying about things like ugly plastic patio chairs. 

Need more persuading?

What these happy customers have to say may sway you to treat yourself to the Mayan hammock chair experience.


“My new Mayan Chair Hammock, with universal stand and swivel, is the perfect addition to the Hammock Universe collection of hammocks I own. This is the 3rd one (2 Mayan chair hammocks and one Mayan XL with universal stand) I've purchased over the last 3 years or so. My newest member of the Hammock Universe family is in the corner of my living room at the moment and I love the way it looks. Hammocks have a way of supporting my body in a way that allows me to completely let go. No other piece of furniture I own does that for me. A few minutes of gentle swaying in it before heading to bed really helps me to relax. It's a pre-bedtime ritual.”
– Sheena Kirkpatrick, Calgary, AB


“I purchased the Mayan chair with stand. Stand is great, and really easy to set up. The chair is good. I can almost lay down in it (5'10"). The customer service was great. The company is very helpful, and the confirmation and update emails really made me smile. Now if only I could find more time to actually sit in my chair, everything would be perfect!”
– Evelyn


“This is a wonderful hammock. The universal stand takes up a lot of space, but it is strong and very supportive for the hammock. I love it.”
– Cheryl D.


“[T]he Hammock chair was a real hit with my wife for her birthday. [T]he experience with hammock universe was one I would recommend. [T]he order was prompt and we received everything to our satisfaction.”
– Len Lott


“We bought this for our daughters 50th birthday. She loves it!”
– Linda B.


“WOW just the best chair possible to relax in , love it so much I got a 2nd one so when friends drop by they have one to sit in as well. [T]he service & delivery was just outstanding.”
– Hammock Universe Verified Buyer


“This stand is the answer to the prayers of a gal who has no large trees or structures to hang a hammock from. Hammock chairs are an amazing invention but the stand is the (previously) missing link. Excellent quality, very sturdy and assembles without any effort - perfect machining!”

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