A Guide to Help You Choose the Perfect Hammock Stand

July 09, 2019 8 min read

A man lounging in a red hammock with stand on a sunny day in front of the ocean.
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How to Decide Which Type of Hammock Stand Is Best for You

You’ve finally found the perfect hammock to kick back and relax in all summer long. The only thing now is to figure out how you’re going to hang it.

A hammock stand is by far the easiest way to hang your hammock and is also stylish, durable, and easy to assemble. A hammock stand also allows you to hook and unhook your hammock whenever you please, without having to find the perfect tree or be skilled at tying knots.

But what kind of hammock stand should you choose?

Types of Hammock Stands

When starting your search, you first need to determine which type of hammock stand will work best for both you and your hammock.


Metal hammock stands are highly practical as they are easy to assemble and disassemble and are typically made of steel with a rust-proof powder coating that can withstand moisture if left outdoors.

A metal stand is also ideal if you are looking for a minimalistic, modern look.

Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Steel hammock stands do not require any special care or maintenance as they are moisture and rust-resistant
  • They are portable, so you can easily move it indoors or outdoors, or even bring it with you on a camping trip
  • They have a sleek and modern look
  • More lightweight than other materials


Ideal for setting up and enjoying outdoors, wooden hammock stands tend to be more decorative than metal. They can also differ in look based on what kind of wood and stain is used.  

Because wooden hammock stands are most often used outside, they are typically made from durable and water-resistant woods, such as cedar and bamboo.

However, since they are often quite attractive to look at, a wooden hammock can still be enjoyed indoors as well.

When shopping for a wooden hammock stand, look for wood textures and stain colours that compliment the décor in your home. Also, be sure to avoid purchasing one made from lower quality wood like spruce that isn’t rot- or weather-resistant. Don't let the price alone seduce you!

Benefits include:

  • Versatility - can be used indoors and outdoors
  • More decorative than metal
  • Comes in different colours and textures so you can easily match to your existing home décor
  • Ideal for outdoor use


A Wicker Hammock Stand has it all. It’s both aesthetically pleasing and durable enough to withstand any weather conditions, making it perfect for outdoor use and lounging by the pool.

Some of the benefits of a wicker hammock stand include:

  • Stylish look
  • No maintenance required
  • Easy assembly
  • Durability

Our Most Popular Hammock Stands

To help you with your search, here are a few options that we offer here at Hammock Universe.

wicker hammock stand with detailed information


The Wicker Hammock Stand combines style with durability. Crafted from an all-weather synthetic wicker-rattan, this hammock stand is tough enough to withstand the elements and supports most two-person hammocks, while still looking beautiful in your backyard. 

Key Features & Characteristics
  • Elegance and durability
  • Weather-resistant
  • Durable steel construction
  • Includes protective safety caps and feet
  • Fits most hammocks - varying spreader-bar and non-spreader bar

Price-point: $399 to $549

  • Weighs 90 lbs.
  • Supports up to 450 lbs.
  • Made of synthetic Wicker (Rattan material)
  • Stand length is 15.2 ft., while the base width is 5.2 ft.
  • Girded with galvanized steel hardware
Wicker Hammock Stand

Great Hammock stand and even better customer service. We love the stand and hammock pool side, makes for great sunbathing/afternoon naps. Had an issue with the stand which was promptly resolved and we couldn't be happier. Holds up great to the sun and weather. Nice to see a company that will stand by its products and has great customer service.

- Eric Lamarre

Backyard Beauty

I found HammockUniverse.com and couldn't believe the price on this stand. It was less expensive than the other websites I checked, so I wondered about the quality. I was assured by the Hammock Universe staff that the quality was just as good if not better than the Hatteras one. After receiving it, I have to agree completely. It's such a stable and beautiful piece of furniture. 

 - Reviewer



This extra-large hammock stand is not only strong and beautiful, but eco-friendly as well.

Made entirely of bamboo, one of the fastest-growing plants in the world and a great renewable resource, this stand cannot be beat when it comes to durability.

This stand is water and humidity-resistant, and tough enough to combat nicks and dents, but still stylish enough to display both indoors and out in the yard.

  • Crafted from durable and Eco-friendly solid multi-ply bamboo board
  • Easily assembled in just 10 minutes
  • Stronger than birch, hardwood or cypress
  • Colours are natural, not stained
  • Oiled

Price-point: $449 to $599.

  • Weighs 92 lbs.
  • 500-lb. weight capacity
  • Stainless steel assembling hardware included

Make sure you coat the stand with an oil or clear stain frequently before use—especially during the summer months. Doing so will help keep the stand looking like new.

During the winter months, consider covering your hammock stand with a tarp (if stored outdoors) or store it indoors in a climate-controlled room.

AMAZING PRODUCT! If 6/5 stars was an option this would get a 7!

I use this stand with my soft woven polyester rope hammock (another AMAZING product) & myself, my family and friends just can’t get enough of it! Getting the stand was easy from start to finish - selecting, ordering, delivery & assembly. The hardest part is willing yourself to get out of it at the end of a restful nap! The entire experience around this product from the Hammock Universe company itself, to the ordering process, to receiving and using the product is all an A+. Its well made, durable, attractive, functional, priced right AND SOOOOOO COMFORTABLE! I am very happy to have this stand (and hammock) on my dock!

- Lorin C. (Oshawa, ON, CA)

Great Backyard Addition

We love the new hammock. Suits our backyard perfectly. We ordered the double Poolside hammock along with the bamboo stand and they look great together. I had no issue with the assembly, not many parts to put together. We had no one issue with the delivery as well, quick and got what we ordered. We'll certainly be passing on where we ordered it from. Good job!

- Matt Bowes (Collingwood, CA)

First rate support

Beautiful piece of furniture, very comfortable, easy to set up and use. 
I ordered it during the Christmas rush, and couldn't be home to receive it. FedEx was overwhelmed and non responsive, but Chris at Hammock Universe kept his cool, stayed on top of the situation, tracked it down and got it to me. Thanks Chris!

- Phil Neilson (Bancroft, ON, CA)



With this best-selling steel 3-Beam stand, you will always be able to rest comfortably and securely in your hammock.

  • Sleek look
  • Lightweight
  • Made from durable steel
  • Weather-resistant finish
  • Compatible with all hammocks (both spreader and non-spreader)
  • Easy to assemble—no tools required
  • Can be set up in under five minutes

Price-point: $169 to $219.

  • Includes the hammock stand along with 2 chains and 2 S-hooks
  • Weighs 55 lbs.
  • 450 lb. weight capacity
  • Fabricated from steel with rust-resistant powder-coated steel finish

When setting up your steel hammock stand, make sure to cap off any tube openings to avoid risk of injury and prevent the stand from digging into the ground.

If you notice a scratch, find a can of Tremclad or Rustoleum right away. Spray some of the paint onto a piece of cardboard and used a small brush to fill in the scratch with paint. 

Also be sure to store your stand in a cool, dry area.


Absolutely love our 15' hammock stand. Very sturdy and gives us the confidence that it will hold myself and my kids, allowing me to fully relax and enjoy my hammock (also purchased from them). Also, top notch customer service in handling a change I had to make. Was responded to very very quickly by the CEO Simon in regards to a question I had (late at night on a weekend I might add). Thanks Simon!! Very easy to set up as well.

-K. Sparling (Calgary, AB, CA)

Perfect, yet again

Bought a hammock stand so we could use the 2 hammocks we ordered from Hammock Universe in the past at home. Again, the purchase and delivery went off without a hitch and in 2 days we were relaxing happily in a hammock in our backyard. Hammock stand assembly was very easy. 

- Nikki Danbrook (London, ON, CA)

Everything I needed and more

This stand is just perfect. It was super easy to install and it took just a few minutes and can hold my 14 feet hammock no issues. It is actually longer than expected! So I can now get a second longer hammock :) Quality was perfect and so far we've had 2 adults and 2 kids on it at the same time with zero issues. The box is quite heavy but it was delivered perfectly and super fast.

- Aiglee Klassen (Kitchener, ON, CA)



Hammock chair stands are a necessity for anyone looking for the best way to mount a hammock chair securely. 

This steel hammock chair stand is both sturdy and stylish and built with comfort and durability in mind. It’s also compatible with any and all hammock chairs.

Crafted with a solid base of steel and coated in a rust-resistant powder finish, this stand will last you a lifetime.

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Portable
  • Fits all hammock chairs
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Does not accommodate regular hammocks, just hammock chairs

Price-point: $189 - $239

  • Stands 7.7 ft. tall with 5 ft. wide base
  • Constructed from durable, heavy-gauge steel
  • Can support up to 350 lbs.

For maintenance, wash your hammock chair stand with a regular garden hose and coat any paint chips with rust proof paint.

Hammock Bliss!

I ordered the Universal Hammock Chair Stand, the Hammock Chair Spring and a Brazilian Hanging Chair. 
Everything was delivered promptly four days later. 
Setup of the stand took 15 minutes and five minutes after that I was swinging blissfully suspended in my new Hammock chair. 
Best purchase ever!

- Clayton Field (Aurora, ON, CA)

Best. Summer. Ever!

I sat in one of these last summer at a cottage I rented and determined that my life was incomplete without one. Having bought a hammock before through here, I knew I 'd probably find something to scratch my itch. Sure enough: a chair stand and super comfy Mayan hammock chair turned up on my doorstop in record time. 
Set up was a breeze, and it feels very durable. It's so comfy I am out on my patio far more than usual. 
You will not regret this purchase.

- Susan Anderson, (Ottawa, ON, CA)

Excellent service and quality products

Love my stand. My elderly father will be able to enjoy his hammock chair this summer when visiting. So glad I can get a stand that was safe and sturdy and does the job.

- Chantal Corriveau (Lavaltrie, QC, CA)

Now that you’ve seen the different options, it’s time to weigh the pros and cons and make a final decision. Whether you go with wood, wicker or metal, purchasing any hammock stand means less time spent securing your hammock, giving you more time to actually enjoy it.

Bamboo Hammock Stand - Eco-Friendly XL
Hammock Universe
$709.97 CAD$599.97 CAD
3-Beam Hammock Stand - 15 ft.
Hammock Universe
$229.97 CAD$199.97 CAD
Universal Hammock Chair Stand
Hammock Universe
$269.97 CAD$209.97 CAD
Deluxe Quilted Hammock with Bamboo Stand
Hammock Universe
$999.94 CAD$779.94 CAD
Poolside | Lake Hammock with Bamboo Stand
Hammock Universe
$809.94 CAD$749.94 CAD
Colombian Double Hammock with Bamboo Stand
Hammock Universe
$849.94 CAD$689.94 CAD
Universal Hammock Stand for Non Spreader Bar Hammocks
Hammock Universe
$179.97 CAD$159.97 CAD