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Hammock Universe Photo-Contest Winners!

Thank you so much for all the Hammock photos you submitted for our contest- we're truly overwhelmed!

The bitter-sweet feeling for us at this stage is that we couldn't pick more winners. It was such a close call in the end, with over 20 photos chosen as "finalists". I would like personally extend my gratitude and thanks to all who participated! Your pictures were wonderful and inspirational, reminding us how something as simple as a Hammock can make a profound quality-of-life difference.

Below are the winning submissions.


 backyard hammock

"Love my Hammock !!!"
Robert S. , St. Catharines, ON.


travel hammock hawai

"Hi, you refer to your Parachute hammock as a "camping hammock", but we refer to it as our Travel hammock and take it with us wherever we go. And we only take carry-on luggage!! This photo was taken on the island of Hawaii, Hawaii (aka, the Big Island) at a volcanic lava-flow lagoon just outside the town of Kona. Your hammock tree straps held perfectly on the only two palm trees in sight."
Bruce Chortel, Alberta, CA


child hammock in bedroom

My son's room is small and he was finding that he didn't have enough room to spread out when he wanted to build/create. We decided to get rid of his bed and replaced it with one of your hammocks. His hammock is so comfortable that everyone in the house uses it for reading and for naps. We also took it camping last summer and it was a great hit.My son has been sleeping in his hammock for over a year and has a comfortable, peaceful sleep every night. I encourage others to consider this option. It is a natural way of sleeping and has made a great addition to our home"
Monique & Oscar, Ottawa, ON.


hammock chair with stand

Miti & James, Ontario, CA

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June 12, 2013

WOW! The Hawaii one is spectacular.Great idea to pack a hammock with straps on any trip…

Mike B.
Mike B.

June 11, 2013

Beautiful guys!

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