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Naps + Hammock = Productivity

March 18, 2013 1 min read

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What do hammocks have to do with productivity, you might ask?

Every week I take time out of my busy schedule to slowwwwww down and read non-fiction for a couple of hours.

As you probably know, a few days ago was St. Paddy's day, but instead of going out with the revellers (like I usually do), I finished reading a good book called "Master Life Faster" by Paul Lem. One snippet was particularly insightful:

"A Japanese study showed that a student group that napped for 20 minutes between work sessions were sharper, less fatigued, and performed better than a group that rested in a chair for the same time."

Now, who woulda thunk that smart siestas are productivity enhancers?

Well, it will come as no surprise that we at Hammock Universe are huge believers in the "mid-day siesta". Although it might sound insane at first, we consider Hammocks in the office a productivity tool. A healthy, rested mind is a productive mind...

Let's face it, we all have time chunks in our day where we aren't particularly productive and laying in a Hammock for even 20 minutes is a recipe to break through that wall. Companies like Google understand this (they have hammocks in most of their offices)- the mainstream just hasn't caught up yet.

Do you agree? Would you try to talk your boss into setting up hammocks at the office? Let us know what you think by commenting on this post or on our Facebook Page.

All the best & Happy Relaxing,

Camron Sabour
"Relaxation Engineer"

P.S. I wrote this post from my office Hammock.