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The City of Roses is one of Canada's warmest cities. Taking advantage of the pleasant weather is done best when you have a hammock of your own. Use it outside in the summer and inside in the winter for a true treat. If you are still unsure, there are more reasons to purchase your very own hammock.

10 Reasons You Need a Hammock in Windsor

1) Hammocks take up far less room than you might think. Almost any space is big enough for a hammock.
2) Mosquito nets for hammocks let you enjoy outdoor activities without being bothered by the little pests.
3) Rope hammocks are lightweight and fold easily. Keep one in your vehicle for spur-of-the-moment trips to the Riverwalk.
4) Those who work in manufacturing need to rest their weary legs and backs. There is no better, healthier way to do this than by sleeping in a hammock.
5) Drink holders attach easily to hammocks. You'll never have to worry about spilling your beer again!
6) University students can save space in cramped residence halls by opting for hammocks instead of beds. Even professors can get in on the act by placing joint-friendly hammock chairs in their offices.
7) You can start a trend with "Bring Your Own Hammock" block parties.
8) Hammock chairs can be moved and used anywhere. Keep them on your balcony, use them in the backyard, or even carry them to the side of the river for a day of fishing. All you need is a sturdy tree or the willingness to spend a few minutes putting a stand together.
9) Do you want a great gift that will be unlike any others? A hammock is the perfect choice for any occasion.
10) Purchases in Windsor will, in most cases, arrive in just one day. Pick your hammock today and prepare to enjoy it tomorrow.

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