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We are proud to be an Ottawa-based company!

Historic, picturesque Ottawa is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Canada. People who live in Ottawa are proud of their homes, and with good reason. Excellent education, high quality of life, and pristine surroundings are the norm in Canada's capital. The only thing lacking from some homes is the presence of a hammock. Luckily, Ottawa-based HammocksUniverse can quickly cure that problem.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Hammock in Ottawa

1. Ottawa winters are very, very cold. You sometimes need the promise of a spring hammock to get through those dreary days.
2. Camping along the Ottawa River just became more exciting. Instead of a cumbersome tent, take a hammock. You will sleep soundly, nestled in the trees, while drifting off to the sight of the setting sun.
3. If you are proud of your work and want to perform your job to the best of your ability, you should own a hammock. The rest and relaxation it gives you in the evening prepares you for a new day and a new challenge.
4. Hammocks are as functional inside as they are out! Hang one from an indoor stand or suspend it from the ceiling. You will get a feel for the tropics even when the temperature drops to -20.
5. Getting away from the family is an often unsaid necessity. Hammock time is "me-time." No kids allowed.
6. Want to enjoy the Senators but not the high price of seats at Canadian Tire Centre? Host your own hammock hockey party! You'll have unique seating for everyone.
7. When you anger your wife and need to quickly make amends, a hammock and an apology go a long way. One-day shipping gives you a fast resolution to your problem, though you may want to throw in a bottle of wine as well.
8. Hammocks allow you to feel a sense of peacefulness, even when your children won't listen and your workload is full. 
9. Wicker hammock stands fit with every decor. They can also be placed anywhere, inside or out.
10. Anyone who strives for perfection cannot reach their goal without a hammock. 

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