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The picturesque, pleasant geography of Manitoba makes residents and visitors alike long for quiet days spent lounging outside. There is no better way to spend an afternoon than slowly feeling the breeze waft across your face as you rest in the serenity of a hammock. Read on to discover more reasons you need a hammock if you life in Manitoba.

10 Reasons You Need a Hammock in Manitoba

1) Hammocks can be enjoyed throughout the year! If you want the serenity of a hammock indoors, just buy a hammock or hammock chair with its own stand.
2) People who live in Manitoba are tougher than most. Show your softer side by kicking your feet up when you get home.
3) Fishing from a hammock chair may not help you catch more channel catfish or carp, but it can't hurt? Rest by the side of the river and throw your line between beers.
4) The Winnipeg Folk Festival is the perfect place for a portable hammock. Enjoy the atmosphere on your own in a single-person or meet new friends by sharing your family-sized hammock.
5) The Jets want you to be comfortable when you cheer them on. Avoid the MTS Centre and watch from your own home. Hammocks are also preferable to the stadium seating at Investors Group Field. The Blue Bombers won't mind if you watch the game while at ease.
6) University of Manitoba students need to be well-rested. What better way to catch some sleep than in a residence hall hammock?
7) The flat land of Manitoba is perfect for hammocks with stands. Choose from beautiful bamboo, sturdy steel, or wonderful wicker.
8) Portable hammocks are conducive to cold weather! Head to Churchill to watch the beluga whales, but do so in style.
9) Sitting in a hammock provides medication free stress reduction. Let the hammock be your therapist.
10) Shipping is available in about a week in Manitoba, though some places can expect their hammocks in only two days. With such a quick shipping time, you can decide you want a hammock today and be swaying in the breeze before you know it.

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