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The people of Calgary are as varied as the landscape in their beautiful city. Many work long days in offices, feeling drained at the end of each evening from their stressful careers. Others work away from home in the oilfield, only returning on weekends to see their families. The film industry keeps artistic types going strong. Many others sectors occupy residents, leaving them feeling excited about their fulfilling lives, but exhausted from their busy days. A hammock recharges everyone.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Hammock in Calgary

1. You can lose an hour or more of your day commuting in Calgary traffic. A hammock that awaits you at home eases the stress of being stuck on the road.
2. Hammocks make you smarter, stronger, and taller. At the very least, you can dream you are smart, stronger, and taller while you are napping in your hammock.
3. Get your smartphone ready. If a bear cub hangs out in your hammock, you could be the next internet sensation.
4. Working from home just got a lot easier. Convince your employer to allow you to telecommute and a hammock becomes a necessity. You will not only be more relaxed, but also more productive when you work from a hammock chair.
5. Hammocks help you save money. Instead of spending a weekend in Banff, you can spend the weekend in your backyard.
6. Beer is colder and more satisfying when sipped from a hammock. Add a drink holder to your hammock and you may never have to get up again.
7. Hammocks are set up quickly and easily. Take advantage of the Chinooks by setting your hammock up for a few days as the warm winds blow.
8. A double hammock is the perfect cure-all for arguing children. Kids simply cannot be upset in a hammock.
9. The beautiful Calgary summers make suffering through the cold Calgary winters worthwhile. Enjoy your summers as fully as you can by experiencing them firsthand from your hammock.
10. Canadians are known all over the world for their kindness and hospitality. There is no better way to welcome a stranger into your home than to offer a seat on a hammock.

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