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The mild weather of British Columbia is an outdoor lover's paradise. The warm summers are conducive to hiking and boating, but what about those days you long to relax outside and enjoy the sunshine and the breeze. A backyard hammock is a perfect accompaniment to your outdoor activities. 

10 Reasons You Need a Hammock in BC

1) Winters can be cold, long, and wet in BC. Looking forward to lounging outdoors in your hammock can get you through some of those January shivers.
2) Hammocks are highly transportable. Bring it indoors when the weather doesn't permit a day outside.
3) Head to Gulf Islands National Park with a hammock in tow. You won't believe how much more beautiful Mayne Island can be when viewed from a hammock.
4) BC residents are known for being laid back. Hammocks help to prove the stereotype is right on.
5) What do you get for the person who has everything? A hammock is an ideal gift for anyone.
6) Canucks games are better when your back is happy.
7) A portable hammock chair can turn a day of fishing into a day of paradise.
8) Hammocks go with every type of decor. Whether you place it inside or out, your hammock will look perfectly in place.
9) The hustle and bustle of Vancouver can be too much. Forget stress by swaying in the breeze.
10) Hammocks arrive in Vancouver in less than a week! Order yours, and in four days you can be basking in the comfort of a fabric chair or bed.

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