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Alberta is beautiful and calm, and so are those who call the province their home. Albertans can complement the serenity of their surroundings by purchasing a hammock of their own. Whether enjoyed indoors or out, a hammock is an ideal accompaniment to a home's decor.

10 Reasons You Need a Hammock in Alberta

1) Dream about the warm Alberta summers during those cold Alberta winter days when you bring your hammock inside.
2) University of Alberta students need a break more than anyone. Surprise your student with a hammock as a gift so they can study in style.
3) Calgary's Shakespeare in the Park is a yearly tradition. Instead of bringing along a blanket, take a two-person hammock to set up on the sidelines.
4) Sports are more exciting and much less frustrating when enjoyed from a hammock. Watch the Oilers or the Flames from the comfort of your home.
5) Alberta is known for some of the best craft beers in Canada. All of them taste better when enjoyed from a hammock.
6) Portable hammocks are perfect for holidays. Take yours on your next trip to Banff for a relaxing day surrounded by the beauty of nature.
7) A family-sized hammock can seat everyone in your household. There is no reason to fight over the hammock when everyone fits!
8) You will be the envy of all of your neighbors when they see the hammock in your backyard.
9) Artists abound in Alberta. You will feel more inspired when you rest in a hammock.
10) Albertans who reside in Calgary or Edmonton can expect shipping in just three days. All others can receive theirs in four to five. With shipping time at less than a week, even last minute gifts can be bought from Hammock Universe.

Our Hammocks to Alberta shipping is FAST and FREE: 5 days guaranteed

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