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Customer Reviews

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Deluxe Brazilian Double Hammock with Universal Stand
Lorraine Desgagnés (Québec, QC, CA)

J’adore ! Mom chat aussi. Service impeccable. Et que dire de votre sens de l’humour !

Great Stand

I set it up as soon as we got it and it is very easy to assemble. It is still in our garage as our outdoor temp still remains below 0. But my daughter has been spending all her free time in the hammock.

3-Beam Hammock Stand - 15 ft.
Robert Mercer (Stony Plain, AB, CA)
Nice unit

Received it very quickly. Well built. Nice to have the storage bag. Ready for summer.

Mayan Hammock Chair
Cathy (Ottawa, ON, CA)
Perfect inside - reading nook!

Received my first one as a gift from my son. It is on the front porch. Liked it so much I just added a second, in a different colour, to my reading nook in the house. Couldn't find a more comfortable chair to read, nap, chill!

Mayan Hammock - XL Family-sized Thick Cord
Margot Customer (Ottawa, ON, CA)
Excellent Experience

It is still in the box as we have much snow at the moment. My experience with ordering and receiving the merchandise was excellent and as it was a gift to my daughter, I was delighted that it arrived early. It appears to be a great purchase and will add comments when May arrives. My daughter is very pleased with the product.

Bamboo Hammock Stand - Eco-Friendly XL
john-michael tetreault (Granby, QC, CA)
1 x Bamboo Hammock Stand - Eco-Friendly XL

great business and contact

Colombian Hammock Hanging Chair - Deluxe
Danielle Griffin (New Dominion, PE, CA)
Incredible hammock!

This hammock is magnificent. It’s beautiful & strong & spacious & oh so cozy. I might buy three more! Couldn’t possibly be happier.

So In Love!

I don't know how I lived so long without a hammock in my life. I also don't know what made me look to get a hammock, but I'm sure glad I ended up in Hammock Universe! It arrived quickly, was super easy to put together, and looks beautiful. Not to mention I can't wait to get into it at the end of my day. Haven't used the couch once since setting up the hammock!

So comfortable, great customer service!

I absolutely love my Colombian hammock! It’s so comfy and the beige colour looks so nice in our living room. More importantly, the customer service was incredible! They responded to my email asking about product compatibility within hours, and when there was a flaw in my hammock, they immediately sent me a replacement free of charge, recommended how to fix the original one I got and told me to keep it as a spare. A very generous offer! I absolutely recommend getting your hammock needs from Hammock Universe. Thank you, guys! You made this neurodiverse human very comfortable in her home 🥰🥰

Hammock Drink Holder
GrandmaC (Georgetown, ON, CA)
Perfect size for a bottle of beer!

My son loved the hammock and the drink holder! It was the perfect Christmas gift and he can dream about relaxing in it after work in the summer with a nice cold beverage!

Colombian Double Hammock
GrandmaC (Georgetown, ON, CA)
Put a smile on my son's facee!

The hammock was a Christmas gift and it was lovingly received. It is the second hammock my son has had from Hammock Universe and one of the first questions he asked was what did I think of the emails I received after ordering? They are perfect! Absolutely love the sense of humour.

Beds are stupid

I love this thing so much. I slipped a disk in my back and after 1,000’s of dollars in physio, bedding and years on meds. I slept in a hammock by pure happenstance. I had the first pain free night in years. I replaced my bed. Beds take up a lot of real estate in bedrooms. I have so much more room for my treadmill now!

Mayan Hammock - XL Family-sized Thick Cord
Bill Mikaloff, hanging out at a beach near Playas del Coco, Costa Rica (Puntarenas, P, CR)
Best hammock ever!

This family sized hammock was bought for my husband for Father's Day last June with the idea of bringing it to Costa Rica, where we overwinter annually. Yes, there are hammocks available in Costa Rica and we have bought many of them to use here. However, your Mayan family sized one is special, not only for the size but for the colourful design and good quality craftsmanship. This hammock replaces a lovely Guatamalan hammock we were gifted but sadly, our pet squirrel at the beach destroyed the strings. So we will ensure that this does not happen to this hammock.

High Quality comfortable hammocks.

I ordered these two hammocks for our Villa Rental Property in beautiful Providenciales Turks and Caicos. They look beautiful and the guests love them.

3-Beam Hammock Stand - 15 ft.
Norman Chevrette (Ajax, ON, CA)

Got it well in time to give as a Christmas gift

Mayan Hammock - XL Family-sized Thick Cord
Penny Schill (Edmonton, AB, CA)
They loved it!

This is a Christmas gift but they tried this exact oneit at. a B&B in BC, it was on her list list .

Cotton Rope Hammock - Double
Susan O (Georgetown, ON, CA)
Direct from the Mothership and straight under the Christmas Tree!

Product is superb, delivery superb, customer service is superb! This one was a gift, lucky ducks, next one will be for us! I'm dreaming of lazy summer days swinging under a tree!

Mayan Hammock - XL Family-sized Thick Cord
Gregory Joiner (Burnaby, BC, CA)
Love this Hammock!!

2nd purchase from HU! Again the best service and product has arrived at my door! You won't be disappointed - you need this!

Hammock Drink Holder
Philippe Drice (Elmira, NY, US)
The license for my wife to ask to be served her drinks

We are thrilled to have discovered the Hammock Drink Holder and my wife wastes no time getting into her BRAZILIAN STYLE HAMMOCK CHAIR and requests her refreshment which I am happy to oblige and I can get into my hammock.

Colombian Double Hammock
Matt (Winnipeg, MB, CA)
Best one yet

Pretty much perfect. I sleep in it every night.

Colombian Hammock Hanging Chair - Deluxe
Eliade Kiraly (Montreal, QC, CA)
this is incredible

It had been a while since I wanted to get a hammock.. Found a few on Marketplace for 40-50$, all from south america, quality seemed ok but nothing incredible. Then I went to the Café bloc in montreal, where I had the absolute pleasure to find this exact model of hammock chair... the comfort was of such an intensity that I decided to buy one not long after that. When I received it, I was a bit scared to not have the same experience that I had at the café bloc, and boy oh boy the hammock is as incredible as my memory could recall the one from the bouldering center café bloc... this chair is so comfortable that I need to put an alarm when I dare to sit in it (in case I fall asleep, which happens quite often). I would say that for that price, I never experienced such comfort.. I mean, you can buy a big couch for what? 3000+$?? this is around 100$ and I would never hesitate buying another if the opportunity for it was needed. Anyway, great product, fun thing that its from canada and not imported from far away (guarantees that a grown up in healthy conditions of work worked on it).Last thing, warning before buying this hammock, your friends and family will hear you talk about it everyday from the moment you try it😉

Double Mayan Hammock with Universal Stand
Kyra S (Hamilton, ON, CA)
Great hammock

Shipping was fast, set up was simple, and it's wonderfully comfortable!

Premium Brazilian Style Double Hammock
Nathan Gervais (Montreal, QC, CA)
Great hammock!

This hammock is definitely worth the money! I actually hung it in my bedroom and donated my bed! My dog loves it as well!

Hammock Chair Swivel
Donna Gaudet (Montreal, QC, CA)
Swivel hammock chair

Haven’t set up my chairs yet as fall has already settled in . And it is chilly outside on the seashore. Looks so comfy.
But be assured we will install it for next summer.

Hammock Drink Holder
Donna Gaudet (Montreal, QC, CA)
Drinky poo holder

Like the drink holder very much except it would be nice if it were glass will not fit in it. Will have to change my glass format