Experience hammocking differently. Our selection of quality hammocking accessories has something for every adventurer. Lounge or sleep anywhere you’d like with our sturdy hammock stands and hanging accessories. Keep yourself and your hammock in top shape by keeping it dry and protected from the elements with one or both of our protective hammock sock and rainfly all-weather shelters. It’s important and crucial to finding the right equipment and gear at the right prices. Hammock accessories add to the overall experience Starting with a sturdy hammock stands to gift cards and more, we cover the whole spectrum. Check out our exclusive selection today to discover the gear that will change your next hiking or camping trip.

We offer all the perfect accessories - whether it be hammock straps, hammock drink holder, or our protective hammock sock. Browse through our accessories & enhance your relaxation experience.

Below are some products that we think will make your hammocking experience more enjoyable.



Sustainable Living – Eco-friendly Home Choices

Apr 09, 2024 Simon Letourneau

Explore the essence of sustainable living with practical tips for an eco-friendlier home. Discover how simple changes, from eco-friendly materials in renovations to mindful everyday choices, can contribute to the well-being of our planet and enhance your personal health. Embrace a sustainable lifestyle that's not only good for the Earth but also enriching for your family.

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Nature Therapy – Reconnecting with the Outdoors

Apr 02, 2024 Simon Letourneau

In a world that moves at breakneck speed, the simple pleasure of reconnecting with nature is often overlooked. Discover the restorative power of nature therapy through activities that harmonize body, mind, and spirit. From the grounding embrace of forest floors to the tranquil rock of a hammock, this guide invites you to rediscover the healing rhythms of the outdoors

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Homestead Harmony - Embracing Simple Living with Hammocks

Mar 25, 2024 Simon Letourneau

The appeal of homesteading often begins with a yearning for a life unsoiled by the constant din of urban existence. It's a call to disconnect from the ceaseless demands of city life and to reconnect with the earth, with food sources, and with the age-old rhythms of nature. Here's how to do it. 

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Hammock Universe Hang Calculator

There’s no better feeling than kicking back and relaxing in your hammock on a hot summer day. But before you can enjoy your hammock, you’ll need to figure out how to properly hang it. That’s where our handy hang calculator comes in. From determining how high you'll need to install anchor points to estimating the ridgeline, suspension length, hang tension and angle, this amazing tool will tell you everything you need to know about hanging your hammock, bringing you one step closer to total relaxation.


Interactive hammock Selection Tool

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