Solid Ways to Show Appreciation To Your Partner

April 16, 2021 4 min read

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Fuel Your Relationship With These Tips

Have you ever seen a couple whose relationship seems perfect? Ask them how they pull it off, and they'll tell you that love is harder than it looks. A lot of work goes into nurturing a relationship.

Whether it’s compromising or showing appreciation, there are tons of ways to foster a positive, loving relationship built on what many call 'the 50-50 model'.

We've assembled some of our favourite relationship-building tips below.

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The Importance Of Showing Regular Appreciation To Your Partner

Relationships are built on more than just love – they're built on appreciation. That means showing gratitude to your partner for their vulnerability and the role that they play in your life. Appreciation isn't something you show once to be cemented forever. It needs to be shown consistently to sustain your relationship over a long period.

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Ways to Express Your Love and Appreciation

Find Your Partner's Love Language And Act On It

Have you ever heard of the five love languages? Invented by Gary Chapman in the 1990s, this concept suggests that there are five ways a person is drawn to give and receive love, and each person falls under one category. The love languages are quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch.

Chat with your partner about what their love language is, and keep that in mind when you express love.

Pay Attention To Your Partner's Needs

Nurturing a relationship isn't just about making your partner feel good; partners should support each other in as many areas of life as possible. Try to determine how you can improve your partner's life, or what they're looking for from you.

A Little Bit Goes A Long Way 

Sometimes, the smallest acts of affection can make a huge difference. You don't need a special reason to perform small acts of love.

Do Something You Know They Hate Doing

Seriously – there's no better feeling than realizing the errand you've been agonizing has been done for you. This shows that you're willing to put your partner's needs first, which is huge for a successful relationship.

Express Your Feelings In Writing

It might seem weird to write your partner a love note – especially if they're usually in close proximity to you. However, they'll truly cherish your written confession of love when you're not around.

Give Them An At-Home Spa Day

Drive your partner's senses wild with an at-home spa getaway. You won't need expensive passes to a fancy-pants spa to enjoy yourself – instead, turn your own living space into the ultimate retreat! Get bathrobes, lotions, massage equipment, and, of course, cucumber slices for your eyes. 

Want to take the relaxation up a notch? Relax at home in a hammock! Between the gentle swaying and feeling cocooned by the soft fabric, you can't go wrong.

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Plan Their Dream Date

Has your partner ever described their 'dream date' to you? Make their dreams a reality for your proposal, their birthday, or without a special occasion. 

Say 'I Love You' With a Gift


There's a fair chance your partner's love language might be receiving gifts. Whether that's true or not, it doesn't hurt to surprise your lover with something special. Check out our top picks for sweet gifts below.


Is there anything more romantic and tranquil than swaying on a hammock with your partner? We don't think so. Picture it – swaying in the light breeze against an orange-and-pink sunset. If you share a living space with your lover, a hammock is the ultimate piece of furniture to enhance your quality time.  

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Bath Salts

Who doesn't love a good self-care gift? Bath salts are more refined and luxurious than bath bombs, but they provide just as much joy.

Comfortable Clothes

You know your relationship is strong when you can let your hair down and wear pajamas or a muumuu in front of your love. Sure, fashionable clothes make a fine gift, but comfy apparel shows you love your partner even when they're not all dolled up.


Subscriptions are the gifts that keep on giving. There are so many awesome monthly subscription services on the web, from food to beauty, wellness, books, and magazines – pick your poison!

Favourite Things

You know your partner better than anyone else in the world. You should be able to think of a few gifts that will really speak to their heart. If you're stuck on gift ideas, start brainstorming and think of things you've seen them enjoy in the past.

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The Takeaway

Any good relationship is worth fighting for. With a bit of work and patience, you'll be able to nourish a love connection that is fulfilling for both you and your partner.

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