Our Top Staycation Essentials

March 09, 2021 4 min read

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How to Make Your Home a Relaxing Haven

We could all use a getaway. Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go until the COVID-19 pandemic ends, so many of our travel plans will sadly remain on hold. That doesn't mean that you can't experience a splash of relaxation, though in fact, you can do it right in your backyard.

Behold: the staycation. There's nothing wrong with turning your home into the ultimate vacation retreat. In order to make the most of your staycation, you'll want to reinvent your backyard, bathroom, bedroom and living room, and we've got the right tips for you.

Elevate Your Backyard

Garden Paradise

Flowers and plants are a must for a staycation-ready yard. Don't just drop a few flowers here and there. Plant rows of colourful petals and vivid, green plants to give your garden a lively look.

Upgrade Patio Furniture

If you've ever wanted to touch up your set of patio furniture, now's the time to do it. It certainly wouldn't hurt to replace your dull lawn chairs with a hammock, as there's truly nothing more relaxing than swinging softly a few feet above the ground.


Pool Installation Or Upgrades

A swimming pool is sweet, but a sparkling oasis is downright refreshing. Transform your pool with exciting upgrades, like a set of LED lights or a fountain fixture.

Gas Fire Pit

For toasty evenings, romantic dinners, and a cozy campfire atmosphere, a fire pit is the perfect installation for your backyard.


Spending the night in your backyard? There are plenty of creative ways to enhance your patio's lighting, from hanging a string of light bulbs to placing a neon sign against a large shrub.

Outdoor Kitchen

Most patio retailers sell outdoor appliances like stoves and ovens, so you can cook in the sunset and enjoy the ultimate outdoor meal.

Hammock Corner

A hammock is the ultimate backyard item. We recommend placing a hammock in the corner of your yard: the placement creates a focal point that allows you to enjoy every inch of your yard while you lounge.

Create a Spa in Your Bathroom

Is there a better place on Earth than the spa? Let's see how your bathroom can measure up. A jacuzzi tub, a set of creams and oils, a set of candles, and a set of essential oils is all you need for the ultimate at-home spa experience.

Turn Your Living Room Into a Five-Star Lounge

Upgrade Your Furniture

That old, ratty sofa won't do for your staycation. You'll need something cozy enough for your long days of lounging. We recommend pairing your seating with an ottoman for you to put your feet up.

Rearrange Your Room

The goal of redecorating is to give your living space a feeling of reinvention. One of the easiest ways to do this is to rotate and rearrange some of your furniture.

Switch Up Your Pillows and Blankets

Time to get creative: find blankets and pillows with bold patterns, or develop your own colour scheme.

Change the Lighting

There are plenty of ways to switch up the lighting in your living room. Chandeliers with intricate designs, neon signs, and giant light hoops are currently the trendiest options.

Try Out a Hammock Chair


Everyone homeowner longs to have a "favourite chair" and we think we know the right one for you. A hanging hammock chair brings the breeziness of an outdoor hammock to the comfort that exists within your walls. Reinvent the way you read, drink tea, binge watch your favourite show, or simply relax in a hammock chair.



Nothing says "staycation" more than treating yourself to a D.I.Y. minibar. Stock up on your favourite spirits and mixers, or go alcohol-free with sparkling water and smoothie supplies.

Make Your Bedroom a Sweet Escape

New Bedding

Switch up your bedding and reinvent the way you snooze. A brand-new duvet or set of silky sheets can go a long way.

Let Natural Light In

A vacation should be anything but dark and bleak, and your bedroom should be just as bright. Keep your windows wide open, and embrace the sun rays.

Declutter and Reorganize

Messy rooms lead to stressful days, and you want your at-home retreat to be free of stress. Give your bedroom a quick tidying by making sure every item has a home.

Incorporate the Outdoors

Your bedroom doesn't have to be a hideaway from the outdoors. Instead, bring nature into your room! Picture frames with nature-inspired textures, towering plants, and art that evokes a sense of adventure are all must-have items.


The Takeaway

While it would be nice to travel to a real five-star destination, lounging at home doesn't have to feel like a secondary option. With the tips we've included above, you can transform your living space into a magical getaway that will give you a chance to recharge and relax.

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