Level Up Your Leisure: The Best Backyard Games

July 07, 2023 4 min read

Group of friends playing frisbee in their backyard

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Here at Hammock Universe, we've always recognized the unifying power of backyard games. Besides the undeniable fun they bring, these games are a fantastic way to foster bonding among family and friends. There's something about the friendly competition, shared laughter, and light-hearted moments that brings people together. Not to mention, playing these games is a great way to enjoy some light exercise and enjoy the great outdoors!

The Top Backyard Games for Group Fun

Giant Jenga: Towering Fun for Everyone

Who can resist the fun and suspense of Giant Jenga? This larger-than-life version of the classic tabletop game is a true test of skill and nerve. Players take turns removing blocks and balancing them atop the tower, creating a wobbling structure that could tumble at any moment. The anticipation builds with each move, culminating in uproarious laughter when the tower inevitably falls.

Cornhole: Accuracy and Excitement

Cornhole is a simple, yet addictively entertaining game that's perfect for competitive spirits. Two boards, each with a hole, are placed opposite each other and players take turns lobbing bean bags at them. Scoring one point for a bag on the board and three for one in the hole, this game mixes precision, strategy, and a dash of luck. The satisfying thump of a well-aimed throw landing on the board, or even better, sinking into the hole, brings joy to any gathering.

Frisbee: Casual Toss or Competitive Match?

Frisbee is an enduring classic that's as flexible as it is fun. You can keep it relaxed with a casual toss between friends, or amp up the excitement with a high-energy match of ultimate Frisbee. Whether it's a gentle throw-and-catch or a more competitive game, Frisbee offers the bonus of a cardio workout disguised as fun. No matter the version you choose, the thrill of a perfectly arced throw and a successful catch is guaranteed to keep everyone entertained.

Setting Up Your Backyard for Game Time

Transforming your backyard into a fun-filled game zone requires thoughtful planning. The first thing to consider is the physical layout. The space available, the levelness of the ground, and the proximity to any windows or delicate items should all influence where you set up each game. For example, you'd ideally place Cornhole in a flat area with plenty of room for players to toss their bean bags. On the other hand, Giant Jenga might be best in a corner where a falling tower won't damage anything or disrupt other games.

But it's not just about where you place the games. You also need to think about the flow of movement. Ensure there are clear paths between the different game areas, seating spots, and essential facilities like the restroom or kitchen. The last thing you want is a bottleneck of people or a collision while someone's trying to score the winning point in Frisbee!

Then there's the matter of game organization. Consider designating a specific storage area for your games - maybe a weather-resistant bin or a dedicated shelf in your garage. This approach not only keeps your backyard tidy but also ensures your games are easily accessible and in good condition for the next round of fun. Remember to clean up after each game day - your future self will thank you!

Using a Hammock for Relaxation Between Games

Here at Hammock Universe, we're big believers in the value of rest and relaxation - especially in the midst of an exciting game day! It's vital to allow time for everyone to rest, recharge, and share laughs about the best plays or most surprising upsets of the day. And where better to do that than in a hammock

Choosing the right hammock involves considering several factors. Think about size - do you want an intimate single hammock or a spacious double hammock for socializing? Material matters, too. Weather-resistant fabric is a good choice for an outdoor hammock that can stand up to the elements. And of course, your hammock should be as colourful and welcoming as the games themselves!

As for installation, safety is paramount. Ensure your hammock is securely anchored, whether it's between two sturdy trees or on a robust hammock stand. Remember, it needs to support the weight of whoever's lounging - or laughing - in it.

Making Backyard Games a Family Tradition

Backyard games have a way of bringing people together. They spark friendly competition, provoke laughter, and create lasting memories. So why not make them a regular feature at your family gatherings?

You could arrange a games afternoon at every family reunion, bring out the Cornhole boards for every birthday, or start an annual Giant Jenga tournament. The possibilities are endless, and the joy these games bring will only add to the specialness of each occasion.

And remember, while winning has its moment of glory, the ultimate goal of these games is to enjoy each other's company and create shared memories. Whether it's the thrill of a perfectly tossed frisbee, the suspense of removing a Jenga block, or the relaxed conversations in a hammock between rounds, the magic of backyard games lies in the moments they create. So here's to many game days to come, filled with laughter, fun, and plenty of hammock relaxation!

Wrapping Up the Perfect Backyard Game Day

At the end of a fun-filled day, it's a great idea to gather everyone for some closing festivities. Maybe it's an awards ceremony for the champions, a group meal to satisfy those worked-up appetites, or simply winding down with a chill session in the hammock. These shared moments are what make backyard game days special.

Looking forward to the next game day is just as important. Keep the momentum going by planning the next gathering. Rotate the game selection, mix up the teams, or introduce new traditions—keep it exciting and enjoyable.

Remember, no matter the game or the occasion, the goal is always to create lasting memories, shared laughter, and moments of relaxation (preferably in a hammock). We're thrilled to be part of your fun-filled backyard adventures. Until the next game day, keep swinging and enjoying the great outdoors!

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