How to Fix a Drooping Hammock

September 25, 2019 5 min read

A man and a woman adjusting a hammock at their campsite.
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Tips for Perking Up a Hammock That Sags

After a full season (or more!) of daily use and enjoyment, your hammock might start to look and feel a little droopy. When this happens, you may find yourself hanging pretty close to the ground.

If you notice your hammock is not hanging like it used to, check out these tips and tricks get back to your regular hanging level and stay off the ground!

What Is Hammock Drooping?

You know that feeling when you hop into your hammock and something just doesn’t feel right? What was once a cozy cocoon of fabric is now smothering you. And instead of hanging at the perfect curve, your body is contorted and you’re hanging way too close to the ground than you should be.

This is the result of a sagging hammock.

Why Is This Bad?

The main purpose of a hammock is to provide comfort and total relaxation, but when your hammock is stretched out and sagging too low, it is not a comfortable experience and can lead to back problems.

Plus, continuing to apply weight to your hammock in this condition will cause it to continue stretching and sagging even further, and potentially result in damage your hammock.

And let’s face it, no one enjoys sleeping on the ground.


Causes of Hammock Drooping

So, what causes a hammock to sag? There are a variety of factors that contribute to hammock drooping.  Here are a few examples.


Hammock ropes can naturally stretch out over time, especially if too much weight is applied to the hammock bed over a long period of time.

In fact, depending on rope and fabric, and how much weight is applied, your hammock can stretch anywhere from 1-2 feet throughout its lifetime.

As a result, you may find yourself hanging close to the ground than you’d like.

Improper Hanging/Angle

If you have examined your hammock and determined that it has not been overly stretched out, you may need to re-evaluate how you are hanging your hammock.

Hanging at the incorrect angle or having too close a distance between the two points where you are securing each end of your hammock can result in it hanging too loosely and too close to the ground.

Your Hammock Is Too Long

Some hammocks just come with extra-long strings. If you are using a hammock stand, this can make it difficult to get a good hang on most conventional stands.


How to Fix It

Regardless of the reason for your sagging hammock, there are solutions that don’t require you to replace your beloved hammock prematurely.

So, whether you’ve got an extra-long or stretched out hammock, here are some easy fixes for getting it to hang just right.

Hacks for Fixing A Stretched Out or Too Big Hammock on A Hammock Stand

Hammock ropes tend to stretch out naturally over time, which can make your hammock too long for a hammock stand. If this happens (or you just have extra-long ropes), the first thing to do is adjust the chains at the end of the hammock.


If you have shortened the chains as much as you can and your hammock is still not hanging right, there are other tricks you can try.

Here are some additional tips for getting the perfect hang on your hammock stand with a stretched out or too long hammock.

Keep in mind that the following tips only apply for hammocks without spreader bars.


Tie a knot in the strings between the loop and the bed of the hammock.

Start off by tying just one knot at a time and test for length. Each knot will shorten the strings by about five inches. Keep tying until you get the desired length.

Tying the knot around a stick that’s around two inches in diameter can also help to reduce length by more than five inches and make it easier to untie the knot.

Wrapping the Ropes

Pull your hammock’s ropes tight enough to get the perfect fit, wrap the excess rope around the sides of your hammock stand, and attach the loop to your stand’s hook. Do this on both ends of the hammock.

This will allow you to easily customize the length of your hammock ropes in order to get the perfect fit on your stand.

Tips for Properly Hanging a Hammock

While the key to a well-hanging hammock is to have some sag, tying your hammock too loosely or at too high of an angle will have you hanging too low for comfort.

The key to the perfect hang – regardless of how long your ropes are – is to ensure that whatever points you secure your hammock to are an appropriate distance apart.

And your suspension should ideally be on a 30-degree angle to give just enough slack to ensure that your weight doesn’t put too much pressure on the hammock, suspension, and anchor points.

It should also hang around 18 inches off the ground.

You know you’ve got it just right when your hammock is taut when suspended but gently curves like a banana.

Want the Perfect Hang?

Try our Hang Calculator


When you find yourself in a hammock that is sagging and not hanging like it used to, it can be tempting to buy a new hammock to replace it.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Following some of the tips mentioned above can help you fix your sagging hammock, save money, and continue enjoying your hammock for many years to come.

 Pro Tip Centre

  • Pro Tip: Tying the knot around a stick a couple inches in diameter isn’t pretty unless you paint it purple, but it will reduce length by more than five inches and make it easier to untie the knot. Two birds; one stick.


See the picture. Do that.

  • Pro Tip: Wrap the strings over the “U” and around the bar BEFORE attaching the loop to the hook. It gets complicated the other way around.


Got a stand with chains? Simply adjust the chain length shorter to overcome the stretched/stretched out hammock problem and achieve the perfect fit.

  • Pro Tip: What? That was a pro tip. Didn’t we say we’re hammock pros?

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