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Is your Hammock Drooping? This will Perk it Up

May 01, 2017 2 min read

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Is your Hammock Drooping? This will Perk it Up  

Is your hammock droopy, Boopie? Sorry, but really, when you get to use a fun word like “droopy” in a sentence, you gotta make the most of it.

Some hammocks are just simply too long for the stand, and if you wanted to lie on the ground, you’d get a beach towel, right? And ant repellent.

No, no. Life is better off the ground.


DIY Fix for a Long Hammock

Listen, we’re hammock pros, which means we’re excessively lazy. It’s why we don’t sell treadmills. Nor knitting needles.

But it also means that we know hammock issues and an easy fix/solution for every one of them.

Today’s solved problem: the long hammock, sometimes googled as Mexican hammock because hammocks manufactured there and throughout Latin America tend to have extra string length for tree-hanging versatility. By the way, these solutions work on hammocks without a spreader bar.


Help for Droopy Hammocks on a Stand

If you’ve got a stretched/stretched out hammock, aka a glutes dragger, or one that was too big from the get-go, then this brief, illustrated tutorial shows you how to adjust it for a perfect fit on a universal stand.

Solution 1: Tie a knot in the strings, (please see photo below), between the loop and the bed of the hammock. Maximum allowable knots are two at each end. Your hammock will explode if a third knot is tied at either end. Not really, but our hammock guru says two knots. She can be a real knot-sy. We say, if it takes three, live free, not under the dictates of The Man.

We suggest that you tie one knot at a time and test for length. Each knot will shorten the strings by about five inches. It’s easy to go from “Wow, this hammock is too long,” to “Yikes, now it’s too short!” Those knots aren’t easy to untie either. One day at a time; one knot too.

  • Pro Tip: Tying the knot around a stick a couple inches in diameter isn’t pretty unless you paint it purple, but it will reduce length by more than five inches and make it easier to untie the knot. Two birds; one stick.


Solution 2: See the picture. Do that.

  • Pro Tip: Wrap the strings over the “U” and around the bar BEFORE attaching the loop to the hook. It gets complicated the other way around.


Solution 3: Got a stand with chains? Simply adjust the chain length shorter to overcome the stretched/stretched out hammock problem and achieve the perfect fit.

  • Pro Tip: What? That was a pro tip. Didn’t we say we’re hammock pros?


Got more questions? We're lazy as heck, but never too lazy to help. Contact us anytime for a quick answer at or try live chatting us right on our website from 9AM to 5PM  Eastern time!

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