Ideas For Celebrating Cinco de Mayo Virtually

May 01, 2021 4 min read

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Don’t Let COVID-19 Ruin Your Cinco de Mayo Plans

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated each year on May 5, and in modern times, it is often observed with celebrations and social gatherings. For a second year in a row, many of this holiday's observers won't be able to spend the day with loved ones, but that doesn't mean you can't still have a good time.

Check out our guide below to throw a seriously-awesome digital Cinco de Mayo party.

What is Cinco de Mayo?

The history surrounding this holiday might surprise you. Cinco de Mayo came about in 1862. The celebration marks the anniversary of the day on which the Mexican Army defeated the French Empire in the Battle of Puebla.

The victory gave a huge morale boost to the Mexican population at the time, explaining the annual celebrations.

What to Avoid

Cinco de Mayo is a great source of joy for many people, and it’s a celebration that anyone can enjoy. Still, it’s important not to turn the holiday into a mockery of Mexican culture. Try not to ridicule Mexican people or traditions by treating them like they are merely costumes or caricatures.

Why Mayan Hammocks Have a Connection to Mexico 

Mayan hammocks are considered one of the most comfortable hammocks around. Their fabric is carefully woven in a style invented in Mexico's Yucatan peninsula centuries ago. It has been passed on through plenty of generations, and weaving these hammocks is still a popular tradition in many parts of Mexico.

Did you know? The word 'hammock' actually comes from 'hamack,' a type of tree used by Mayans to make hammocks.

Tips For Staying Connected

Pick a Chat Service

Before you kick off your Cinco de Mayo party, you'll need to pick a digital chat platform. You may use your existing social media accounts or pick a third-party site. Make sure everyone agrees on which one you will use!

Use Multiple Chat Rooms

There's one mistake that many digital chat planners make: they force everyone to remain in the same conversation. As a result, only one speaker can talk at a time, which isn't how a normal party would work. Using a service with multiple chat rooms solves this dilemma.

Do a Practice Run 

There's bound to be some technical difficulties. Help each person practice using the chat service to work out any challenges. 


Fun Digital Backgrounds 

No need to go the store to stock up on fancy decorations. With most digital chat services, you'll be allowed to create a fun background or apply a wacky filter – these alone can spice up your party.

Decorate Your Front Desk

If you do go the traditional route meaning, using actual objects as decorations put some fun items around your desk, and show them off to partygoers!

The More Colour, The Better 

Cinco de Mayo decorations are typically overflowing with bright hues and eye-popping shades. No matter what you decorate with, make sure to turn the colour factor up to 100. 

What Should You Wear?

Since it's a digital party, there's no reason to stress about what you wear. Trust us, there's nothing stopping you from partying in your pajamas. If you do choose to dress up, consider something colourful and fun. This is a party, not a business conference! 

What About Food? 

Support a Local Restaurant

COVID-19 has hit local businesses hard. Put a smile on someone's face by ordering takeout or delivery from a local restaurant. Make sure you tip these essential workers well. 

Cook Your Own Mexican Dish

We know you'd kill to be in a Mexican restaurant with all your friends. Why not turn your kitchen into one? There are so many seriously delicious recipes for your favourite Mexican dishes out there. Even a simple kit from the grocery store can make your belly happy. 

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With Mexican Treats

You might associate Mexico's food scene with the typical spicy and salty main courses, but the country is home to some excellent desserts, too. Check them out and consider trying one.

Cocktails and Mocktails 

Whether your drink is hard or soft, raise a glass to this fun celebration.


Digital Pictionary

Plenty of classic party games are easy to play online, and Pictionary is one of them. You'll share plenty of laughter drawing doodles and guessing them.

Digital Escape Room

Escape rooms are becoming increasingly trendy. They're half-puzzle, half-obstacle course, and they're a perfect party activity for a clever crowd that likes to work together. 


Trivia is a great activity because you can find good questions for just about any topic. Whether you choose Mexico-focused questions, pick a favourite pop culture staple, or ditch categories all together, your guests will each learn something new.

Karaoke Contest

This idea is for true party animals. Bust out your chops and sing your favourite tunes over the chat service, and vote for the winner.

A Hammock is the Perfect Focal Point for Any Party Setting

You might be thinking, "How do I incorporate a hammock into a digital party?"

Let's face it: sitting in a chair in front of your computer can get pretty tiring. A hammock, meanwhile, adds a level of breezy comfort that you can't experience with any other type of furniture.  

Don't be afraid to show off your hammock it'll be the talk of your digital party.

At Hammock Universe, we have a vibrant, colourful collection of hammocks that work for any indoor or outdoor living space.

Check Out our Collection of Mayan Hammocks


If you've been looking forward to Cinco de Mayo, no need to panic. With the tips above, you'll kick summer into gear with a warm celebration that your friends and family will love.

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