How to Add Romance to Your Camping and Hiking Adventures

August 16, 2021 4 min read

Man and woman sitting behind a campfire.
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Tips For Reconnecting as a Couple in the Great Outdoors

For outdoorsy couples that love being outside in nature, nothing screams romance like snuggling up with your partner under the stars. But between swatting away bugs and arguing while setting up a tent, sometimes, it can be difficult to get those romantic feelings on a camping trip.

That's where we come in. We've compiled our top tips for upping the romance next time you set out for the great outdoors. Check them out below.

Choose a Camping Area With Privacy

While it's great to make new friends while out on a camping adventure, if the purpose of your trip is to spend some romantic time alone together, then privacy is crucial.

Think outside the box and look beyond the most popular camping sites to find a spot that's a bit more remote to ensure you get the privacy you need.

Leave Your Phones in the Car

While we don't recommend ditching your phones altogether in case you need to seek help during an emergency, leaving them in the car will help you disconnect and focus on one another without any distractions.


While this one is a bit of a cliche,  it's for good reason – stargazing is incredibly romantic! Set up a comfortable spot on the grass with lots of pillows and blankets and cuddle together. A good tip is to look up some constellations ahead of time so you can identify them to your partner.

Bonus points if you plan your trip for when you know there will be activity like a meteor shower, blood moon, etc.

Plan a "Fancy" Romantic Dinner

While fine dining is pretty much non-existent when camping out in the wilderness, there are so many delicious freeze-dried options or simple dishes that can be cooked over the fire that will wow your partner. To up the romance meter even further, pop open a bottle of wine to share over dinner – you won't even notice you aren't in a fancy restaurant, we promise!

Pack a Double Sleeping Bag

Snuggling together in your tent or camping hammock just isn't the same when you are confined to your sleeping bags. Instead, invest in a double sleeping bag that fits two people so you can actually get some romantic cuddles in.

Reminisce Over a Campfire

Snuggling up by a campfire is just about as romantic as it gets. To take things up a notch, take turns telling stories about your favourite memories together as a couple. This will help you both reconnect and get in tune with your emotions.

Another great way to connect over a campfire is to create a romantic playlist compiled of songs from different milestones in your relationship (i.e first dance at your wedding, your first date, etc.). It's ok to get your phone out from the car just for this one occasion.

Go For a Hike

Get the adrenaline pumping and take a hike together that leads to a romantic lookout. This is not only good for your health but will get your endorphins pumping and help you bond as a couple.

Set the Mood With String Lights

Create a bit of ambiance by hanging solar-powered string lights from the trees and around your tent. This will help make your campsite feel like a romantic fairy tale.

Other options for setting the mood include:

  • Collecting wildflowers as decoration

  • Install a canopy

  • Hang pictures from tree branches

Hammock Camping

Nothing is more intimate than taking a nap together in a cozy hammock. Now,  picture being cocooned together with your love under the stars, and you've got a winning recipe for romance. Just make sure that you don't fall asleep overnight, as most double hammocks are not ideal for overnight sleeping.

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Get Physical

Get your blood pumping by doing a fun activity that requires teamwork, like canoeing or kayaking.

Take a Boat Ride

Have your boating license and love spending time on the water? If you are camping near a body of water that has boat access, rent a boat or bring your own and hit the water for a romantic boat ride.

Get Comfortable

Make sure your lover is nice and cozy by stocking up on lots of plush pillows and blankets. After all, they won't be in the mood for romance if they are cold and uncomfortable.

Keep the Mosquitoes At Bay

If there's one thing that will kill the romance on your camping trip, it's mosquitoes. Help keep them at bay with bug repellent, a portable repeller, and even a camping hammock that comes with a mosquito net!

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As you can see, with a bit of prep and planning, camping can be a great way to reconnect as a couple and spend some much-needed romantic time together. Just be sure to follow our tips to make sure your trip is as enjoyable and relaxing as possible.
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