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8 Places to Hang in Any City

August 18, 2020 4 min read

woman wearing a hat hangs from an orange hammock on pillars beneath a pier at the beach

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The Urban Hammock Enthusiast’s Guide to City Hammocking

These days, we're looking for any excuse to get out of the house. So why not bring your favourite hammock with you and make the world your lounge spot? You may not be a country mouse, but believe it or not, there are plenty of fantastic spots where urban-dwelling hammock enthusiasts can retreat to tune out the world for a while. With a little creativity, you really can take your hammock almost anywhere, even in the city!

Tips on safety

Before you pack up your hammock and head out, there are a few important safety measures to consider. For example, many cities have bylaws and rules about where you can and cannot hang your hammock –make sure you’re not breaking any laws. You should also ensure that wherever you decide to go, you’re able to safely comply with your local social distancing guidelines. Bring a mask just in case!

There are also a couple of personal safety issues to consider. Make sure you do not hang your hammock anywhere that would be dangerous for yourself or others. You should also ensure that you have everything you need to hang your hammock safely, such as a hang calculator and suspension straps. If you will be hanging at night, make sure there is a light source nearby and that you are vigilant – always be aware of your surroundings.

8 Places to hang in any city:


Car hammocking is extremely popular among urban hammock lovers simply because it’s so convenient. You can use your vehicle’s roof rack or other attachment points to secure one end of the hammock, so you only have to find a single post, tree or other stationary objects to secure the other side. If your vehicle has no roof rack, you can close the car door on your hammock straps to secure them.


view of sunset at the park in the city

Neighbourhood Parks

Hanging your hammock at a nearby park is a great way to get a little dose of nature without leaving the city. Every city has at least one public park or green space of some kind. Pull up Google Maps and check out what your neighbourhood has to offer – you may be pleasantly surprised. You may even find a spot you didn’t know was there! Parks are full of natural hang spots, just make sure not to use any hardware or accessories that will damage trees or other public property during your lounge session.

woman hangs in hammock at the beach


What could possibly be better than relaxing in your hammock with a good book, listening to the waves lapping against the shore and the seagulls calling while enjoying the cool breeze coming off the water? Beaches are both a convenient and picturesque spot to hang your hammock in the city. There are usually plenty of places to hang at the beach, such as fences, picnic shelters, your vehicle or even the occasional tree. Not to mention you’ll have somewhere to relax for a nice long post-swim nap session!

man hangs on hammock on rooftop overlooking city


There are very few views that can beat the beauty of an urban skyline, especially at night. Why not take your hammock to a nearby roof and enjoy the view from up top? Any rooftop with pillars or railings would work for hammocking, just make sure you’re not trespassing on private property! Then, all you’ll have left to do is kick up your feet and watch the sunset over the cityscape.


If you’re looking for a more permanent place to set up shop, your porch can be a great spot to set up your hammock without leaving the comfort of your own home. If your porch frame is sturdy and can withstand the weight, you can use the pillars, railings or wood frame to suspend your hammock. If not, hammock stands are inexpensive and easy to set up. They are also low to the ground, which is great for easy access.

Posts in concrete

If there are no trees in your yard, you can simply mimic that same setup using posts in concrete. All you need are two fence posts and some ready-mix concrete. Set the fence posts in the concrete (make sure to follow the directions set out by the manufacturer, so it sets properly!), bury the concrete base and tie up your hammock at the preferred height. Adding gravel to the bottom of the hole before you put the post down helps with water drainage. This is a pretty permanent setup, so make sure you have permission to construct this your preferred location before moving ahead!


There is no shortage of fences in the city, provided the fence can hold the weight of you and your hammock. If the fence is at least 5x5 inches and is deeply anchored in the ground or set in concrete, you should be good to go. Always test the weight before you hang, especially if the fence is in a public place. Not only would the fall be a little embarrassing, but you wouldn’t want to risk damaging public property. If the fence you’re using is in a public place, you should secure your hammock with straps rather than hardware to avoid property damage, as well.

Abandoned buildings

If you’re looking for a little adventure, why not take your hammock and do some urban exploring? Although this can be quite risky due to trespassing fines, there’s no thrill quite like lounging on the fire escape of an abandoned building. Just remember not to hang your hammock above something you wouldn’t be comfortable falling on. Although falls are rare, they do happen – and you wouldn’t want it to happen while you’re hanging over a sharp piece of metal or other debris, or a staircase. You should also ensure that the building is not condemned or unsafe to enter.

The Takeaway

The great thing about hammocks is that you really can hang them almost anywhere, no matter where you live. As long as you’re safe and respectful toward others, there are plenty of places to lounge while enjoying the sights and sounds of the city.