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Nicaraguan Hammock - Deluxe

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  • Superb quality & comfort
  • Double thickness ensures long-lasting weave
  • Hand-woven in Nicaragua in the traditional way
  • 100% soft-spun cotton for ultimate comfort
  • Fits the whole family (and the pet!)
  • 450 Lbs. weight capacity
  • Total hammock length: 13 ft
  • Bed dimensions: 7 ft long, 6.25 ft wide
  • Great bed replacement

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The Cadillac of non-spreader bar hammocks.

The Nicaraguan Hammock is huge. An enormous amount of cotton is used, resulting in a thick, sturdy and immensely comfortable hammock.

Hand woven in Nicaragua, this luxurious hammock offers the ultimate experience in comfort and relaxation. Who needs to go to the Caribbean when you can experience it in your own backyard? Nicaraguans have been using these traditional hammocks as beds for generations. This Nicaraguan hammock comes fully fringed with all the extras, you will not be disappointed.

• Superb quality & comfort
• Double thickness ensures long-lasting weave
• Hand-woven in Nicaragua in the traditional way
• 100% soft-spun cotton for ultimate comfort
• Fits the whole family (and the pet!)
• 450 Lbs. weight capacity
• Total hammock length: 13 ft
• Bed dimensions: 7 ft long, 6.25 ft wide
• Great bed replacement

Product(s) Ship to Canada + USA
What's Included Hammock
Warranty 1 Year
Brand Hammock Universe
Materials 100% Cotton
Weight Capacity (lb) 450
Recommended Hanging Distance (ft) 13+
Size 2 people
Overall Hammock Length (ft) 13
Hammock Bed Length (ft) 7
Hammock Bed Width (ft) 6.25
Recommended Storage After Outdoor Use Yes
Weight (lb) 6.6
Country of Manufacture Nicaragua

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews Write a review
2015-07-13 03:57:06 UTC
Jessica P. said: beauty

Excellent tight weave and extremely comfortable while still allowing some air circulation beneath, so it's good even in hot weather!

2015-06-28 22:44:44 UTC
Irene M. said: Soft Gentle Swinging Hammock

I find this Nicaraguan hammock to be the most comfortable hammock I have owned and I have owned about 6.
It is pretty to look at, easy to get into and to hang and OOOh so comfortable and soft

2015-06-25 02:14:27 UTC
Mike M. said: Wee Nicuaguran.

Rarely do I ever rate something in the middle, most of the time I either really like or dislike something I really try to avoid swaying the rating system if I can.

I'll start with the pros:
-The quality and craftsmanship that went into the making of this hammock bows my mind!
-Comfort, this hammock is extremely comfortable.
-Appearance, beautiful, stunning even. The fringe is so delicate looking and elegant... which is the segue into my cons...

Well, there's really only one, but to me it's a pretty big one! I purchased a Brazilian double from here, and the product description says it's 4.11 feet wide. The Nicaraguan says "Fits the whole family (and the pet!)" and also says it's 6.25 ft wide...

I can't fathom where this measurement is coming from. This hammock is much smaller than my Brazilian double when laying in both as a comparison. If the width is including the fringe (which is does not classify as actual laying space) then this is dishonest in my opinion.

Unequivocally, I have less laying space in this hammock than my Brazilian which has smaller dimensions than the Nicaraguan is advertized as having.

My recommendation is that you adjust the width in the description, and possibly relocate "Fits the whole family (and the pet!)" to the Brazilian double.

It pains me to leave a mediocre review considering your shipping, customer service and product quality is superb! But I feel I have to let others know that this is a small hammock width wise and the advertizing (I feel) is misleading.

2015-03-01 11:55:44 UTC
Chris B. said: These hammocks are our new bed!

We have been using these for over 2 months now. I can give a more accurate opinion now. My wife and I decided to swap our bed for full time hammocks. Thankfully we found hammockuniverse, a Canadian vendor site we can easily buy from. We particularly wanted this hammock style a nicaraguan. It is now our new 'bed'. The mattress bed is literally gone. We wanted a cloth/cotton material. Our research bought us to this hammock choice. We are now Super happy with 1) the switch and 2) the Nicaraguan hammock. We actually sleep much better (deeper) now. It is the only one we used full time, so I can not honestly compare to others. but we love these. As long as they are made. We really see no need/desire to try another. We like the cotton material under us. It is definitely well crafted. Comfortable. Strong. Beautiful. It shipped fast, less than a week. We liked the price. We would simply buy same thing again tomorrow if required. Can't see why though?

2015-01-11 02:37:20 UTC
Annie J. said: I was happy with the

I was happy with the shipping and the product. Thanks!

2014-09-02 13:26:50 UTC
Jason B. said: love it. super comfy.

Never laid in a hammock untill friends cottage. Now have 1 in my living room. Super comfy, tight weave, very strong and easy to hang.Thx

2014-08-22 22:22:23 UTC
Debbie D. said: Amazingly fast service! Hammock was

Amazingly fast service! Hammock was generally what we expected. Thank you.

2014-06-28 11:04:10 UTC
Ingrid K. said: Beautiful!

Wonderfully soft and amazing craftsmanship! It's the epitome of what a hammock should be.

2014-06-24 23:24:31 UTC
Sharon H. said: Hammock awesome

Highly recommend, got a discount right off and a card for a discount off another one or as many as I want over the next two years! My hammock is very beautiful comfy, no complaints. Sharon

2014-06-02 16:10:04 UTC
Christine L. said: A+ in comfort, but on

A+ in comfort, but on the smaller side

2014-05-07 19:46:05 UTC
Cara C. said: Great hammock! Very comfortable, well

Great hammock! Very comfortable, well made, and zero smell out of the package (I don't know why I was expecting an odor, but I was). Even with the free shipping, it arrived all the way to BC within only a couple days.
Very pleased!

2012-09-13 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: love it!!

Am Happy with my purchase , service and price. Happy I found your web site. Will definately share it.

2011-06-23 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: My family loves it.

We only have it a short time and if I can ever get into the hammock I know that I would love. I can say that because everybody else beats me to it so I don't really have a chance myself to enjoy. The whole family raves about it and it does look really nice on my upper deck. I do love the feel of the fabric and how it is made. I think the price was fare.

2010-07-22 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: Love it!!

I love this hammock. It's easy to get in and out of and looks great on the front porch of my century Victorian home. The hooks were already in the posts so I took it out the package, hung it up and had a nap. I have a bad back and found this extremely comfortable. We're thinking of setting it up inside for the winter as a bed. Thank you!

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