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Brazilian Double Hammock with Universal Stand

134 reviews

FREE Shipping on this Product – Stored and shipped from Canada

  • Do not be fooled by smaller imitation stands - This stand is truly "Universal" and accommodates all non-spreader bar hammocks
  • Get the hammock and stand in one set
  • Hammock big enough for two (450 pound limit)
  • Great for balconies (Stand is 9 feet long & 4 feet wide)
  • Hammock created with cotton threads
  • Hammock bed area (8.20 feet long, 4.11 feet wide)
  • Strong supportive steel stand
  • Stand supports non-spreader bar hammocks
  • 3 minute no-tool stand assembly
  • Great bed replacement

Get ready to enjoy the ultimate form of comfort and relaxation with this Brazilian Double Hammock with Universal Hammock Stand. Brazilian hammocks are made of tightly woven, high quality colorfast thread and come in vibrant colors. If you close your eyes and use a little imagination, you can almost imagine being on a beach in Rio, enjoying the sites of sounds of the South American paradise. While the Southern Hemisphere may be a stretch, you can enjoy your Brazilian hammock for relaxation anywhere. Some people enjoy taking these along with them when they go on a trip – they are lightweight, don't take up much space in the car, and are sturdy enough to support two adults. When when you purchase the universal hammock stand in addition, you open the door to further enjoyment at the cottage or in the backyard.

This stand takes 3 minutes to assemble. In fact, you don't even need tools to put it together. It's is made of heavy-duty steel that has a powder-coated finish that protects it from the elements –whether rain, cold or heat. It is strong enough to support up to 450 pounds. It all comes together to provide you the ideal size of support for your Brazilian hammock. (You could also use this for a Mayan or Nicaraguan – any hammock without a spreader bar.) It's easy to attach your hammock to the ends, making it easy to grab it and go on a journey, or put back into place once you return home.

• Do not be fooled by smaller imitation stands - This stand is truly "Universal" and accommodates all non-spreader bar hammocks
• Get the hammock and stand in one set
• Hammock big enough for two (450 pound limit)
• Great for balconies (Stand is 9 feet long & 4 feet wide)
• Hammock created with cotton threads
• Hammock bed area (8.20 feet long, 4.11 feet wide)
• Strong supportive steel stand
• Stand supports non-spreader bar hammocks
• 3 minute no-tool stand assembly
• Great bed replacement

Product(s) Ship to Canada + USA
What's Included Hammock + Hammock Stand (hanging hardware not required)
Warranty 1 Year
Brand Hammock Universe
Materials 100% Cotton Hammock + Steel Hammock Stand
Weight Capacity (lb) 450
Size 2 People
Overall Hammock Length (ft) 12
Hammock Bed Length (ft) 8.20
Hammock Bed Width (ft) 4.11
Stand Length (ft) 9
Stand Base Width (ft) 4
Recommended Storage After Outdoor Use Hammock only
Weight (lb) 33

Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews Write a review
2015-07-20 18:26:54 UTC
Liana W. said: Awesome!

We love it!

2015-07-08 20:02:02 UTC
Victoria C. said: Hammock

Sturdy, easy to put up and he loves it!

2015-07-06 02:03:57 UTC
Brenda B. said: Totally Awesome

I would have written a review sooner but I've been busy laying in my new hammock. It took less than 5 minutes to set up and I've been there most of the time since. I absolutely love it. Thanks Hammock Universe!

2015-06-20 00:56:32 UTC
Ruth E. said: Hammock!

the hammock itself is fabulous. the hammock stand would be perfect if it had wheels.

2015-05-30 03:05:36 UTC
Sarah O. said: Love it!

it is better than I imagined ! Absolutely love it!

2015-05-29 02:58:27 UTC
Melanie S. said: Fantastic purchase

quick and easy, great service and easy to set up. Great quality. Only problem-should have bought two instead of one!!!

2015-05-28 03:13:05 UTC
Stephen S. said: Hammock

great hammock! Exactly as described!

2015-05-27 00:43:16 UTC
Jennnifer J. said: Comfy

Comfy and super easy set up. Really like it!

2015-05-26 13:40:17 UTC
Cale P. said: Love it

How can a piece of fabric be so comfy?? Our hammock has definitely created a welcoming backyard. It was lovely to see my husband and 3 year old read a book and have a nap in it last week. And looking up at the sky is so wonderful.

2015-05-26 06:16:32 UTC
Lauren S. said: Awesome hammock!!

i love it!! We take it camping and it sets up so easily! Worth every penny!

2015-05-25 01:54:00 UTC
Rachel G. said: Hammock

As advertised, quick shipment.

2015-05-24 13:30:05 UTC
Brooke J. said: Best Purchase!

Love my hammock! Perfect size stand, which is extremely sturdy. Perfect for balconies and so comfy.

2015-05-22 02:38:50 UTC
Holly A. said: Amazing Purchase

We decided this year to forgo buying each other gifts and get a joint one. A hammock is the perfect gift! This hammock is the perfect escape after a long day and we can't wait for some warmer nights to enjoy relaxing in it!

2015-05-16 12:55:41 UTC
Claudia c. said: Great experience!

the product is very nice and the service provided is amazing, very happy overall!

2015-05-05 13:10:43 UTC
Jeffrey G. said: a Fine Hammock

This hammock has been the best part of spring so far, very comfy and relaxing

2015-05-01 03:29:22 UTC
Jill B. said: Easy to install

well I am still waiting for the nice weather, so I can try it out, so far, it looks good. Lets hope this weekend will be the test.

2015-04-30 09:22:15 UTC
Kelli G. said: great product!

Fast delivery...great Company to deal with. Very well made product that was easy to put together! Would highly recommend.

2015-04-26 01:13:39 UTC
Elissa B. said: Love it!

Love it!

2015-04-20 03:11:17 UTC
Elizabeth W. said: Love it

Am particularly happy with the customer service and ridiculously speedy delivery time. It's a nice hammock. Sturdy. Comfortable. Hammocks are recommended for insomnia if that is of interest.

2015-04-20 02:56:50 UTC
Theresa T. said: Gorgeous!

The hammock is great value, made of very sturdy material and beautiful saturated colour. But I think I'll need another because everyone in the house wants to use it!

2015-04-19 15:52:51 UTC
Trent C. said: The real deal

The real deal, everything promised, everything hoped for. I will definitely shop here again.

2015-04-16 12:52:12 UTC
Genevieve G. said: Satisfied customer

I recently bought the brazillian double hammock with universal stand. The stand seems sturdy and the hammock is very comfortable. Overall I am very satisfied with the product for its price.

2015-04-09 01:51:33 UTC
Rob B. said: Awesome

I purchased this hammock for my daughter's birthday and she loves it.

2015-03-16 12:48:52 UTC
Mary-anne S. said: Getting the hang of it!

As of last night, I have finally spent one full night in my hammock after trying 3 or 4 times unsuccessfully. I found it difficult to climb out of for a midnight jaunt to the loo and would fall back in my bed around 4am. But having done some research on Youtube on how best to sleep in it, how best to get out of it, how best to stay warm in it, I think I have it mastered. I have company visiting so gave them my bed which forced me to sleep in the hammock all night and I am so glad I did. I feel amazing this morning. I slept soundly, my back isn't sore, I was warm and cozy all night, even managed to sleep on my side. I think this new sleeping arrangement is just going to grow stronger by the day, I think I'm falling in love!

2015-03-05 15:04:05 UTC
Shelly S. said: Loving it

My first two weeks with my hammock have been great. I purchased it for my rehabilitative exercise needs, but it's so awesome I want to make it my new bed as well. I finally convinced my husband to join me and try it out with me and it was a great way to relax & watch tv together. Maybe for me more than him yet ;) He thinks we might be turning into hippies with a hammock hanging in the family room lol. Next hammock, one large enough for two or more to sleep width wise on. Can't wait till my grandkids get to try it, it suspect they'll ditch the bunk bed in favour of the hammock. Thanks for all the great fast responses to my emails as well! The hammock rocks!

2015-03-02 15:12:48 UTC
Rebecca F. said: Awesome

Awesome service, awesome product

2015-02-28 16:44:03 UTC
Nathan B. said: So comfortable

I use it instead of a bed!

2014-12-15 21:32:13 UTC
Rose C. said: Luv luv my hammock

I'm always getting great gifts for others, this Xmas I got this for myself. I luv my hammock. Everyone is gonna be so jealous

2014-12-15 19:03:29 UTC
Chris K. said: Christmas present

Hard to do a review at present as the hammock is for my wife. Not sure if we will be able to assemble it before the spring.

2014-12-13 22:23:54 UTC
Brenda A. said: Hammock joy!

My Hot Colours hammock arrived quickly and was very easy to set up (in my living room because it is December!) The hammock weave looks very durable and the frame solid. Neighbours think we are nuts when they see us swinging in our hammock, but I just think they are jealous. Looking forward to warm weather and camping when this amazing hammock will be outdoors.

2014-11-26 14:13:09 UTC
Jennifer M. said: service could not have been any better

my hammock arrived in literally one day, I emailed asking to adjust delivery directions and they made sure that what I requested happened, even writing it on the box to ensure it was left where I wanted. services could not have been any better.

2014-09-18 18:34:00 UTC
Kristen H. said: Best Gift for my SO

Love this hammock! Bought it as a birthday gift for my boyfriend and the first time he went in it (in the sun on our balcony), he fell fast asleep. Very comfortable and perfect for cuddling.

2014-08-29 02:56:50 UTC
Maryrose M. said: Sweet deal!

Love it so much!its easy to assemble and move around the yard! I always relax after hard day of work! I just hope i had more of this !

2014-08-28 23:48:43 UTC
Ken D. said: Why Did I Wait?

Easy to assemble! Enjoying my new hammock watching my son cut the grass!

2014-08-25 00:00:23 UTC
Karen D. said: Beautiful Hammock and Stand

This hammock is beautiful, comfortable and strong. The stand was very easy to assemble and looks great. It fits very nicely on my narrow apartment balcony. I also ordered the hammock sock, which is a brilliant idea and works very well.

2014-08-09 20:13:50 UTC
Joelle T. said: Hammock Heaven

My new hammock is great. The stand set up in minutes and was ready to use. And it breaks down just as easily to store away. My son and husband are competing with me for time in it. A great addition to our vacation cabin. I intend to spend my comfy hours reading and relaxing in it.

2014-08-07 03:21:45 UTC
Linnea M. said: Brazilian Double Hammock with Universal Stand

A friend bought one for his girlfriend and we tried it and fell in love with it right away. Went home and ordered it and have been using it everyday. Would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to relax for a while.

2014-08-04 15:42:21 UTC
Andrew F. said: Comfy and peacefull

We got this hammock as a wedding gift and it is awesome! We love it. I can stay in there to just sleep, read or watch some show on my ipad. The material is super comfy and is big enough that we can hide in there! We use it with a pillow but it is not necessary. Not always easy to get out of it - specially if you are pregnant, but definitely worth it!

2014-08-03 18:23:35 UTC
Robert M. said: Prompt service

I'm enjoying the hammock and stand. I was impressed with the quick delivery.

2014-08-01 00:21:44 UTC
Kelly-anne M. said: Love it!

Tempts us to fall asleep in it (except for the darn flies). So simple to assemble. It was the perfect birthday gift for my husband.

2014-07-30 23:22:51 UTC
Hammock fan said: Brazilian hammock and stand

Love love love the hammock and stand I bought. I love it so much that I enlisted some family to get together and purchase one for a very much loved family member. Can't wait for her to see it!

2014-07-26 14:44:30 UTC
Frédéric F. said: Great product

Very nice hammock. Very very fast shipping

2014-07-25 23:33:51 UTC
T.Bush said: Satisfied

Very satisfied with the shipping time, the hammock and stand. One issue that arose was that during assembly of the stand, the poles/pieces were ill fitting and scratched all the finish off. I'm hoping long term that doesn't rust. Will have to spray it to protect it.

2014-07-23 16:48:08 UTC
Tawnya H. said: missing pcs replace promptly

The item was mussing some hardware and was replace promptly and person was very efficiently and happy to help... very satisfied with alk my experiences with company..will definitely purchase more in future :)

2014-07-05 15:58:55 UTC
Duncan N. said: Great purchase

What a great product! Lay down, fall asleep. Perfect for a relaxing summer

2014-07-05 08:23:24 UTC
Paul S. said: What can I say, I

What can I say, I bought a Brazilian Double Hammock and Universal Stand; set it up out on the roof; it's comfortable; and I like it.

2014-07-02 12:41:37 UTC
Shelley D. said: Brazilian Hammock with stand

Made this purchase for my husband for Father's day. He loves it and uses it everyday since he has received it. My daughter also loves it. My husband and daughter fight over it and want me to purchase another hammock.....

2014-07-01 13:44:55 UTC
Konrad S. said: Very nice

My family likes it so much we got one for my brother.

2014-06-25 16:21:10 UTC
Michael R. said: Great product, I was impressed

Great product, I was impressed w the shipping time and quality of the hammock.

2014-06-22 00:36:35 UTC
Sheree R. said: Brazilian Style Hammock

love it

2014-06-21 14:57:25 UTC
Fabricio F. said: Quick delivery. Great product

Quick delivery. Great product

2014-06-02 11:01:15 UTC
Sandra B. said: Comfortable!

I have wanted a hammock for years! This was a quick, easy way to do it. The hammock is very comfortable and the sock is great for keeping it clean and dry.

2014-06-01 13:23:48 UTC
Amy Z. said: Brazilian Double Hammock and Universal Stand

Terrific service! Thanks the hammock is perfect for my small back garden and the quality seems great. It was very easy to assemble the stand. I was relaxing in it in minutes!

2014-05-28 19:56:15 UTC
Gaby R. said: the perfect Fathers Day Gift

Absolutely love the hammock. Its so easy to install that we take it camping. My husband loves it. Thanks

2014-05-16 13:26:08 UTC
Julie W. said: Great looking hammock!

Easy to assmble, very comfortable and durable hammock. Great anniversary gift!

2014-05-11 15:18:05 UTC
Jerome D. said: Brazilian Double Hammock with Universal Stand

Quick shipping and the product was exactly how it was described in the website and I am very satisfied. Great products and great service!

2014-05-01 17:13:56 UTC
Scott M. said: Double Brazilian is awesome.

Shipping was fast and easy. Product came exactly how it looked. Very satisfied with my product and this business.

2014-05-01 13:52:13 UTC
Tom K. said: Thank you

Fast delivery, great product, I'd write more but I'm relaxing in my hammock :)

2014-04-26 13:13:15 UTC
George R. said: Hammock

We have only being able to use hammock once because of all the bloody snow and cold still!! We are very happy with it and suspect many hours will be spent lolling about

2014-03-26 20:06:13 UTC
Gordo said: I fell asleep

It works

2014-03-15 01:00:22 UTC
Kevin W. said: Excellent

Along with my hammock I got the nylon protective cover. For starters, I did the free shipping to Alberta and it arrived in three days. That's amazing in itself. The stand went together easy enough, all the pieces fit together with minimal effort. The hammock is incredible. Close your eyes and it feels like you're floating on air. The cover slips over real good and I have no doubts it'll do its job now that the rains are starting. All in all I'm very happy and can't wait to take it camping.

2014-03-09 05:08:28 UTC
Ryan C. said: Very nice

Very comfortable hammock and stand is great and easy to put together.

2014-02-18 16:44:46 UTC
Tara L. said: Hammock review

It was a Christmas present, so haven't used it yet. But the recipient loved it!

2013-10-27 00:00:00 UTC
Gordo said: I payed for a hammock, I got a hammock


2013-10-08 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: New Bed

I switched from sleeping on a mattress to sleeping in a hammock and this is the one I got. I have been using it as a bed for 3 weeks+. I don't see myself switching to a bed again anytime soon. So I'm afraid this may be a biased review because I had wanted a hammock for sleeping in for a while. I dont have any experience with other hammocks to compare to either. This hammock is a great size, fits m

2013-09-17 00:00:00 UTC
Derek03 said: Great hammock as a bed replacement!

I have been using my hammock as a bed for the past couple weeks and I have been enjoying it immensely. I do not toss and turn all night anymore and rarely wake up in the middle of the night (which I used to do all the time in regular beds).
the hammock is comfortable and easy to use, set up and adjust. I have been having a great sleep in my hammock for a fraction of the cost a really great bed wou

2013-08-10 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: Excellent service! Excellent product!

My hammock has become an island within the city, where I can totally relax and bliss out. It's great to let go from time to time...

The delivery was super-fast and flawless, and the product is exactly as I hoped it would be.

2013-08-08 00:00:00 UTC
Roland said: Still some excellent products out there

We use it at our campsite and at home...Great even for kids as a swing. All around great item...would not do without one now!!!

2013-08-02 00:00:00 UTC
Josh said: Great bed replacement

Have been using this as a bed since it arrived a few weeks ago. I have always had trouble falling asleep, and though a memory foam mattress did fix that for me, I found I was always too warm and didn't get quality sleep. This hammock fixed both problems. I get to sleep within minutes of laying down, and never find it too warm, even on hot summer nights! Very happy customer.

2013-07-24 00:00:00 UTC
sandy said: beautiful hammock

its beautiful durable easy to set up and store veru fast delivery

2013-07-21 00:00:00 UTC
NotParis said: Very comfortable and sturdy!

We set up the hammock in just a few minutes and then ahhhh! Pure bliss! This hammock does cocoon you, so be sure that this is the type of hammock you would like. The material is soft to lay in so it does have some stretch. We don't leave the fabric out in the sun too much as I imagine it would fade quickly. It only takes a few seconds to take the hammock off or put in on. We leave the frame

2013-07-21 00:00:00 UTC
Crystal said: Best Hammock Ever! Fast Shipping!

This is a really great hammock. It shipped super fast, it was easy to set up & is really cosy. I bought the hammock for my husbands birthday & he absolutely loves it. He and the dog take naps together in it all the time! A quality product I would recommend to anyone. I also love all the accessories you can buy for it (the protective covering, pillow, beer holder etc.)

2013-07-08 00:00:00 UTC
Kylie said: Great product

Love the look and colour of this hammock. It is small enough to sit on my deck but long enough to stretch out in comfortably. Delivery was quick and hassle-free.

2013-07-08 00:00:00 UTC
Riley said: 100% Amazing!

It's amazing ordered the hammock got it 2 days later, sleep in it since then. Best sleep i've ever had.

2013-07-08 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: Best choice ever

After a bit of research online I decided to try sleeping in a hammock instead of my bed. In a bed, any bed, I would awaken with a sore back, sore neck, and have to sleep in wrist braces to prevent my hands tingling. After one night in the hammock my back felt better. After a couple of weeks my neck was better. And best of all I don't need to sleep in wrist braces anymore. It's a little unconventi

2013-07-06 00:00:00 UTC
Maki000 said: Perfect for our little porch!!!

We have this tiny little screened in porch on the second floor that we barely ever use because we're always in the backyard. My husband has wanted a hammock forever so I started looking for one that we can hang in our porch. Problem is that 10' was the max space a hammock could take up.
The stand and hammock combo we purchased were perfect, 9' of space, gives us the freedom to move the hammock t

2013-07-01 00:00:00 UTC
Dugie said: Universal Stand needs better QA

A dull punch was used make some of the holes in the universal stand. This bent the tubing enough that I had to grind out the inside to get the arms to fit on. One of the arms was also out of square but I fixed that by grinding out the hole so it could twist a bit more.

Other then that we love it and I will probably be buying another one soon.

2013-07-01 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: Excellent product

We are really enjoying our hammock! It's very comfortable and cocoons you. The pillow adds to the whole comfort experience. In addition the service was excellent. We would highly recommend this hammock.

2013-06-12 00:00:00 UTC
Linda said: Im in Love!

I lie in this when my back and neck pain start and the pain is gone within about 10 minutes.

The stand is a good size, not too small and not too long and the hammock is well made and very comfortable.

A lot of bang for the buck as they say!

I ordered a double but it still seems a lttle narrow for two people.

2013-06-04 00:00:00 UTC
Tazz said: GReat price and a great hammock

Have had this hammock for only about 3 weeks now but we love it. It is SUPER simple to set up. We had the hammock up and were relaxing in it in less than 15 min. It has alot more room than we thought and we hope to \enjoy it for years to come.
Delivery was very fast and everything was exactly as described on the site. I would buy from Hammock Universe again, great experience.

2013-05-22 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: Absolutely Wonderful

We adore this hammock. Very comfortable and easy to assemble. Excellent purchase, highly recommended.

2013-04-29 00:00:00 UTC
Summer will be said: Really Love my Hammock!

Love the easy set up, fabric is a little stiff. Fabric was also smelly, I'm sure it will be good after a wash or two. although, could be a little stretchier.

2013-04-28 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: So Far So Good

Product was shipped in a very efficient manner, received a week and a half after ordering it!

Set up was EASY! Have not had it outside yet, too much snow on the ground.

2012-09-16 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: Very comfortable.

I've had my hammock for awhile now and am using it as a replacement for a bed. It's very comfortable and my back feels much better than when sleeping on any bed: no stiffness at all.

2012-09-13 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: great hammock! My family loves it!

Excellent hammock. Not too big for our space and extremely comfortable.

2012-08-29 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: Great hammock, Great Price

Really fast delivery, Great Price, Really easy to assemble. A little longer then I thought It would be.

2012-08-15 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: Excellet product!

Fast delivery! Easy set up, comfortable and would definitely recommend this to anyone.

2012-08-01 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: Excellent!

It was easy to order online and the delivery exceeded my expectations. Will order again in the future.

2012-07-19 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: exceeded our expectations

After getting free shipping to Hawaii (unheard of for big pkg), we were delighted to set up our hammock. And it is like a cocoon, and you are literally floating as you read or drift off for a nap. This is a wonderful escape, but we should have bought two of them, because now one is waiting for the other to get out of it. Great product!

2012-07-16 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: great product

i don't really have anything bad about this product.. it is very easy to assemble and take down. very comftorable to lay on. definitely a plus int he backyard when you want to relax outside not sitting on a chair or lounger or the grass.

2012-07-05 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: Fast Delivery...Easy setup

Arrived quickly ..setup in a few construction!

2012-07-05 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: absolutely positive transaction

The hammock was a birthday present for my son.....and he loved everything about it.

2012-06-28 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: Nice

Always wanted a hammock... This one is nice. Frame a little loose until you get in the hammock. I guess this must be normal. Bought a cover to protect from rain, but not worth it since you can easily unhook the hammock and bring inside when done. I won't use the cover for sure, so don't recommend you buy it.

2012-06-27 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: Great, but it streaches

Great hammock. Just be prepared to adjust it after every use for the first little while, as the material will streach

2012-06-25 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: Adjustable and excellent

I have a Peak Hammock (parachute nylon), but also decided to get a new hammock with the stand I was ordering. You really need to wash it before the first use to get rid of the lint, but both the stand and the hammock are great. Don't hesitate to get one :)

2012-06-21 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: love it!

we are very happy with our hammock. Easy set-up and super comfortable!

2012-06-20 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: Great product

We bought this hammock for Father's Day. It is very easy to assemble (as in, I did it in 10 minutes with the help of a 7 and 8 year old), it is light weight and it fits one dad and two kids! Our whole family has been relaxing in it every day since we received it.

This hammock is a great value. I would expect to pay twice as much for such a nice stand and wonderful fabric.

2012-06-20 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: Grab a book and never get out of it.

Love vacations and laying around on a hammock. Remodeled backyard and didn't want to tie to trees and didn't want to cement posts. This hammock was the best next thing. It is set up inside right now so not sure about the elements yet. It is easy to set up, easy to move around. Not too pleased with the color....browns a little masculine but, it was for my husband for fathers day. I suppose if I wan

2012-06-09 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: Dream of hammock while at work

Was amazed at the quick and free delivery. Could not find any hammocks of similar quality / value at any stores in Kitchener, Ontario, and most other online stores were either more expensive, or had websites that looked a tad untrustworthy.

The hammock is quite stretchy, so just set up the hammock higher than you would expect on the stand - I set the hooks on mine on the 2nd hole down (one side)

2012-05-15 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: Everyone needs a hammock!

My mattress was 14 years old and I was not sleeping through the night. Pressure points were causing me pain in my low back, shoulders, arms, knees and neck. Can you say pain everywhere? I was contemplating getting a new bed. Meanwhile, I had the opportunity to chill out in a hammock. I told a friend that I could sleep in it, and she told me that there are millions of people who use hammocks as

2012-04-11 00:00:00 UTC
Crista Freeman said: Absolutely LOVE it!

This was a great find, shipped right away, and 5 star customer service. I had originally ordered the chocolate & beige hammock, but what I received was not what I was expecting (based on the picture online). After contacting customer service, a replacement hammock was shipped out the following day. Even after the unfortunate color-mishap, I would definitely recommend Hammock Universe to family

We dislike returns more than you do, so we make sure each one of our products is top-of-the-line exquisite quality. What we dislike even more than returns are companies that don’t stand by their products and don't treat their customers with respect when there happens to be an issue. Rest assured, we’re reasonable people and our goal is to make your experience a great (and relaxing) one. Everyone appreciates a fair and clear return policy, here's ours:

Product Guarantee
We are proud of the durable materials and quality craftsmanship in all our products and guarantee them from manufacturer defects for a period of 1 year (unless otherwise stated). This is assuming normal use. In the case of a manufacturer defect, we will take care of all costs incurred, including return shipping.

Customer Satisfaction Policy
We strive for total customer satisfaction and want you to be completely happy with your purchase! If you wish to return or exchange a product, please contact us within 30 days of receipt of your order. Products must be returned in new, unused, resalable condition and in their original packaging (with the exception of a return due to a manufacturer defect).

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